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Dinner is Served

bdsm ThinkKinkyThoughts 2018-12-03

When I walked in the door she was standing there with a glass of wine for me and in her sappiest “June Cleaver” voice she said “How was your day, dear?” As she leaned in to kiss me she placed her hand on my chest, then slid it down my chest and rested it on my cock which was already getting hard just from the anticipation of what was in store. After a few minutes with the plug vibrating in my ass it began to stimulate my prostate, keeping me fully turned on, hard, and unable to do anything about it as I was tied in place and gagged on the table.

Look, But Don't Touch

mastrubation ThinkKinkyThoughts 2018-12-03

She pulled open the dresser drawer, reached in, and removed a big black dildo cock I had watched her fuck herself with in some of our previous video sessions. I could see the base of the cock buried deep inside her, her legs held tight together holding it in place. Sliding the cock from between her legs, but leaving the plug firmly in place in her ass, she set it aside on the bed and sat up. She sat for a second, wiggled her ass with me inside her, gripping my cock tightly with her pussy muscles, then stood quickly, saying, "It'll do, but I think I'll play with mine a bit more first."

Technology Brings Couples Together

mastrubation ThinkKinkyThoughts 2018-11-16

He continued, "Turn your phone on, slide over screens all the way to the right and open the folder that says "iPhone Tools. "I want you to slide the toy inside your panties and hold it up against your beautiful pussy," he said. It slid nicely between her lips, covered her clit well, and began to warm very quickly to her skin, feeling like she had a warm mound slowly protruding into her. She saw him reach down to his own iPhone and begin to rub the screen, immediately the toy between her now wet lips came to live, pulsing, vibrating, and wiggling. He was watching her respond to his inputs, bucking, squirming, and fucking the toy between her legs as she removed articles of clothing revealing the corset and panties below.