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first-time TransitionalMan 2018-12-04

Jane closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh when I sucked her index finger into my mouth. Her taste was salty, perhaps a bit of Bobby's sperm but that really didn't matter because I was kissing Jane's mouth, and feeling Jane in my arms, and felt her full, beautiful breasts pressed up against my chest. She kissed my cock, rubbed it on her cheeks, licked it like a lollypop then swallowed me whole again, squeezing me with her soft lips, setting a steady rhythmic pace. I could see her breasts swaying in time with her hips, and then she tossed her head back and gave out a long, low groan as she pushed herself hard against me.

The Malaysia Option

anal TransitionalMan 2018-11-29

I don’t deserve it, not with all the attention I’ve been able to give her lately.  My dream job has become a nightmare; long days, power lunches, Chinese delivery for dinner, midnight oil, when I come home she’s usually asleep, or doing crosswords in my old flannel shirt. I get to see what they really make before the profits are shuttled to other, foreign subsidiaries.  But Wes thinks we could make more in Malaysia.  Making more is what matters, not the workers who make the money for us.  But I don’t get to decide.  He’s CFO. Jackie heads for the wives, I’m pulled to a group of execs, all talking about Malaysia.

Alexandra's Gift

bdsm TransitionalMan 2018-11-09

Mistress Melanie held the the handle of her flogger and rubbed it across her slave’s sex and backside.  The crowd murmured.  Lucy cried out loudly, her head flopped and she ground her hips as she rode Melanie’s whip.  The crowd leaned closer as they sensed a powerful moment coming.  As my gaze turned to the stage, so did Margaret’s, watching, with one hand over her mouth as Melanie turned the flogger into a dildo and began to fuck her willing slave.  Lucy rocked on the black leather phallus, head thrown back, eyes closed, sex dripping as the tines shook between her thighs.

Little Richard Gives Way

anal TransitionalMan 2018-10-30

With each stroke Mary cried a little high pitched squeak, eyes closed, fingers pulling her long nipples. First the nasty smile, then a catch to her breath and mouth to a little ‘O’ as his cock pushed against her, then gritting teeth as her backside relaxed and his head slid inside. Tim caught his own breath, watching her face, watching her head swing from side to side, then waited for her to reach down and wrap her fingers around his ass, fingertips pulsing. Mary never screamed when she came, but fell silent, the only evidence the long sigh from her lips and the convulsions that seemed to shake her entire body.  He felt every spasm through her clenching ass.