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Free erotic stories by Turbidus on AdultRead

Four into One Equals Fun

bdsm Turbidus 2018-10-05

Dude looked from Stan to me to Bill and then at my wife. "Come here, lover," Lisa whisper and gently took Dude's cock in her hand. When Dude took her head in his hands, she let him mouth fuck her for a few minutes but stopped before he could cum. Unlike Stan, who stood there slowly jerking his dick, Dude reached out and began to caress Lisa's head with one hand and fondle her breast with the other. I wondered if today would be different, the look on her face, the lower lip trapped between her teeth, the way her back arched to meet Dude's thrust, all bespoke a woman on the edge of an orgasm.

On the Beach Ch. 05

gay-male Turbidus 2018-09-30

I wipe the toilet seat and sit down with my shorts around my ankles. The new construction includes a stainless steel partition between the two toilet stalls. First, the clatter of the dropping seat, almost certainly brought down with a foot, the sound of toilet paper unrolling and being ripped away, silence as the seat is wiped and then the sudden roar of the flush. He deep-throats my cock, holds it in his mouth, and then slowly pulls back as his tongue wraps around my shaft. He holds my cock, slides my foreskin forward, pulling it over the tip of his tongue. Instead of sliding under the stall, the dude next door stands up, grabs his shorts, and pulls them up.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Depraved

gay-male Turbidus 2018-09-29

He has been content to let someone stroke him, suck him (BTW, fucking is not allowed, too hard to tell if the fucker has cum or not) and on occasion, he reciprocates. I intend to eat every drop of his jizz but I want the camera to see rope after rope of cum erupt from his cock and jet into my open mouth. This time I do stop and suck him until his cock is hard again. He wants to fuck my face like the other big cocked dude but not this time. Fourteen cocks have unloaded on my face and in my mouth but the one I really wanted is pressed against the back of my head.

Bar Babe

group Turbidus 2018-09-29

Rita laughs at something the man says and leans towards him, resting one hand on his leg. Between her body and the man's head, Rick sees her hands fumbling with his fly. The man's mouth leaves her nipple and he moans, "Jesus, fuck". Her free hand wraps around the man's cock and pulls him to her. Rick watches her hand move over the man's cock, stroking, rolling over the crown. Rick watches, fascinated as the man's seed finds its way to his wife's slit and begins to run down to drip into her panties. She squeezes the last drops of cum out of his dick and Rick sees her hand come up to her mouth.

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 08

group Turbidus 2018-09-27

"Jesus Christ Ann, let it go." I held the door open for her. Her eyes were closed but her hand reached over and rested on the inside of my knee. I pulled my hand away long enough to wet my thumb and then began to slide it across and around her nipple. When I finally broke the kiss, it was Ann who pulled my hand to her mouth and wet my thumb. I began to play with her nipple with my mouth, trying to recall what she had seemed to like last night. Whatever I was doing was apparently okay because the hand on the back of my head tightened and pushed my face against her breast.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 05

group Turbidus 2018-09-22

Vince's hands and feet slipped and splashed in the blood as he scrambled backward on his ass to get away from the mutilated figure. Chad started to turn but Amy looked at Vince. Vince was not usually a fan of men who shaved but he had to admit Chad looked good with just the small close cropped rectangle above his cock, a lovely uncut cock that was coming back to attention, whether because of Vince's stare or Amy's fingers or both was unknowable, even to Chad. I mean if you moaning 'I want to fuck your tight little ass Amy' counts as talking." She rolled her eyes but Vince doubted Chad could see that.


Shooting Matt Ch. 07

gay-male Turbidus 2018-09-19

The little camera flip, showing the other dude rubbing his crotch and watching, makes the video especially hot, in my opinion anyway. At the same time, I'm sitting here watching my phone with a hard dick in my jeans. "Jesus, Matt, after the past two, three days, I'm not sure I can think of anything I could do that would bother you." I wave the bottle of massage oil at him. I'm a middle-aged dude and now all of a sudden out of the blue an unbelievably hot, college swimmer, with a gorgeous dick, walks through my door and says, or implies, he wants to spend a lot of time with me having amazing sex. No matter how many times I watch this damn thing I'm never prepared for how hard it is to see Leon.


On the Beach Ch. 11

group Turbidus 2018-09-18

"I don't feel like you're cheating on me," Ben starts but Meg hits in the chest again. They seem like a couple of kids playing at being grown up, though I know from the rental agreement that Meg is only a few years younger than me. I think it's Ben but Meg's voice is low and throaty. I imagined you were watching and I wanted you to know I could make love, I could fuck a woman as well as any man." Meg, you're afraid that Ben doesn't love you anymore, or at least doesn't feel the passion he once had for you anymore. Muriel moves her hand from Meg's face, rests it atop her waist as she dips her head.


Down in the Park

gay-male Turbidus 2018-09-17

Like most guys, I'm always a little horny but it wasn't one of those days where all you can think about is getting off. I stepped into the cleft between two tall bushes, making sure there wasn't any poison ivy or poison oak, turned and pulled my dick out and started working it. He tightened his lips and popped the crown out, He tongued the slit and pulled his head back, eyes on mine, making sure I saw the glittering line of precum that stretched from his tongue back to my cock. I stood up and was getting ready to tell him how fucking hot he was and see if he wanted to meet up another time in more comfortable circumstances.

Glory Be

gay-male Turbidus 2018-09-11

When Henry felt the man was getting too close he stopped, pulling his mouth away so quickly there was an audible pop. Henry used his cheek to move the man's cock to the other side and, just as carefully, began to suck on the man's right nut. The finger tip began to massage circles over the twin lobes of the man's prostate as Henry's mouth covered the cock head and his other hand began to stroke. Henry sat, mouth agape, tongue extended, his finger pressing and twisting inside the man's ass, the man's cock dancing against his lower lip. He used the head to wipe the cum off his cheek, nose and eye and then cleaned the man's cock with his tongue.

Wonderful Wide World of Cock

gay-male Turbidus 2018-09-05

Find that one frame with the best cock flop, the one that tents the shorts the most, the one where you can damn near tell if the dude is circumcised. It is true that legally one can have no expectation of privacy while in a public place but that doesn't mean you won't get your ass kicked if some dude catches you snapping a picture of his cock. Dudes with big cocks in hospitals have the saintliness to dispense with underwear an astonishing amount of the time. Sweet Jesus, the sight of some hot young fucker walking down the hall, cock swaying from side to side beneath flimsy faded green or blue cotton, makes me profoundly grateful to be alive and to have a mouth and an ass.


On the Beach Ch. 19

group Turbidus 2018-08-14

"Let me see if I'm hearing you right?" Jim says shaking his head at Mark. I mean, I'd like to hope my little tadpoles are as powerful as anyone else's but we've, well Muriel, has a ticking clock and I don't want to take any chances. "Mark, are you telling us, in the space of less than a week you've decide to have a baby with Muriel. Jim, you get in there and give Muriel a baby and I don't want to hear another word about it." She ignores his stare. "Mrs. Casey said I could stay here with Bill, if I wanted." He looks at Muriel, then Jill. Muriel, maybe you can lean back against Mark's legs and chest like last night."


Remembering Rick

gay-male Turbidus 2018-08-14

On the other hand I don't like "faggot" or "queer." I know there are some who feel we should re-capture the words. We had finished double-checking our results and were getting ready to hand in the last lab report before mid-terms when he asked, "Rob, you want to get a coffee or Coke or something before tackling the notes?" The old Bob had been unsure, questioning. What is a great deal less unlikely is that word would get out that I was a fag, fudge packer, pansy, fruit, fairy, homo, or in the best of all possible worlds, gay.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 04

first-time Turbidus 2018-08-13

Some guy or gal tilts their head back while someone else lets a long trail of cum and spit drop into their mouth. My usual response is along the lines of "sucking the dick that got hard by watching me play with my own dick, that's what you dumb mother fucker now get the fuck out of my face". I shake my head, trying to clear out this overly heavy shit, amazed that my mind can zip from "will they walk out" to "claiming self defense after a post cock-sucking killing". I lean back against the arm of the sofa and risking pulling a leg up on the couch and letting it rest against Amy's thigh.

Remembering Rick Ch. 02

gay-male Turbidus 2018-08-11

"First of all, the head of your cock fits perfectly." I moved my hand and pointed at my own dick. There wasn't much growing left to do but as I swallowed him, pushing my nose deep into his pubic hair, I felt him get harder with each thump of his heart. To answer, I'd have to pull his cock out of my mouth, my throat, and I wasn't about to do that. I nearly dropped his cock and shouted for joy when rather than pulling away, he lowered his body, crouching enough to open his legs. I didn't want Rick to freak, so I kissed the top of his leg, climbed off the floor and went into the bathroom to wash my hand.


Shooting Matt Ch. 17

gay-male Turbidus 2018-08-11

"Jesus, brah, that's so fucking hot," he pants as Liam is finally able to get the whole crown of his cock past his lips. He pushes his face into Liam's ass crack, his head full of images of his lover cumming in his own mouth, sucking, well almost, his own cock. "Fuck you, bitch." Liam lets his hand rest atop Matt's softening, very slick, dick. Once Liam is hard, Matt lets a drop of spit fall from his mouth and into the circle he's made around the head of Liam's cock with his thumb and ring finger. Fuck, Liam thinks, my dick feels good wrapped inside a dude's ass, especially this dude. Liam's hands find Matt's ass and begin to pull and squeeze.


A Summer of Firsts - Reimagined

gay-male Turbidus 2018-08-04

That first time, standing there holding his dick as it grew hard from another man looking at it, it did not occurred to Nick that the man in the stall might be such a man. Nick had no idea what the guy was talking about but his eyes had returned to watching the slow movements of button jeans' hand over his cock. Let him be." Button jeans' voice was quiet but the words carried an edge Nick had not heard earlier. Nick kept busy, flipping burgers and making root beer floats, trying not to remember the look of the guy's cock, or the scruffy beard, or the clear blue eyes.


Shooting Matt Ch. 06

gay-male Turbidus 2018-08-03

Desires, that began to surge as my fingers played over his ass in the bathroom and, now with him on his knees, heavy balls visible between his legs, threaten to overwhelm me. I kiss his right ass cheek and lick with my tongue. As his cock head slides past my lips, I push my lubed finger back into his ass. I'm going to roll you up in a ball and fuck you in the ass, while you stroke that big cock of yours. Matt pulls his head from under the faucet and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. With that Matt pushes the bedroom door open and heads down the short hallway to the bathroom.


On the Beach Ch. 10

lesbian Turbidus 2018-07-29

I kept a smile on my face as I handed Ben the keys to the rental. I wasn't sure if Meg had heard folks talking about me or if she just didn't care to have a woman near her own age around her husband but it was clear she had no use for my company. I called the folks who'd booked the house next door the week after the Caseys and offered them the nicer place for the same price. Meg, looking a little embarrassed, thanks me for re-arranging the rental schedule. "Nice to meet you, Meg, official like as it were." I shake my head. "I'm sure you're right, Meg, you do carry your stress in your shoulders but I'm going to start with your lower back.

A Summer of Firsts Ch. 03

gay-male Turbidus 2018-07-25

Jack casually, wrapped his hand around the boy's cock and looked at his wife, eyes wide. Nick shook his head and laughed at the comical look of surprise that fell over Jack's face. Loretta nodded as Jack stood, his head swiveling from his wife to Nick and back. She must have squirted the lube on Jack's cock because Nick did not feel the cool liquid on his balls or ass. He was disappointed he couldn't feel the actual jets of cum filling his ass but when Jack began to move again, his cock slid even more easily in the boy's ass. As Jack took his cock in his mouth, Nick tilted his head to look at Loretta.

Shooting Matt Ch. 13

gay-male Turbidus 2018-07-15

"It looks like they're putting you through your paces," Kent offers. "I'm pretty sure that violates the patient's bill of rights I see posted everywhere," Matt tells him trying to look irritated and failing. Glenna occupies the time by dropping absurdly large pats of butter atop the cinnamon rolls. If, going forward, I am only allowed sex or one of these cinnamon rolls, I'd have to think for a minute. Glenna wants to rinse off the lake water but there are still kids jumping off the dock and hanging around the pool. Behind Leon, off to the side, Randy treads water, telling the boy he can do it. I introduce Kent to Glenna and Leon.


Shooting Matt Ch. 10

gay-male Turbidus 2018-07-08

Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement that might have been that of an arm moving in such a way as to suggest the arm's hand was pulling at a dick but I couldn't be certain. He stretched forth his hand, and taking a hold of the sheet, very slowly pulled it back, as if he imagined I were still sleeping. I pulled the shirt over his head, folded it and set it atop his unmade bed, another very un-Leon like thing, that unmade bed. By the time I fall on top of my mattress, now sitting on the floor in my bedroom, I've pulled off all the baseboard and rip up the carpet and carpet pad from the living room and hallway.


Shipping Out

first-time Turbidus 2018-06-24

He ran his hand over the stubbly crew cut, the only hairstyle that made sense for a man in the heat of Louisiana. His belly would be taut, smooth except for the dark line of hair that would lead Stan's eyes to the man's cock jutting out of the thick black curls. Only this time the man's hand would hold his head as he sucked him. In the heat of the moment, the man grabbed his head and the wig came off in his hands. They got a lot of fun watching Stan's mother's face as she identified the body of her son, lying with his head oddly distorted and his body clad in a muddy dress.

Hot Tub Trio

group Turbidus 2018-06-17

That had been Vince's first thought as he got his first good look at Amy's ass. Chad's eyes were fixed on Amy's ass, fixed on Vince's tongue. Chad hand was atop his erection, squeezing it through his trunks as he watched his finance lick beer off Vince's chest. Chad began to rub Amy's back then lowered his hand to massage her ass, the back of his fingers brushing against the top of Vince's thigh as he did so. Vince sat his beer down on the table without taking his eyes of the couple in the hot tub and untied the sash of his robe, letting it fall open.


My Colors are White and Gold

fetish Turbidus 2018-06-13

His other hand presses against the back of my head, forcing my mouth toward his cock. I wait for Joe to remind the newcomer that there is no fucking or sucking until after I've been baptized with his piss. We trade round-robin kisses, all the while Joe is moving around us with the camera, holding it above our heads, squatting to film our cocks, mine, purple and angry inside its cage. I deep throat him and begin to use my mouth, my tongue, and my hand to work his cock. Six uses the head of his cock to wipe 21's cum off my face and put it in my mouth. After he cleans my face off with his cock, he uses one hand to tip my head back.

Shooting Matt

gay-male Turbidus 2018-06-03

"Matt, I need to warn you son, I'm not a professional photographer." We enter the smallest of the three bedrooms where I've tacked the more splotchy than swirly sheet to the wall for a backdrop. I wanted to watch Liam swim; I was there for my son, period, full stop, end of story. Face, smile, bare torso down to the medal, hands on hips, the very essence of confident youth is on display. "Are you too close for a full body shot?" He asks as he assumes the hands on hips pose again. Chick's fucking out there, dude." He leans lower over the chair, stroking his cock as he pulls at the side of his ass.


Shooting Matt Ch. 04

gay-male Turbidus 2018-05-25

Every single fucking time I have ever had that thought, my life found a way to burrow a little deeper into the shit pile. The ass end of the night is no time for such contemplation, not unless you want to think even more seriously about the old .38 in the bedroom closet. "That's harder to believe than Matt getting so pissed at his parents that he decided to sleep naked in my bed." I thought getting married would settle her down." I continue into the kitchen and toss the sandwich and paper towel into the trash. "What parent practically tells their kid, 'watch me fuck your mother and, oh by the way, also suck dick and get fucked'." Matt gives Liam a look that takes me a minute to recognize.


Hay Ride

gay-male Turbidus 2018-05-13

I pressed his cock against his belly, touched my tongue to the underside of the shaft right where it disappeared into his ball sack, and licked upward, very slowly, as if capturing a stray drip of melting ice cream running down the side of cone. Robin, whether through previous experience or instinct, moved things along by putting one hand on the side of my head and moving his cock in and out of my mouth. I went back to sucking his dick but this time when he lowered his body, I moved my hand from his ball and back into his ass crack. His cock was long enough I could pull it back and suck on it as I did my best to finger fuck his ass without hurting him.


Shooting Matt Ch. 18

gay-male Turbidus 2018-05-11

Every crazy fucking thing I've been lying here thinking spills outta my mouth, including, "Could a delusional man, make up a delusion about a movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, about a dude who ends up getting a lobotomy, a delusion that includes the cast, the fact it's based on a book, that the book was written by Ken Kesey, who also wrote a book called, Sometimes a Great Notion, that was really good but not as good as the other, and Kesey was not only famous for the books but for being in a book, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, one of the first examples of "New" journalism by Tom Wolfe, who also wrote, The Right Stuff, that was a kick ass movie and and and and.


What's Up Doc?

gay-male Turbidus 2018-05-03

When I did, my hand followed, twisting its way up his shaft and finally, pulling his cock hood over the tip of my tongue as it played with his piss slit. I moved my hand to his right nipple, pushing his own fingers aside, and began to rapidly tug at the piercing, not hard, or not too hard anyway, but fast. My right hand worked his nuts, leaving my mouth to handle his cock solo. I pulled away again, picked up the tablet, and punched a few items with the stylus while Mr. Herrera tucked his mostly soft cock between his legs, pulled the gown down, and covered his legs and lap with the thin sheet he'd earlier pushed aside.

Shooting Matt Ch. 02

gay-male Turbidus 2018-04-28

"True, but you just caught your mom watching a video of you jerking off AND you were late AND you stop to send me that email?" I lean toward him. "Where you can get your dick sucked, yeah I know what a glory hole is, Matt." You think I want to spend the rest of my life suck dick through a fucking hole in a shitter wall? I can't tomorrow but I'll come over the day after - Thursday, to cut it; to start working off what I owe you for the photo shoot." I tell myself, as I do every time I open or close the driver's door, to spray a little WD-40 on the hinges. "I don't think that sounds like a good idea, Matt," I tell him, shaking my head.



first-time Turbidus 2018-04-26

"Not hard," I whispered, my eyes fixed to the hand resting atop her breast, "soft". I moved my hand and pressed my lips where I imagined her nipple to be, hidden beneath her shirt and bra. I remember having a hard time processing the sight of her hands tugging her own tee shirt over her head. She pulled her right leg to her chest, passing it in front my chest and face and pushed it between my body and the back of the couch. Her hands clutched at my shoulders and then pulled and pushed at my head, but I ignore her nipples. I pressed my hand against her left breast, trapping her nipple in the space between my splayed thumb and index finger.

Shooting Matt Ch. 11

gay-male Turbidus 2018-04-20

Going for a run hadn't crossed Matt's mind but as soon as he processes Lee's words, it makes perfect sense. "I'm not saying I went into this thinking I was going to fucking marry the guy or anything but I wasn't just looking to suck his dick either. It sounds fucking cheesy as shit but I'm really falling for the guy, which normally would be like, ultimately awesome, but at the same time makes me feel like a total ass wipe. Dude, I know this will sound lame as fuck, but it hit me, I'd never play video games like this with Randy. Lee takes a step closer to Matt, who remains sitting on the rock.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 02

group Turbidus 2018-04-09

"I wouldn't turn down another scotch," Chad said softly before tilting his head to look at Amy. Amy's eyes when from Chad's throbbing cock to Vince's face. Amy watched fascinated as Vince's tongue touched the base of Chad's cock where it joined his scrotum. Amy looked puzzled but as Chad laid back in the bed she hooked an arm under his leg when Vince pushed it up. "Wow, just like the little kiss he gave me," Amy thought as Vince rested his head on Chad's thigh and looked at her. Vince contented himself with nuzzling Chad's thighs, watching him eating Amy's pussy. Watching Chad's tongue dance around Amy's beautiful tight little know of an ass, Vince went at Chad's ass with renewed vigor.


On the Beach Ch. 17

gay-male Turbidus 2018-03-31

"Meg, love, that will be up to Muriel...and Mark," Ben tells her after taking a sip of his coffee. "I was thinking maybe we could fool around, like mom and Muriel, and well, Mark did, last night but I don't want it to be dirty. This time his finger is able to rotate the steel bar within the flesh of Owen's body. He moves closer, pressing his cock against the side of Owen's leg, and stretches over his chest to mouth and tongue the other nipple. He turns his head to look at Owen's cock, brings his hand to his mouth and licks the inside of his thumb and finger and returns his hand to the steel-girded cock.


Summer Camping Ch. 01

first-time Turbidus 2018-03-30

I admit I was a little nervous as the night drew to a close and I was faced with the dilemma of either trying to kiss her good night or skulk away like a total spaz. I pulled my legs up and let my knees fall open as I began to pound my cock, not trying to be quiet, knowing mom would be out getting her hair fixed. Then wanted to know if I was talking to Claire, and how the prom was, did I dance, did I remember to save my boutonnière to press, was the food good, kids weren't drinking or doing dope were they. "Claire's calling back with the movie times," I half mumbled, half shouted around a half chewed wad of Wonder bread and bologna.

A Hole in the Wall

gay-male Turbidus 2018-03-11

What came through the five-inch wide hole in the plywood wall, painted black and striped with dried, and some not so dried, cum was a nice cock. As much as I had dreamed of sucking a dude's cock, only once had I dipped the tip of a finger into my cum and touched it to my tongue. I wasn't going to let myself cum, and thereby regain control of myself, until after I had sucked at least one cock to completion. I didn't like the fact that she never took more than the head of my cock in her mouth. I stroked his shaft, tightened my lips as the crown slid under them, and pulled my hand over the head of his cock.


Shooting Matt Ch. 03

gay-male Turbidus 2018-03-05

I think you'll like this and then, if you still want to, I'll let you suck my cock." But feeling a man's cock in my mouth, feeling the way it's hard and soft at the same time, feeling the way the head gives when I pull my lips over it and then the way it swells when my mouth comes off it, those things I can't do myself." I pull back the same way I had earlier, except this time my hand follows, stroking his shaft behind my mouth. I lick my way up the hard ridge that runs up to his sack and roll his balls, one at a time, in my mouth.


Shooting Matt Ch. 26

gay-male Turbidus 2018-03-04

"Clear it with Liam, first," Kent tells Matt with a sigh. "I might have phrased it with a bit more delicacy but Randy's right," Kent tells him, shaking his head and giving me a look. "Uh, not to be indelicate, but did Randy ever fuck you?" Matt nods, looking at the dildo and pushing the button, changing the vibration patterns. Matt's butt comes off the bed as the clamp closes and he hisses, "Fuck." He plays with his left nipple, rubbing just the tip lightly with a fingertip. Kent moves closer, zooms in until Matt's hand and cock fill the viewfinder. Kent continues to record as Matt advances the dildo deeper into his ass.


On the Beach Ch. 06

gay-male Turbidus 2018-02-18

Meg, of course, was beating herself up over the fact she'd been peering through a window, watching our daughter make love to Jim while Bill was "running away". Jim would be the first guy since our marriage to fuck my wife and he and my daughter and my son would watch me clean his jizz out of her pussy. I've watched guys right here." I nodded toward the building behind him, "but I've never physically touched another person." I shook my head and looked at my hands for a moment before looking up. I imagined, or thought or rationalized that by doing something most people would find completely revolting, that maybe you'd realize being gay wasn't that big of a deal.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 09

gay-male Turbidus 2018-02-15

I hope to see Amy and Chad pad their way around the pool, heading to their own room. I let his dick fall from my mouth then, bending forward, I draw my tongue up the underside of his cock from scrotum to head. I make a dozen or so quick thrusts with my mouth, pulling on his foreskin with my lips before pushing my head forward and bouncing his magnificent hard cock off my tonsils. If my friend Rick were videoing this (like I would let anyone video me), streamers of spit would stretch from my chin, reaching for the growing pool between my knees and Kei's feet. When I'm sure I have his attention I open my mouth, letting him see his load pool over my tongue.


Shooting Matt Ch. 25

gay-male Turbidus 2018-02-13

I don't know that I'd make a categorical statement like that but I'd go into it with my eyes wide open and I'd think long and hard with my head and not my dick." "No, Leon wants me to wait until there can be no question but I don't need the test; I know it worked." It feels right but that's what worries me, that I want to do it not because it's a good idea, but simply because I like the idea of having you around." She smiles at me and then squeezes Leon's arm. "I won't tell him yes, not if you think it'll be too hard having him around," Glenna tells Leon.


Shooting Matt Ch. 16

gay-male Turbidus 2018-02-08

I'm standing at the side of the carport, letting the hose run cold water over my head when I hear the soft bleat of a car horn, the sort of quick beep that tells you, politely, to wake the fuck up and go because the light has turned green. He shuffles to my side, legs still trapped inside his jeans, jerks off a paper towel and wipes at his dick. I take one of the paper towels from his hand and wipe the inside of my legs and ass crack. Kent is still standing there, looking like he's the one that got whacked in the head. "You took my dick like a bottom," he adds as he begins to ease the paper towel away from the cut.


Shooting Matt Ch. 08

gay-male Turbidus 2018-02-05

I re-assure myself that if my fingers smell clean after touching my ass, and the jizz in my hand had looked like plain old jizz, I don't need to sweat it. All I know is when I heard the TV on, I knew it would be Liam and I knew why he was sitting here in the dark watching TV." I turn to look at my son, who will not look at me, or Matt. I mean, I totally had no fucking clue you were interested in me." He looks at Liam. You going to tell my old man, 'thanks for the tumble, later, dude'?" Matt stares at him until Liam holds up a hand in surrender.


Coach Able

gay-male Turbidus 2018-01-21

He was sitting in the locker room and coach Able was standing with one foot on the bench, drying the inside of his leg, his cock and balls bouncing as he did so. "Looks to me like you were running over what you intend to do with your girlfriend this weekend." His eyes darted to Rich's hardon, then back to the young man's face. Rich wondered two things as he watched coach Able walk away. Rich had noticed that coach always delayed his shower until the students were finished. He left the shower and dried off, standing at the end of the row of lockers closest to coach Able's office.


A Summer of Firsts Ch. 02

gay-male Turbidus 2017-12-26

Loretta fell to her knees and working her head between Nick and her husband, she took Jack's cock into her mouth. Nick's eyes fell from Jack's and he stared at the side of Loretta's face. Nick loved the feel of Jack's hand on his head; he loved the taste of the man's cock and cum. Other than the day he got into the face of the guy with the cheap suit, Nick had never heard irritation or anger in the man's voice. Jack was ready to let go, not just of the kid's body but of trying to help him, when Nick's arms went around him. When Nick pulled away and buried his face against the man's chest, Jack let him.


Night Out

bdsm Turbidus 2017-12-21

When Mike's eyes returned to her face Sharon smiled again. Mike's finger's tightened in Sharon's hair and he began to fuck her mouth. "Here baby let me help you with that." She said as she leaned away from Mike's mouth and reached for the chain in his hand. All Mike had to do was keep his balance as the gentleman's thrust forced Sharon's mouth and throat over his cock. When Sharon let Mike's cock fall from her mouth the pool player stepped forward. There wasn't room between Mike and the bar and standing beside his buddy he was too far to one side for Sharon to suck his cock.

Shooting Matt Ch. 09

gay-male Turbidus 2017-12-21

Matt and Liam, with Randy's blessing, head to the lake. "Why should Liam and I take off and spend two weeks in a cabin you've paid for on a lake you remember going to as a kid? "Matt, bud, I truly don't want to put you in a position where you feel like you have to choose between Liam or me. I won't let Matt have his way with me on the pool table at some red-neck bar." He rolls his eyes are me and I want to fucking smacking him in the head. Liam skids to a halt and Matt, looking around the inside of the building, walks into him. "He's name is Matt," Liam snorts without looking up from the registration form.


Shooting Matt Ch. 05

gay-male Turbidus 2017-12-20

He kisses up the shin of my left leg, his touch so soft I'm not sure if I truly feel it. His finger begins to trace the muscles of my thighs, this time followed by the soft brushing of his lips. I don't open my eyes but I do raise my right hand and touch his forehead, urging his head upward ever so slightly. My hips and back jerk and the fingers in his hair tighten, holding his head in place, though he gives no indication of wanting to move it. He lays an arm over my chest and his fingers begin to pluck at the hair around my right nipple. His hand wraps around my cock, he rubs a finger over the head.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 07

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"Hhm, your cock likes my pussy." Saying this she slide half his length into her cunt. She moved up his body again, this time grinding on his left nipple before returning to bury his cock in her cunt. She lifted herself off his cock and walked on her knees up his body as she pulled his hands down so that his arms lay closer to his sides. He worked one hand under her ass and slipped two fingers in her pussy then pulled them free. He sucked harder on her clit until her hands found his head and she pulled herself out of his mouth as she gasped.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 03

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Pressing forward, slowly, giving her plenty of time to tell him to stop he worked his cock between her legs until the head slipped into her pussy. Chad's fingers pushed Amy's hair away from her face, while twisting slightly, giving him a better view of her mouth on his cock. Amy pulled Chad's cock from her mouth and began to rub it over her cheeks. Chad reached across and took Amy's breast in his hand, holding if for Vince, who stiffened his tongue and touched it to the very tip of her nipple. Chad's ass cheeks are flexing and only after a moment does he push his hips forward, though he's already as deep inside Amy's mouth as he can get.


Shooting Matt Ch. 24

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"Can't I do it in the sink?" Darren asks, standing on the porch of Liam and Matt's cabin. Fuck." Matt winks at Darren and heads down the road after Liam. "Actually, it can be kinda fun." Darren sees the look on Liam's face and turns to him. "He's right, bro," Matt says and puts his hand on Darren's arm. "Fuck, I never win that fucking game." Matt looks past Liam at Darren. "Oh, yeah, dude, that's right, suck my dick," Matt sighs, his lips pressed to the corner of Liam's mouth. His uses his left hand and mouth on Matt's cock, stroking Liam with his right. Matt can see, through the movement of their cheeks that Liam's tongue is deep inside Darren's mouth.


Summer Camping Ch. 02

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Instead, I rolled over pressed my face against the wall and fell asleep telling myself I was a total and complete fucking pussy if I cried. I couldn't get out of the first session but by the Fourth of July I was home, busy burger flipping, floor moping and spending as much time with Claire as I could. My brain wasn't fully engaged yet and I raised my hand to my mouth and began to lick it clean, forgetting to worry how Claire would respond. I grabbed her ass with both hands and held her still as I pressed my face into the crotch of her jeans and sighed.

Hot Tub Trio Ch. 06

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He handed Chad a tee shirt, emblazoned with the club's logo and relieved Amy of the now mostly empty schooners. Chad gestured toward the bathrooms with the tee shirt in his hand, while pulling his wet shirt away from his chest. Chad stood there and Amy pushed past him, ignoring the gasps and giggles from the crowd waiting for the ladies. You taste any beer?" She asked as she pulled Chad's head forward seeking his mouth. Amy handed the man back his beer before looking at Chad. She fell to her knees and let go of her right nipple, wrapping her hand around Chad's cock, sliding the foreskin back, exposing the purplish shiny head.


Shooting Matt Ch. 12

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"You want a coffee, Matt?" I ask, hoping he will. Kent is helping Matt to sit up when I return. "Here you go," I tell Matt, reaching around him and setting his Frappuccino down on the crazy little table that goes over the bed. He eyes me over Matt's shoulder as he takes a sip of his coffee and looks in the bag. Matt stops in front of the small sink and mirror outside the bathroom and turns slowly, looking over his shoulder at his back. "Yes?" Kent has already started stripping Matt's bed. Matt leans forward, supporting himself against the wall and lets the water run over his head. He re-positions the shower head and lets the water rinse Matt's hair.


Back Rub

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The end result being I played with her ass a lot but nothing beyond rubbing and pulling and once or twice, as she was about to cum when I was eating her out, pushing a pussy-slicked finger in her ass. I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go between the back of her legs and started a long, slow, sloppy, wet lick over her taint and up her crack. At the same time, I did another long, slow, lick, pulling her pussy juice over her taint and into her crack with my tongue. When it seemed like we weren't sliding over each other easily enough, I'd pull back, push down on my dick with one hand and bury my cock back inside her pussy.

A Summer of Firsts

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That first time, standing there holding his dick as it grew hard from another man looking at it, it did not occurred to Nick that the man in the stall might be such a man. The guy's cock looked huge, framed in the open V of button fly jeans. Nick had no idea what the guy was talking about but his eyes had returned to watching the slow movements of button jeans' hand over his cock. Let him be." Button jeans' voice was quiet but the words carried an edge Nick had not heard earlier. Nick kept busy, flipping burgers and making root beer floats, trying not to remember the look of the guy's cock, or the scruffy beard, or the clear blue eyes.


Shooting Matt Ch. 15

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Matt smiles at the growing redness of Liam's neck and face. "The water makes you feel full inside or something, like a dildo," he turns and smiles at Matt for the first time since they'd been driving, "or a dick, but more so. "Brah, that sounds fucking intense," Matt offers, still rubbing the back of Liam's neck. Liam pushes his head back into Matt's cupped hand. "Or cinnamon rolls?" Kent asks, looking at me. "You nervous?" Matt asks as Liam turns off the county highway. "Is he serious?" I ask Liam as the door closes behind Matt. "What do you mean, you fucked it all up?" Matt demands of Kent.


Shooting Matt Ch. 14

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Glenna "Nena" Anderson nee McCormick -- a few years younger than Randy and Leon. They share a dream that Randy will father a child for Leon and Glenna. Earlier in the story Matt questioned Leon's acceptance of the fact he's gay and his relationship with Glenna. Kent, like Randy, has been drifting and has yet to come to terms with his grief. "Based on what I dreamed, which I'm guessing is the same as what Glenna dreamed, Uncle Randy is going to be spending a great deal of time around here." I'm not so lost inside my own skull that I don't realize that Glenna and Leon are saying good night.