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bdsm Unknown 2018-12-04

All he said back were "Yeah, sure" and "You're right about that, bitch!" What the hell was going on here?, Laura thought, scared and defenseless. She knew that she was a beautiful and fresh little thing and the way she had presented herself tonight, dressed up like a slut, sure made her irresistible. Fortunately, he had placed the harness-gag on Laura, that had a little radio-transmitter hidden in the rubber-ball with antenna's running within the face-straps. She dreamed in her bondage, thinking about his enormous cock and his skills as a real master of pain and pleasure, but she couldn't help dreaming about what it would have been like, to be a slavegirl in the hands of a merciless Arab Sheik............

The Outfit

bdsm Unknown 2018-12-04

Lori tried to wear the boots alone many times, but she found that her feet would hurt immediately if the boots weren't locked. Amazingly, the gloves and boots were warm and kept out all water, but Lori never got too hot while wearing the outfit. She worked the disk out of her corset and pressed it, and the outfit instantly locked tightly onto her body. There was nothing that could remove the outfit from her body except for the disk, and it was locked tightly in the boot where it could never be activated. She slid the disk out of her corset and held it in her gloved hand, teasing with the button, not sure if she would press it or not, applying a little more pressure each time.

Gina's Flight into Reality

bdsm Unknown 2018-12-03

My God, what was she going to do, Gina thought; how did she get the rope up there? As if reading her thoughts her roommate took a short rope and quickly separated the cuffs so Gina couldn't release herself if she was on the ground. As she did so she told Gina, "I attached a rope to the barrel ring before it left the ground since I was here while you were climbing up". Mona looked up at Gina, "Well my dear, its time for dinner and bed". She then slowly released the leg rope and Gina was again upright in the harness with her arms bound behind her. After dinner Mona again stood on the stool, loosened the device holding Gina's legs.

A Difficult Walk

bdsm Unknown 2018-12-01

cool, I put on black opaque pantyhose, a black satin mini skirt, and a First, I gagged myself with two large silk squares.  The first, a of gag after much experimentation - it was 100% secure and ensured that locked together by the shackles, this wasn't very easy.  My walk would I slipped on silk-lined black leather gloves and then, before I could I started to walk to the park to get the keys. breath, as my breathing was fairly restricted by the wet silk in my mouth of fullness in my mouth.  Finally, I made it back to my car and drove must have been hours later and found that the handcuff keys had long ago


bdsm Unknown 2018-11-30

tied one free end of another ten-foot piece of cotton rope to the middle ten times.  The dildoes were now TIED in her with enough tight rope to tie the rest of her legs, she tied a short piece of the cotton rope her ankles.  She looped the free end of a real long piece of rope twelve feet long.  She tied a slip loop in the free end of both pieces, over the elbow ropes.  She pulled the free end and yanked it several so she pulled the slip loop from the last piece of rope over her wrists, She fumbled for the free end of  the rope she had tied to her ankle

Chastilock 2000

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-30

The plug remains inside the Chastilock 2000, but the loop at the end of the key provides a great ring to attach things to, like a leash, or a chain. Melanie: I didn't want a (*sniff*) Chastilock.... The Chastilock 2000 is none of those, and in fact, one customer who went through the clitoridectomy procedure later experienced a clearing up of infections and healing of scarred regions, after being reopened and having one of our devices installed. With that, you get the Chastilock 2000, careful fitting and tests, a lifetime warranty, special functions as selected by you, and plus we'll throw in the leash lead and the nipple covers absolutely free -- a fifty-dollar value.

The Ultimate in Helplessness

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-28

The position for the first photo would be the hogtie, one of my favorites.  Starting with the ankles, my legs were also secured below and above my knees and my thighs.  To make it a little more binding, my ankles were secured to the back of my thighs with two turns of rope.  Tied in this manner, the legs are like a big knob and can only be moved about the waist.  Several strands of rope just below the bra and several more about my waist were tightened so that my arms could just barely be squeezed into them, but before doing so a ball gag (white of course) stretched my jaw and was tightly knotted at the back of my neck.

A Day in the Life

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-23

The higher of the two straps on the back of the chair buckled closed under Susan's breasts, holding her firmly in place. Here she was, strapped helplessly to this demented chair with 54 - no, make that 56 - complete strangers watching a close-up of her being anally deflowered by a hydraulic dildo. This apex lasted for another full minute of groaning, sobs, and helplessness before Susan felt the strokes gradually weakening, until eventually the intruder had retracted to its original position. Susan climaxed so many times that she lost count before the dildo finally retracted. When the dildos finally came to rest and the manacles popped open, Susan stayed strapped into the chair, shaking.

Road Trip

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-23

He pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and loaded 4 large suitcases onto a luggage cart, and a small duffel bag. He lifted the blind, bound and gagged girl, and sat her inside, tucking her head in a bit awkwardly so he would be able to close it. He did the same sort of thing to each girl, first Caris, then Carmen, next came Bella, and last, Lexi. 'Hurry up you bastard,' she thought 'I'm going to suffocate!' After what felt like an eternity, he finally came, coating her throat, the inside of her mouth, and her face in sticky white cream, at the same time the vibrator cut off.

Mary's Self Bondage Night

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-22

Mary was into bondage, allright! were keys tied so that when the candle had burnt down to the cord, it would her bondage; First she applied her harness ball-gag and locked there was no way out, until the candle had burned down to the cord and the keys to your gag and your ankle-cuffs are hidden somewhere in your set on fire, and the key to her hand-cuffs fell down on her chest. Well, it was time to search for the keys. She only hoped that it was the key to her harness-gag. before searching for the key to her ankle-cuffs. As she placed the key into the cuffs, strong, male hands grasped her from Mary nodded and moaned into her gag.

Bird in a Cage

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-17

She thought she might be dressed too provocatively for a job interview but Renee had hinted that her boss might be present and Donna had learned long ago that a little thigh went a long way in such situations. As she pulled it up her legs it seemed to engulf her and by the time it hung loosely around her hips, forcing her legs slightly apart, Lilley's last words echoed in her mind: " bulky as the diapers Renee will dress you in each morning". Donna felt the other woman step away and when she turned in her dream-like state she saw that Renee was holding her skirt up to display something strange that she wore between her legs.

Jane's Adventure

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-17

The dog walked over to the pile of sacks he slept on with Towser and lay down on his belly, his long tongue lolling from his jaws, to regard his temporary Mistress's activities with mild curiosity. They were only seconds later in coming, and she lay quite still for a moment with her eyes closed, imaging herself as seen from above — lying spread out in the form of a Saint Andrew's Cross, her limbs clamped to the ground. After spending some time brushing the damp straw from her body, she left the shed and walked out into the afternoon, tired and spent, for her long-promised shower and cold drink.

A Common Problem

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-15

"Yes, that's right, your cock is surrounded by spikes as well, so you'd better try not to get too horny unless you like the feeling." She controlled when I was allowed to orgasm, and all the time I wasn't, my cock was kept not only trapped inside a cast around my groin, but also trapped inside a ring of spikes which ensured that if I ever tried to get hard, the pain caused by the spikes would quickly take my mind off whatever was turning me on. I could see a look of tension and anxiety on her face as the doctor revealed all the hardware she had added inside the cast, but her hand seemed to have absent-mindedly moved down to her crotch, where it was gently rubbing her.


bdsm Unknown 2018-11-13

bondage-magazines, films and paraphernalia; gags, cuffs, whips, rope and much like that bitch next door, Laura something. It seems like you have been into bondage for a long time, and I can tell Bob said as he started to wrap the black rubber-hood over Laura's desperate Laura had been gagged for such a long time, that your bondage first" The Master said, as he jammed the gag back where it Laura tried the best she could to enjoy her bondage, where he had picked up some new and exciting bondage gear for Laura. Fortunately, he had placed the harness-gag on Laura, that had a little Bob Henderson grabbed Laura and hurried for the car. Laura was again in tight bondage.

Girl on a Leash

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-11

The four men stood all around me, looking at me, and I felt a strange dark thrill pass through my body, rippling along my spine like a wave. The balding man thrust the tube suddenly in between my thighs, right against my pussy, and I let out a cry of shock and pain as a low crackle of electricity ripped into my bare sex. Now the men tied them tightly together, the ropes going around them above my elbows and at my wrists, pinning them tight, and making my shoulders ache again. The cords bound to my nipple rings were pulled forward, so that my nipples stretched out too, and then tied to the post before me.

Transformation of Jasmine

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-06

Jasmine was a beautiful woman, obviously a mix of different cultures, her dark skin and long straight black hair gave away her Hispanic decent, but she was tall with bright round eyes and a full mouth, and her small but firm breasts, were to die for. Through the eyepiece of her door, Pat saw Jasmine put the package down and walk away. When Pat saw that Jasmine had driven off, she opened the door and looked at the present Jasmine had left for her. In the first tray was a black shiny mass just like the one she saw the Tall woman pull out for Jasmine just one night ago.

Wendy's Woes

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-06

Locking the clasps shut on the inch wide metal straps behind her back pulled the cups tight against her chest exerting great pressure on her breast and distended nipples. As she finally arrives near the toilet she begins fussing with the valves that have been placed on the two hoses hanging down from the plugs within her belt. This took a little more time but was finally able to remove a small section of steel from over her mouth. Under careful inspection her entire breast harness; collar, cups and straps; along with, both the crotch and waistband of her chastity belt and the 3-inch straps around her thighs were glued solidly in place.

The Stiletto Trap

bdsm Unknown 2018-11-03

I looked through the box and found a pair of super sheer black nylons with similar patterns on the foot that were in the shoes. Jessica, a woman with whom I work, tries to wear high heels every day. Only 11 days into the cycle I received a shock from my left shoe. The toes are so tight, and these heels!" I was just about to stop her when I received a shock in my shoes and in my collar. There were a few women at work who felt they could wear high heels every day, just as I did. She sat down, shaking and crying, and pulled at the shoes, but couldn't remove them.