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Free erotic stories by VenusFlytrap on AdultRead


bdsm VenusFlytrap 2018-11-24

I moved my tongue against your shaft then twisted my head to allow your end to rub against the inside of my cheek, which must have felt so soft and wet just like my pussy was for you. I moaned as I pressed myself into you and was unable to control the writhing of my body at how good it felt to slide my soaking wet cunt up and down your rock hard cock. I could feel you sitting up to look at me more closely, as your breath felt warmer the nearer you came to my moist folds and another wave of wetness and pleasure emanated from deep inside at the thought of you giving me such an intimate inspection.


bdsm VenusFlytrap 2018-11-24

He looked me up and down, his face inscrutable as he took in the short black dress with a low scoop neck that clung to my curves, my long dark hair set in loose curls and my red painted lips. “You want this?” He took his rock hard length in his hand. He looked down at me, now knelt between his knees, then put his hand on the back of my head, loosely gripping my hair and ordered me, “Open your mouth.” “Shut up and fuck me.” He yanked my head back by my hair and took my breast into his mouth, sucking and then biting down on my nipple until I squealed.


bdsm VenusFlytrap 2018-11-22

Seconds later his handsome face contorted into that familiar grimace then almost instantly relaxed into a serene look of release, his hand still working his cock as it throbbed and pulsed its load onto me, the force of his ejaculation splattering my hair and eyelids, my cheeks and my lips, even the tip of my nose. I tried to reach for it, wanting to feel his velvety soft hardness, but he stopped me by moving his hand from my sex to grab my wrist. As I reached again for his cock – boldly this time, making a show of my defiance – he fixed me with one of his stares, cold and penetrating, giving me the feeling of being reduced to rubble inside, like I was falling into another dimension.


bdsm VenusFlytrap 2018-11-16

I took a deep breath, and then much to my disappointment, you moved your hand away from my pussy and I felt you wipe the juices on your fingers across my buttocks, softly stroking and squeezing them in turn. Before you had even finished saying the words, your fingers were circling my spot, pressing on it and making me moan, while the fingers of your other hand started stroking my clit and gently tugging on my pussy lips, pink and slippery under your touch. I was about to find out, as I felt the head of your cock brushing against the lips of my pussy, teasing, trying to push in and then pulling back, sliding up and down, pressing the length of your shaft against my slit and covering it in my wetness.

On The Balcony

hardcore VenusFlytrap 2018-11-07

I parted my lips, then was just about to touch the head of your cock with my tongue, when you stopped me with a sudden grab at my hair. such a nice tight pussy wanting to be fucked,” you said approvingly, as your cock felt inside me. It felt so raw and sensitive, as you continued to slam your cock back and forth, in and out of me, after just making me cum so hard. "I want to see you taste your pussy on it, before I cum on your face, baby." When you finally stopped pulsing so hard, you milked the last few drops of cum from your spent cock into my waiting mouth.