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Free erotic stories by Visitor35A on AdultRead

MILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 03

group Visitor35A 2018-10-02

Penelope inserted the DVD and as the girls sat back on the bed, I suggested we do something to stop us fucking like minks and missing the movie. I grabbed Zoey's dildo and let it slide down along the crack of her gaping pussy ..., which was so wet, the dildo slid slowly down and came to rest on her tight little asshole. "Let's hope the pleasure is going to be mine and yours" Naomi added as she too stepped forward, kissed me on the lips, grabbed my cock away from Georgina and stroked it. My last sight of them was four raised skirts and four shaven cunts being fingered as they all watched the movie with Zoey giving them a running commentary and Penelope begging for some attention!!!


The Day After

group Visitor35A 2018-08-28

By the time we got to dessert, the orgy really kicked off, with Veronica mounting me, the butler mounting Nicola and Dave eating out Zoey who sat on the table in front of him and spread her legs lewdly. "Lick me Zoey, please lick me … that fucking teaser won't touch my clit and I need to cum right now … go down on me girl, go down and suck on my clitty" Nicola begged. Zoey continued to lick and slobber over Nicola's dripping pussy and I continued to fuck her doggy style. My cock was really throbbing by now and, since I had just cum inside her eldest daughter, Nicola, I knew I was going to last with this fuck.


After the Gymkhana

group Visitor35A 2018-08-06

And then, to finish off, I got to fuck the daughter and the groom in full view of her little sister and her equally horny friend. I had a feeling that this was not the first time Zoey had tongued Nicola’s juicy pussy and I knew she’d do it again before this night was through. I wasn’t sure which I wanted most – to eat the two pussies on display or doggy fuck the two little nymphs that were licking them. Oh, oh … oh fuck … this is so good … Penelope, can you see his big cock going in and out of me?” My cock was hard but I left it sideways in my pants so as to let the girls know that I wanted to fuck as soon as possible.


MILFs At Home (And Away)

group Visitor35A 2018-06-25

the shadows making her ample cleavage seem even deeper in the faint light of the lift and when Veronica let her hand slide behind her to feel my cock, I felt confident I was going to see Ulrika's big tits in their full splendour very soon. as Veronica slid her hand up the front of Ulrika's dress and began to finger her. "Mmmmmmm, I love the taste of my pussy from another woman's tongue" said Veronicas they broke from the kiss and the door opened. Ulrika's pussy had opened up like a ripe fruit and my cock slid all the way in with ease. Ulrika kept her nipples hidden as Veronica slipped a hand underneath her ass and fingered her pussy.


The Day After Ch. 3

group Visitor35A 2018-05-16

I knew I’d not last long with her tits bobbling like they were and, just as Nicola came again, I began to squirt inside her. “Oh goody, lets find something for you Pen” replied Zoey as she reached forward to grasp my cock. Nicola watched Zoey suck my cock and kept smiling that knowing smile. I watched as Melanie walked around behind Nicola and plunged her plastic cock deep inside Nicola. Meanwhile, Zoey waited patiently beside us – ready to lick Penelope cunt when my cum started to dribble out. I was fucking her little sister and watching Nicola’s tits bobble in and out of her cat suit. I turned back around as Nicola began to suck my cock dry and I could not resist groping Melanie’s big tits.


The Gymkhana

group Visitor35A 2018-03-26

Her father looked up and opined “she’s a dirty little slut … just like her mother … just take her as you please, son” He momentarily stopped fucking the groom. “No, I think Nicola wants you to see her ride and I know you’re going to need ALL the energy you’ve got later on, big boy” She thanked me for a wonderful orgasm and kissed me passionately. “Oh God, I think I need you to fuck me now” she whined but pulled away and said “No, I promised Nicola that I wouldn’t take up too much of your time before dinner” I was devastated. The groom stood by the front of the horse, still smiling from the doggy fuck she’d been subjected to earlier.

The Day After Ch. 2

group Visitor35A 2017-12-03

“Is he ready, Zoey” Nicola asked “I want his thick cock inside me now and you had better have him ready, or I am not going to let you lick me out afterwards.” I could see Zoey licking her lips in anticipation of cleaning Nicola’s pussy after I’d cum. Yes, Zoey was definitely a cum addict and she sucked the last of my seed from my slick, slimy cock as she watched Nicola’s pussy convulse in post-orgasmic joy. If we didn’t want the mare in foal, I’d love to watch him cum.” She stood beside us and blazonly rubbed her pussy through her jeans right in front of her parents.


MILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 02

group Visitor35A 2017-11-26

I dozed off to sleep on Penelope's bed and woke up to a wonderful sight – her mother (Veronica) standing in the doorway, wearing just stockings and a garter belt – with a huge double-ended dildo strapped to her pussy. "Well, I'll tell you what" Veronica whispered "I've got John out here and I'm stroking his big, fat cock but I'm a bit tender from my exertions earlier on this morning ... "Zoey" she whispered "my pussy is sooooo sore after fucking all morning, do you think you could be a darling and lick me out nice and slowly when we get back to the house?" By this time, I was all the way inside Penelope's hot little pussy.