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Free erotic stories by Wil_TX on AdultRead

Rough Men on the High Seas

gay-male Wil_TX 2018-12-01

The view as Jack walked in was of Jerry's huge shoulders and lats pinning Bill down as his narrow waist and massive muscular gluts were ramming his cock in and out of Bill's ass. Bill's head was hanging over the end of the bench and Jack pushed it down and put his big cock into Bill’s waiting mouth. As Bill struggled with Jack’s cock, Jack let his hands wonder and rub across both of their huge chests and shoulders. Jack’s favorite was of Riya screaming uncontrollably as he was balls deep in her ass, feeling Bill’s thick cock stretch her pussy, as Jack and Bill DPed Riya.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Bisexual threesome with Jack and Jed

anal Wil_TX 2018-11-25

After standing to the side of Jack and Ellen watching his best friend's huge cock piston in and out of Ellen’s ass, Jed walked behind his first lover. As Jed pushed his huge cock into his man's ass, it seemed to Ellen that Jack’s member was getting thicker and harder inside of her. With that final push, Jack could feel his man lover's cock begin to pulsate deep inside of him, feeling his ass fill with hot cum. Jack and Ellen passionately kissed each other before Jack withdrew his dirty cock from Ellen’s ass; cum poured from her and pooled onto the ottoman. Jack pulled his dirty cock from Jed's stretched ass and laid his huge cock head onto Ellen’s waiting tongue.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Her first anal fuck

anal Wil_TX 2018-11-17

With his cock now clean and hard, Jack stepped away from the two lovers and laid down on the other chaise lounge next to them, to watch his mate fuck his mother's best friend. Before Ellen knew what was happening, Jed was pushing his huge hard cock head into her ass. As Ellen stroked her clit with one hand and pinch her hard right nipple with the other she looked Jed straight in the eyes and said, "Yes Jed, fuck my ass, fuck me good, make me scream, make me cum." As Jack shoot stream after stream of hot cum across Ellen's stomach, Jed pushed his cock as hard and as deep into her ass as he could go and held there for just a moment.

Ellen's Men Next Door: Her first big cock

group Wil_TX 2018-11-02

As Ellen desperately tried to suck off Jed's huge black cock she was taken to a whole new level of arousal as Jack began to eat her pussy. "I fucking going to cum!" Jed loudly announced, "Suck my cock harder, that's right bitch!" As Ellen had finished swallowing the last of Jed's huge cum load, Jack pushed his cock hard into Ellen's cunt. "Oh, Ellen, your puss feels amazing on my cock, I have never felt anything like it, I just want to be completely inside of you," pleaded Jack. Her orgasmic climax continued, and now she could feel Jack's cock start to pulsate as it deposited stream after thick stream of hot man seed deep inside her pussy; his first pussy he had ever unloaded into.