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Massage Therapy School (Taboo story for Julie)

bdsm YouShouldAsk 2018-07-17

Like Julie was saying, we are going to be working on the head and neck today. "Mr. Arn?" she cracks one eye open as she asks, "Can I work on your neck for a while, just to see how it feels?" She leans down next to my ear, and as she whispers I can feel her breasts rub on the top of my head, "No worries, Mr. Arn. Ignore it Arn. I move to the other side and pull the sheet up like I did for the other side and begin to palpate the flesh on the upper thigh of her right leg. "May I cum in you, Julie?" I ask in a hoarse voice as I feverishly begin to pump my hips against her hungry, willing love hole.