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Free erotic stories by Zafia on AdultRead

When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part V

bdsm Zafia 2018-06-15

"Relax baby it will feel better soon, isn't that what you tell me all the time?, so then relax because you have a long night ahead of you."  I move your cock faster and faster and I notice you’re getting harder as I do this.  So I can only assume that you have to like me being in your ass. Your cock is so hard and I know you’re going to cum any second now so I pull the strap on out of your ass and insert two of my fingers into your hole and push them in deeper as I move them faster inside of you to massage your prostrate.

When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part IV

bdsm Zafia 2018-06-15

I have a finger up inside your pussy now and it is so wet I quickly slide a second one and then a third finger in.  I am shoving them up and into you and out again as you start to push against them with your hips, humping my hand.  My friend is lapping you up and down between the crack of your ass and rubbing his cock at the same time as you feel my fingers slide out of you and start to rub your clitoris, first up and down, lightly, then sideways, getting faster as you move your hips wildly, uncontrollably.

When the Moon and the Sun Collide

bdsm Zafia 2018-06-09

Would you make little gasps and grunts as you eat your cereal and would you continue eating as my tongue licked further around your nipple, adding more saliva, sucking the tip through the cloth? You suck on my nipples over my shirt and I continue to hold the bowl of cereal in my hand not wanting to drop it and I tell you in between gasps. My hands keep moving in sync with my mouth and I keep looking at you and I slowly stand up and suddenly make a dash for the bathroom and I can’t believe make it and before I slam the door I tell you.

When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part II

bdsm Zafia 2018-06-08

I pull your hands away from your face and your breasts, bobbing up and down as you flinch back, and I quickly tie your wrists together then tie them to the shower pipe, just above the streaming shower head, forcing your head and front under it and the water starts to pour down your face. Will you close your eyes as well, and put your hands on the fucking wall?" I yell and start to soap your inner thighs now, right up to the edges of your pussy lips. Once I hear the sound of defeat in your voice it makes me want you even more as I start to fuck you harder, ramming my cock into your asshole again and again, slamming up and into you, slapping your ass now with my hand again and again as my cock rips into you harder and harder.

Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing Part II

first-time Zafia 2018-06-04

  We kissed each other some more and she still managed to slide two fingers inside my pussy and whispered in my ear that she would let me fuck her anytime and anywhere I let out a moan as she continued and said, “We will be fucking again!” I started to moan as she pulled her hand out of me and grabbed my ass and kissed me hard again but this time sucking on my tongue and pressing me against the door leaving me breathless as she walked out.  I felt a rush of wetness between my legs as I closed the door.  I was still reeling from all the pleasure that Mia had given me and even though she surprisingly did turn me on I was still really craving Alex’s cock.  I suddenly realized that he was still waiting in the bathroom and I rushed up the stairs.......

Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing...

first-time Zafia 2018-06-04

I heard my doorbell ring and my heart started beating faster because I knew it was her.  As she walked in she had on a red strap-less top with some tight black shorts.  I instantly got wet as she came in and hug me as she lingered for a moment and pressed her body against mine.  I knew I could not be imagining that and I was soon going to find out the truth.  We ate and talked and drank some wine. The room filled with the sounds of two women moaning and touching each other I was starting to get so aroused as I felt my nipples get hard.

When the Moon and the Sun Collide, Part III

bdsm Zafia 2018-06-02

My mouth salivates as I see your hard cock in front of me and I lower my face to it and stick it all the way in my mouth and down my throat.  I hear you grunt loudly and you suck my clit faster.  I suck on your cock once and then as I let it slip out of my mouth slowly and you feel every single tooth in my mouth scratch your cock hard as it slowly exits my mouth.  I hear you start to yell. I let the cold ass water hit your body and close the shower curtain on you.  As I walk towards the door I hear you yell,

Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing PartIII

first-time Zafia 2018-05-28

All of a sudden I felt the ache in my legs and pussy from Mia making me cum so many times that I slowed my pace as I walked into my bedroom.  My heart started to race as I knew that Alex would be fuming because of what I did.  Alex knew very well how to control me and the one thing he did not like was being lied to.  I felt my heart pounding as I was looking for Alex in the dark and as I was about to open the door to my bathroom I suddenly felt his body press up behind me as he grabbed me by my waist and slowly took off my shirt.  I felt his hands caress both my breasts and it sent ripples of pleasure all over my body.  I felt him start to play with my nipples and his touch was getting harder and harder.  It was painfully delicious as a soft moaned escaped my mouth.  He lowered his mouth and whispered in my ear as he continued to torture my nipples.

Alex Teaches Eva the Importance of Sharing Part IV

first-time Zafia 2018-05-25

I heard the door open but I felt powerless as I was still blindfolded and tied up at the wrists and ankles to my bed.  I suddenly heard more then one voice and I was alarmed to realize that Alex was not alone.  I started to panic because I did not want anyone to see me like this.  I felt a hand touch my stomach and it sent shivers through out my whole body.  I knew Alex's touch instinctively. With those words he held my held my clit between his teeth and bit down hard, the sensation hit me like a bucket of water to my face as I screamed and realized that Alex was really going to let David fuck me.