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Free erotic stories by amofiga on AdultRead

Peggy Sanford's Favorite Team

group amofiga 2018-09-21

He was very much turned on by her love of having sex with groups of black men and had loved some of the pictures on her page that showed her, legs wide, feet high with some black man's huge cock buried balls deep into her hungry cunt hole. Peggy turned her back to the other guys but made sure to bend over a little and give them a good shot of her ass and her pussy peaking out between her legs before she dropped to her knees in front of Billy. It wasn't long before Jimmy crawled up on his knees and stuck his hard black man took in to her mouth at almost the instant that Floyd came up behind her and stuck his dick into her sopping cunt.


Reunion Ch. 01

bdsm amofiga 2018-09-01

Unfortunately, the past ten years had brought many changes in their relationship, and Melissa had learned to enjoy her strong sexuality, even if Gary didn't want to participate along with her. She walked over to a door on the side wall which she thought perhaps went to the furnace room, but when Karen opened it and turned on a subdued red light, Melissa could see that it was indeed a room that looked like her image of a dungeon. Karen asked, "After what Jason told me about your recent conversations and how you guys were intimate way back when, we hoped that you might want to join us tonight for some play.

Meeting Peggy Sanford

group amofiga 2018-08-07

The other guys all sort of looked at each other like they didn't know who should go next, but Paul jumped right in between Peggy's legs and had his cock up in her balls deep in seconds. I had a perfect view of sweet Peggy's hairy hole being stretched and filled by Paul's dick as she turned her head back and forth getting her mouth fucked by Tim and Pete. They quickly changed places with Tim crawling between her legs and slipping his dick up into her cunt while Paul moved up to Peggy's mouth just in time to start pumping his cum down her throat, which she swallowed with delight!


Blindfold Birthday

bdsm amofiga 2018-07-13

John's plan was to blindfold her and tie her up like usual, but he was going to bring me in as a birthday surprise. "But do you know how silly that super-husband warning sounds right after you tell me I can fuck her in any hole and cum where I want?" I wasn't totally sure if this was all going to work out, but John seemed like he had everything organized. "You know we've been talking for months about taking your fantasy to the next level just like you made mine real for me on my birthday. I asked her, "Do you like sucking cocks Karen?" She made a little muffled sound and nodded her head. "Tell me, Karen, do you like sucking cock?

Reunion Ch. 03

bdsm amofiga 2018-06-19

The following Saturday evening as they drove to their little party, Melissa kept reassuring Gary that Jason and Karen were really great people. In many ways he really was looking forward to this erotic opportunity, but he still had slightly odd feelings knowing that Jason was not only the first person to ever have sex with Melissa years ago, but also had sex with her and so did his wife just a week before. For a long time Gary knew of Melissa's adventures with other men and felt an erotic jolt just hearing her describe them, but tonight would be the first time he actually met one of them or saw her doing it. Gary could see that Jason was bringing the flogger up between Melissa's legs to make sure she felt it on her asshole and pussy.

Reunion Ch. 02

bdsm amofiga 2018-01-21

They certainly seemed to want her to come back and meet their friends and perhaps, if she played her cards right, even Gary may be talked into participating. Melissa said softly, "I knew what was going to happen next as she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her crotch and ordered me to eat her pussy. Melissa saw Gary stroking harder like he wanted to make himself cum, but she took his hand away, There had been something special with Jason and Karen tonight and Melissa felt that she was at a crossroad and she needed to explain to Gary. Gary crawled down and positioned himself prone with his face inches from Melissa's pussy that had started leaking his cum.

Reunion Ch. 04

bdsm amofiga 2017-12-09

For Melissa and Gary, the week that followed the evening at Jason and Karen's was filled with more sex then they had shared for a long time. She wasn't sure why they were going to Janet's and Bill's and didn't know if they had a play room like Jason and Karen's. It was opened by a very attractive middle aged woman whom Melissa and Gary assumed to be Janet, but they could see an equally attractive man behind her accompanied by Jason and Karen. As Janet and Karen fondled Gary's cock and balls and allowed him to explore their compliant pussies, they maneuvered him to the side of the pool. This time, Gary was in Karen, Bill was in Melissa, and Jason was in Janet.