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Free erotic stories by asslicker on AdultRead

Best friends girl

mature asslicker 2018-11-22

It's difficult to say when I first realized that I was in love with Amy. I just looked up one day and knew. When I opened the door, Amy was standing there with a huge smile and a bottle of wine in each hand. As she used the corkscrew to open the wine, she looked at me and said, " I couldn't let you spend your birthday alone. I could not believe that I was holding Amy's perfect heart-shaped ass in my hands. She looked me right in the eye and said, "This is my favorite part." She undid the buckle and pulled my pants down to my ankles. Amy went on, "What we just did, I've wanted for a long time.



anal asslicker 2018-11-19

After having sex with my mother-in-law (she was 30 years older than me) I realized I really liked mature or even elderly ladies. My mother-in-law was moaning, her pussy became wet, her anus was contracting and getting wider, she was swaying her enormous butt. I took off my pants and started jerking, but my mother-in-law asked me to "Own my ass." I realized my elderly mother-in-law was a big anal sex freak. Her hands were fondling her boobs or spreading the buttocks wider impaling the ass on my tongue. She climaxed another time, but never stopped impaling her chubby butt on my rocky hard dick. When it was hard she got it in her insatiable ass and started riding me like a real cowgirl.


anal asslicker 2018-11-16

Without taking her eyes off mine, she reached inside my boxers, pulled out my manhood, bent forward, and wrapped her small lips over the bulging head of my penis. "That's right," I said, watching this petite blonde sucking her ass and cunt off my dick. I rubbed the pink handprint on her ass, then came around and stuck my dick into her pussy, spreading open the mouth of her with my dick and stopping there. I pulled out of my little blonde and turned toward Gina, my dick hard and glistening with Jennifer's wetness and pointed straight at her. Before I quite knew what was going on, little Jennifer had gotten down on the floor and was positioning her golden cunt over Gina's mouth.



anal asslicker 2018-11-14

You get excited working on cars, huh?” I looked in her eyes and said: “I’m so fucking horny right now, and your beautiful ass and body is driving me nuts!” She turned around, saw my cock bulging in my shorts, and said: ”That’s a great looking cock! Catching my breath, I asked her:“How many times have you fucked?” She said: “You are the second one, the first guy was nothing like you!” well, when I heard that I thought that this young pussy was close enough to be a virgin for me! I said: “Yes, I’d love to!” She turned over, showing me that perfect round butt, and said: “Put it in, all of your sweet cock, fuck my ass!” I could barely get any in, when she reached back, and spread her cheeks for me.


My First Coloured Lady

interracial asslicker 2018-11-09

After a few minutes she broke the kiss, and when she did I bent down and grabbed a tit in each hand, and started sucking on her left nipple while rubbing my thumb over her right one. I then switched to her right nipple took it into my mouth and sucked it hard and then took both hands off of her tits and slid them inside of the rear of her pants and squeezed her ass cheeks. Jim got lined up with her ass and I had her stop riding me for a second and told her to lean down and kiss me. Then Mary leaned back down on top of me and I begin to thrust into her pussy as Jim pulled out her ass.

In My Sister in Laws Ass

anal asslicker 2018-11-06

He slapped her ass several more times with stinging blows and said " are you going to mind me now?" All Brenda could do was whimper and plead She finally said " Yes, but please don't tell and don't hurt me". With that I just told her, " Listen Brenda, you weren't supposed to be sucking Don's dick tonight either,  do you want anyone to hear about that?" "I've wanted you for along time and you're going to cooperate whether you like it or not. " I can't help it, I have wondered what your dick looks like but I didn't know you wanted sex with me." I let her up and told her to sit back on the couch.


Fun And Games

mature asslicker 2018-11-01

She spread her legs and watched her daddy move to the side of the bed, stroking my hard penis as I looked at her body, then into her eyes, I stood near her head, jacking my cock slowly as I speak, "Do you know what Daddy's going to do now honey?" I asked, moving onto the bed and between her legs on my knees, still stroking that hard dick. "Yes, baby, Daddy's going to fuck his little girl this way now," I leaned forward to pin her to the bed and started fucking her in the ass, at first, but picking up the rhythm as she finally got used to her Daddy's dick in her ass.