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Free erotic stories by badboy909 on AdultRead

Party in Her Puss

group badboy909 2018-12-04

Bob was married and could be obnoxious and terminally horny, so I went to Ami's room to make sure she was okay. They were naked on her bed with her legs wrapped around Bob while he pounded her puss with his big fat porker. Back in the living room, Phil asked if I thought we were all going to get a turn. When Bob emerged, naked, he told Phil to go ahead and Phil didn't waste a moment heading down the hall, shedding his clothes on the way. I asked Bob if he had told her about me. After trying and failing with her husband, she told him what the doctor had said. A few weeks later, she told me she was moving back to Japan.

Mr. Spanky Goes to Heaven

humor badboy909 2018-11-21

I knew Karen would never have anything to do with a guy like me unless she got to know me first. But I could be a perfect gentleman and a real sweetheart, especially when it came to succulent lips and big boobs and a hot ass like Karen's. If the way to Karen's heart, and other parts of her anatomy, was through taking her nerdy little sister to church, well, Hallelujah! Maybe because she was always dressed like a little old maid. "I know you like Karen," she told me, hitting the peppermint again. "I suck cock," she whispered in my ear, kissed me a little harder, then whispered in my other ear, "for the right guy, I might cornhole."