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Free erotic stories by bossinmotion on AdultRead

A Cougar's Story

mature bossinmotion 2018-06-06

Looking over towards Jim and smiling, I told Greg to roll onto his back, that I wanted to suck him clean; he did and as I moved between his legs, I kneeled on my legs, positioning my ass and pussy for Jim. Leaning on an elbow, I guided Greg's semi-flaccid cock into my mouth, licking and sucking on him, tasting the mixture of his cum and my juices. The thrill of Jim fucking me like he was twenty years younger and of Greg's cock in my mouth sent me over the edge to another climax; my moans of contentment spurred both of my guys to their own orgasms, their voices crying their own joy of completion.

Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson

mature bossinmotion 2018-05-09

It was the song Mrs. Robinson used to hum in that deep velvety voice of hers, whenever she was getting dressed; running a brush through her heavy black hair, smoothening her dress into place, repairing her lipstick in the front of the bathroom mirror, while from my position on the bed, I watched her: fascinated by the ritual of feminine fussing and primping she put on, before she donned those dark glasses of hers, and went out to face the world. Mrs. Robinson didn't say a word when I nudged her hip; just turned over obligingly to flop on her belly, to lay with head turned to one side, black hair spilling down on the pillow, eyes closed, and a little smile on her painted lips.


anal bossinmotion 2018-05-07

"Not heavy for a big strong guy like you," Mrs. Cox said with a smile as she straightened up, and as she playfully reached over and squeezed Mike's bicep - making him glad he wore the tank-top if not the revealing shorts - she added, "I used to play field hockey back in college and liked to mix it up but those days are long past." "Oh damn - so good - you like my ass honey?" Rita asked as the groaning of the bed frame got louder and the entire thing started swaying a bit, and after Mike said it was great she told him, "Don't worry about the bed babe.

Stepmom Gets a Deep Anal Plundering

mature bossinmotion 2017-12-12

My stepmother’s pussy was soaking wet and the G-string was now drenched, yet as I slid two fingers in, she once again tried to push my hand away. I popped open the bottle of vegetable oil and lubed up my index finger, then slowly slid it up my stepmom’s ready asshole. She let out a long groan as the cucumber slowly slid deeper down into her ass. She grabbed the vibrator and rubbed her clit while the huge cucumber remained lodged deep in her tight ass. Her ass made a big slurping sound and left her anal cavity cavernous and open, the rings of her straightened colon compliant and exposed.

Amazing Hospital Stay

anal bossinmotion 2017-11-29

Over the years, he had to resist going too far with his flirting and crossing the sexual line but Ella was an early 20's soccer player with reddish brown hair, a light tan, and the most amazing ass he'd seen. With her getting better, it wouldn't be long before she was going to be leaving and if he wanted a chance at some ass play with her, he had to make a move soon. "I know this may be pushing it a bit but," Stefan said as he leaned close to her, "you're beautiful and you have a nice ass." A couple of hours later, while sitting at the nurses' station down the hall from Ella's room, one of Stefan's coworkers had a message for him.

It's anal time!

mature bossinmotion 2017-11-18

And that’s how it started, me bent over in the shower, my hands braced against the tile, my legs spread, the hot water running over my ass as he kneaded my flesh, spreading my cheeks open and rubbing his cock up and down my slit, teasing my pussy and my clit, before he began stroking himself right against my asshole. And that’s how I got here—my ass in the air, my cheek resting against the cool sheet, two bottles of K-Y on the bed and Jack kneeling behind me, his cock slick and aimed toward a place I never would have believed I could let him enter.

Mom Caught Me

first-time bossinmotion 2017-11-10

Nevertheless, about that time, the guy in the video grunted hard and a thick stream of cum squirted from the tip of his cock and lavishly splashed against the teens pouty lips. I looked down at my still visibly throbbing member and a new warm stream of precum was drooling down the side of my cock, changing it's path lazily as it ran across the pronounced veins protruding from my dick. I didn't know what my plan was, but I started sliding my hand up and down slightly, glistening my cock meat with slick precum as I stared blankly at my mom's huge tits. My cock gave a light twitch at hearing that and a big glob of cum leftover in the head oozed out and dripped onto my moms left thigh.

Aunt Jane and His First Time

mature bossinmotion 2017-10-13

"Now," she said rising, "I've got just the thing for you to do that would really please me." She came and hugged him briefly, hand round the back of his head to stroke his hair. "Can you feel the little rim just before the end?" she said, "Just touch below it with your tongue, wriggle it the tiniest bit, gently, it's very sensitive." With fingers and thumb she rubbed it into the ridge of his glans and, very gently, over the sensitive head of his cock, and the little eye at its tip. Her other hand wrapped right round his balls to press and rub the hidden root of his cock beneath them so that he was excited and hard from root to tip.