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Free erotic stories by bunluver on AdultRead

Next Door Neighbor - Part II

anal bunluver 2018-12-04

I started pumping her in long steady strokes, pulling my cock all the way out so just the tip was touching her ass and then pushing in to stretch her ass over my dick and as deep as it could go. Moans were escaping her lips, "yeah, do it, fuck me harder, faster." Loved to hear her talk sexually explicit and I responded how good my cock felt up her ass. When she started to cum I stopped moving and watched her fuck herself on my cock and fist as hard and fast as she could. All the time still sucking my cock and finger fucking my ass.I told Carrie how good it felt and that I was about to cum.

Next Door Neighbor

anal bunluver 2018-12-04

Carrie knew what she was doing as she reached down and started to stroke my cock from outside my pants. After a minute or so I told her I was about to shoot my wad, she continued sucking my cock and fondled my balls until I shot my load. By this time my cock was already hard, Carrie was moaning and telling me she wanted me in her and not to worry as she was on the pill. Carrie looked at me and said we are going to do something very different as she slipped my cock from her pussy. Carrie reached back and spread her cheeks and I put my cock slowly up her ass until I was completely all the way in.

Next Door Neighbor lll

anal bunluver 2018-11-27

We were stretched out on the bed and Carrie started playing with my cock and after awhile taking me deep into her throat as I laid there in total bliss with no desire to cum anytime soon. She started slipping a couple of fingers up my butt hole and the cool sensation felt good. Broke the kiss and turned her over, spread her ass cheeks with my hands and started to lick her lil brown hole, Carries moaning started to get louder and saying "fuck me, fuck my ass...." Continued to tongue her ass with a lot of saliva, all I could hear was her moaning even louder...."fuck me, fuck me now, I want to feel your cock up my ass, do it nowwww......"


Young Virgin Anal

anal bunluver 2018-11-16

I could feel her nipples push through the thin top she was wearing and at the same time my manhood started to rise as the kisses were getting deeper along with dualing tongues.   As we got on the bed, looked down and saw that Bobbie was completely shaved and admiring her sweet pink pussy lips. Slipped my finger deep into that tight hole reaching for her G spot at the same time licking her clit. Asked her to pull her legs straight up, spread her cheeks and squirted some oil in her crack and worked one finger then two fingers into her tight virgin butt hole. Pumped her slowly in and out enjoying that tight sensual feeling as Bobbi started to work her anal muscles.

Next Door Neighbor and Friend - Final Chapter

anal bunluver 2018-10-31

Donna’s ass shut tight on my cock as I went into a slow pumping motion…..”OH YES THAT FEELS GOOD, AHHHHH, AHHHHH, NO PAIN JUST PURE PLEASURE, FEELS SO GOOOOOD” Donna continued to pant. Although I wasn't complete erect, Donna let go of my cock, got on the bed and positioned myself between Carrie's legs and started licking all over her sweet smooth pussy. Carrie's moaning continued and in a soft voice, "my cunt is ready for you, just fuck me, fuck me like I know you can...." Donna let loose of my cock and without delay moved into position slipped into one hot and moist cunt.