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Free erotic stories by carlabedford on AdultRead

Linda's Torment

bdsm carlabedford 2018-12-04

Linda wrung her hands, fearing the punishment but not wanting to leave and lose him. He attached a long rope to each tie at her knees, ran them under the wide table to meet in the middle underneath and tied them together, pulling her knees wide apart, so wide apart the strain could be clearly seen in her leg muscles. "Now, Linda, your punishment continues with clit spanking You should not be able to move much." Without further discussion he fingered her clitoris a bit until it began to engorge a little. Matthew returned to her with a thin, green ruler in his hand, only six inches long but a firm 1/8 inch thick, flexible but hard.

Victoria's Future

bdsm carlabedford 2018-10-31

He put it down on a table next to the spanking bench and went to a cabinet on the wall and retrieved a good-sized jar and brought it over to where her butt still perched skyward. There are many, many ways to punish a disobedient girl, Victoria." He watched her sob as he continued to paddle the rod. Now I shall punish you for the hell comments, so unladylike." He drug her off the table by her hair and placed her back on the C bench, butt up, legs stretched, once again ready for the lash. For a long time, Henry rubbed her back, pushing down hard to further torment her very sore breasts.