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Free erotic stories by cerebralcontrol on AdultRead

A Friday Night to Remember (Part I)

bdsm cerebralcontrol 2018-06-17

A pair of black, open toed five inch stilettos completes the look, allowing you to examine yourself in the mirror, delighting in the firm, feminine curves and the overwhelming sensuality oozing from every pore, follicle and orifice, almost like it had a life of its own. As you open the cab door and climb in, you automatically note the lustful look in the eyes of the driver as he examines you in his rear-view mirror, his sly smile betraying years of experience transporting passengers intent on the night of debauchery ahead of them. This, however, does not stop him from navigating the busy streets of London, while you lose yourself in thoughts of what is to come, some primeval voice deep inside you telling you to expect a completely new experience, as reason and past disappointments battle to silence it to no avail.

A Friday Night to Remember (Part II)

bdsm cerebralcontrol 2018-05-24

You note with clinical pleasure his muscled contours, from the broad shoulders down to the well developed chest, not neglecting the powerful arms, tight abdominals, and closely trimmed pubes describing a dark arrow pointing down to his cock and balls, which seem to rest comfortably against well defined thighs. You can feel his warm breath on your face, his fingers maintaining a steady rhythm, allowing you to ride your orgasm as your arms shoot up to grab hold of his shoulders to stop you from collapsing to the floor. Slowly sucking and licking his drenched hand, forcing you to focus on his lips and tongue in the process, he then leans down and touches his mouth to yours.