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Free erotic stories by clarissaj1982 on AdultRead

Kitchen Science

group clarissaj1982 2018-10-05

I suggested to Linda that if we could get enough boys to volunteer we could glaze the cake with sperm and then put the little decorative carrots on top of that. "I can stop newcomers," he said, "but you probably ought to do the guys who have been waiting in line." Linda and I grabbed our big bowl of cum and hurried back into the lab. Some of the girls screamed, and some of them cheered but all of them went to the windows to look at the line of boys with their pants down mooning our lab windows. Linda and I got high marks for our carrot cake even though we only had time to put the one large cream cheese carrot on the top.

Study Group

group clarissaj1982 2018-10-02

Moe still sat on Tammy's lap; his cock was stiff and he had one of her tits in his hand, seemingly forgotten. Tammy caught me peeking at her and smiled she put her index finger under the head of Moe's stiffy. When I could stand it no longer I loosed her breasts and leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her legs and sliding them down beneath her ass, I lifted her for better access and took both her pussy lips in my lips to suck on them. When I finally started to come down the other side of bliss I looked down and saw the marks that my fingers had left on her breasts as I had squeezed them when I came. I watched as Jimbo came on Tammy's face and hair as she sucked Moe' boner.

A Bit of a Bondage Tale

bdsm clarissaj1982 2018-09-09

He had short lengths of rope tied around his wrists and it looked like he had just finished clinching the knots that tied his ankles to the posts on the footboard of the bed. When he was hard I got off the bed and went into the bathroom, emerging a few seconds later with a beard trimmer that had been abandoned by one of my previous paramours when he stopped coming around. I thought he might like it so I held the hard plastic body of the device under the head of his cock and let it vibrate there for awhile. I spoke around the tip of his cock, "Remember, you can't cum until I say you can." I let his now stiff member pop from my mouth and I grabbed his balls in my hand.

Butt, It's My Birthday!

anal clarissaj1982 2018-09-02

The shop girl was talking the whole time, "We have to get you a butt plug and lube," she said. The shop girl rang up our purchases: the video, the red butt plug, and a big bottle of water based lube. Then she came back over and grabbed my hand, "let's go do this, stud." She said and we walked back out to the car as she looked in the top of the bag, inventorying our new toys. "Save it," she said, "remember, I'm in control on the anal and there's no fucking way I'm going to share you on your birthday." She gave me a kiss and slapped me on the ass.

The Rumsfeldt Girls

group clarissaj1982 2018-08-06

The Rumsfeldt girls were both in their second year of high school and had just turned 18 years old when they moved to town. Amy and I would take my dad's car out to the desert and sit naked on the hood under the desert sky, looking at the Milky Way. She began experimenting with hand jobs. As I navigated the switchbacks up to the vista point Rita said, "Stick out your tongue." Of course, I did, and she put something on it, then pushed it back in my mouth and lifted my chin. At first glance, the twins looked the same as they always had; long legs, and big tits. "You did good," I said to Stan, "it looks like you sucked their titties dry and fucked their brains out."

Sex, Nothing but Sex

lesbian clarissaj1982 2018-06-30

There was no resistance to the insertion and I squeezed my fingers together to stimulate her labia while I tapped on her G-spot, inside. With a flick of my tongue on her pussy I pulled it away, moved my head up, and started sucking and licking circles around her nipples. She moaned but soon she began pushing my head, pressing me down between her legs. I went back down to her clit with my mouth, continued to play with her nipples with one hand and kept up the constant tap, tap, tap. As the peak passed and she began to relax I removed my finger and simply circled her labia with my tongue.

Go Ahead - Take a Chance

group clarissaj1982 2018-05-28

Chance put his hands on my bare hips and lightly brushed my bush as he moved his hands first downward and then upward and under my cropped top.He squeezed and kneaded my breasts before pushing my shirt up higher to expose my small, but firm, tits. "Again?" I begged, and again he complied but this time slower, pulling almost all the way out of me before pushing back inside, tickling my cervix as he worked; after a few moments, he changed the action from long and slow to a short rapid push, followed by a short pull. I sat back and let him rub my nipples with his thumb, I watched them grow as I fingered Angela's pussy and felt it dampen even more.

Have Been Thinking about My Bi Side

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-03-23

The lure of summer weather, a big luxurious house on the beach, with a pool, and her pull towards Cassandra had finally convinced her that the time was now. Penny stiffened at first, resisting but almost immediately remembered her decision and relaxed to spread her knees further apart and raise her hips to meet Cassandra's exploring tongue. "Just keep that tongue working," she said, "I'll do the rest." Penny did as instructed and Cassandra squeezed her tits, massaging and pinching her nipples. The intensity of Cassie's climax, the stimulation of her tits, the oxygen deprivation brought about by having Cassandra wrapped around her face all combined and drove her over the edge a second time.

A Great Way to Start the Day

anal clarissaj1982 2018-03-17

I watched as the bathroom door began to swing open and saw Randy drying his hair. The mirror was foggy and he was still humming old songs and I watched from the bed as he toweled himself dry. I grabbed the cherry flavoured anal lube and turned sideways in the bed. I pulled my knees up under me and stuck my ass in the air before I drizzled it with lube and set the bottle down next to me on the bed. I heard Randy coming out of the bathroom and quickly closed my eyes, still feigning sleep. It felt great and I let him know by making more snoring noises and pushing my ass back so his finger would go deeper.

Working for Miss Sophie

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-02-05

I rubbed it up and down a couple of times before I put my left hand on her right breast. I watched her face change as I pushed my dick slowly inside. I stopped when the end of my cock was just inside her and I rubbed her clit some more with my thumb. I spurted my cum deep inside her and watched as a smile spread slowly across her face. She dressed as I lay naked on the bed watching her, my dick still large, but no longer hard and lying against my thigh. "I've got a tiny little dick Soph, you can do better even on a bad night, but sure - anytime you want as long as it's not now.

The Guys in the Forum Wanted More

anal clarissaj1982 2018-01-16

We were all four in the living room so Roger, who was my boy for the night, and I listened to Angela and her boy talking. Angela does a great job of talking dirty and this guy obviously loved it because when she went to get the lube from her purse he spent the whole time watching her walk across the room with one hand holding his balls and the other slowly stroking himself. We watched as Angela squeezed a generous helping of lube on her boy's dick. Roger tongued my clit while we listened to Angela's boy in the other room. It was the classic 69 position and his own cum was draining from her ass onto his face as he licked her pussy and she sucked his cock.

Bookshop Girl

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-01-08

I bought a book and..." she rummaged in her purse and finally pulled out a rubber cock, about eight inches long, "and this, to practice with today. I can't be sure I'm doing it right." She looked at me with her big eyes, "Do you think a blow job is the next level? I pulled out the desk chair, turned it around to face the room, sat down and spread my legs. I'm going to try what my book said to do." She pulled her tit from my mouth, stood between my legs and bent at the waist. "I'm counting on you to tell me if I do something wrong." She wrapped he lips around the head of my cock and began moving her tongue in slow circles.

The Boys You Meet at Whole Foods

group clarissaj1982 2018-01-06

Oh my God," Andrea said, "That looked fun!" She reached down for CJ's hand and brought it up under her nose. "I'll cook," said David, "while you entertain our guests." The boys traded places with David going into the kitchen and Rowan coming out. David was staring, open mouthed, at CJ from the kitchen and Andrea's head was swiveling back and forth between CJ and Rowan. David stared at Andrea as he moved across the carpet on his knees in the direction that his cock was pointing. Rowan fell asleep so the girls double teamed David; Andrea writhing on his face while CJ bounced up and down on his dick till he came again.

I'm a Little Tied Up Right Now

bdsm clarissaj1982 2018-01-02

"Ahh," he said pulling quickly away, "a bite is a good idea." Squeezing still harder he lowered his head to my right nipple and began caressing it gently with his teeth. I was on my back, my hands and feet were tied to the bed, and my ass was lifted to press my pussy against Daniel's face when I came the second time. I had spunk on my chin, on my face, one eye was closed and, although I wouldn't realize it until later, I had a lot of cum in my hair. Scrambling to get dressed and out the door I never noticed the cum in my hair until my mom asked about it over dessert.

Pot Pie

lesbian clarissaj1982 2017-12-20

Good food makes me horny; so when the pies went in the oven I peeled off my tank top and set the timer. My thighs were squeezing both of my hands tightly and my breath was heavy when I heard Andrea's key in the door. When I finally opened my eyes Andrea was smiling at me from the kitchen door. "It makes me want to taste one," she said. Andrea leaned down and touched her tongue to my tit. Leaning over I dipped two fingers into the pie, scooped up a pretty generous helping of filling, let it cool down a bit then, and rubbed it on my tits. Andrea makes an "O" with her mouth and leans slowly in towards my chest.


lesbian clarissaj1982 2017-10-25

She was rubbing her eyes and wearing the 'wife beater' that she likes to sleep in with a pair of light blue French cut panties. I nodded my head, set the book down, spread my knees apart and pulled the cover back; by way of invitation. She padded over and sat between my knees I threw the cover back over us both this time and she leaned against my breasts. She took my hand from her breast with both of hers and pulled the wife beater over her head. I lifted her ass and raised her leg over my shoulder then turned on my knees and latched my lips onto her right boob. As the waves began to subside Angela turned her head and looked over her shoulder.

I'm Just Gettin' Started

fetish clarissaj1982 2017-10-21

Letty leaned against Ruben's bare back and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him close, pressing her naked breasts tight against him. Ruben moaned again and tried to turn and face her, but she resisted and kept drawing circles with her index finger. Ruben roared, shook, twisted and spasmed six or seven more times and when he was done she pulled her hands from his pants and rubbed his cum on his chest before she released him and spun him around. Letty's pussy was already damp but as she rocked she got wetter and wetter, and Ruben's cock grew, as she knew it would.


Going Fishing

first-time clarissaj1982 2017-10-14

"I don't think it's a good idea for you to be spending time alone with Jimmy Tingle anymore, Agnes." Mom said. He laughed, "that explains a lot," he said, "your mother must have called my mother because my mom told me the same thing - that I wasn't to hang out with you anymore. Jimmy reached for his shirt and grabbed a pack of cigarettes; he fished around with his index finger in the pack and pulled out a joint, lit it up and hit it hard. My mom took me to move into my dorm room two days later and Jimmy went away to basic training.