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Free erotic stories by cleopatra on AdultRead

Speed Dating For Passionate Singles

bdsm cleopatra 2018-11-18

My name is Dianne and I am a confident, thirty-six-year-old single, well-educated woman with long wavy black hair, green eyes, big shapely breasts and a slim body. In the room he locks the door, approaches me and proceeds to run his hands slowly down either side of my body, with a pit stop at my big breasts where he has a good feel and smiles. “This speed dating night has been staged for male members to meet female guests and find a compatible partner but you have behaved like a real slut,” he says. I sensed the other girls felt the same because they discarded their clothing, too, and all four of us were naked; big tits for all the men to stare at, shaven pussies and bums on display for everyone.

Fantasy Girl

group cleopatra 2018-10-30

“I have been watching porn movies, reading erotic stories and having a few fantasies of my own and now I feel as though the time has come for me to live it out,” I said and breathed a big sign of relief that it was now out in the open. Cutting in to my deepest thoughts, “Kate, sorry to interrupt is this something you would like?” the good looking managing director said holding my hand and kissed me lightly as he stood up. “Come on Kate, spread your wetness all over your tits, sit down so I can get a close up for the men you want to please,” he said as he came and touched me and sent a spasm through my body as a man hadn’t touched me there for a while.