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Free erotic stories by colin123 on AdultRead

Multiple Creampies

first-time colin123 2018-06-16

We returned to our room to change for dinner, and this was when my wife revealed that she wanted to fulfil her fantasy while we were in Greece. At every opportunity she was opening her legs, giving the waiters a view of her wet, swollen pussy. My wife was soon encouraging the waiters to stroke her legs and tits. The next waiter was now taking his turn; he soon added his cum to her pussy. That evening my wife took twelve loads of cum in her mouth and at least the same in her wet swollen pussy, not to mention the cum that was sprayed over her tits.


Sheila Gets A Surprise

mature colin123 2018-06-03

Walter had two mates who lived nearby, Don and Bob. One afternoon while the three were chatting Don suggested they have a game of golf which they all agreed was a great idea. To spice things up Bob suggested a little side bet would be a good idea, Walter was a little short of cash so it was agreed that if he lost he could find another way of paying. Instead of feeling angry at this suggestion Walter felt his cock begin to swell. Walter had never herd Sheila be so vocal as she begged to be fucked and filled with Bob's cum. Walter was fucked in his arse by Don while Sheila got the same treatment from Bob, after the initial humiliation they both realised that this was a turn on for them both.

50 Year Old Wife Goes Dogging

mature colin123 2018-06-02

My very sexy 50 year old wife confessed to me that she would like to try outdoor sex, it never occured to either of us that this would lead to such an adventure. This is when my wife confessed that she would like to try outdoor sex, not in the garden but away from the area in which we lived. I was watching with interest as my wife took five loads of cum into her sopping wet fanny, she was really enjoying herself now and was asking for more, I pulled away from the other female and emptied a final load into her. As I put my tongue to her swollen fanny she had a huge orgasm, the first of many as I licked and sucked what seemed like a gallon of cum from her swollen pussy.

First Time In A Cock Cage

anal colin123 2018-05-30

Jac asked me out of the blue one evening what I thought about being dominated by her during our sex games; I am willing to try anything I replied. On the list were a variety of products including: two strap ons, restraints, anal lube and a cock cage chastity device. I was becoming very aroused and my cock was swelling in the cock cage; this caused a lot of amusement to Jac who was really enjoying herself. Once we were home and the shopping was put away, she asked if I had enjoyed her slutty behavior. Eventually the cage was taken off and I was then made to toss myself off over her tits as she plunged her favourite dildo into her swollen pussy.

Fifty-six-year-old wife gets laid

mature colin123 2018-05-25

For this particular adventure, we were travelling along a motorway with lorries passing by when Jaq decided to lift her top, remove her bra and flash her titties at the drivers. All this time, I was not only watching but sniffing and sucking on her wet panties while rubbing my cock through my jeans. Soon, she was on her knees with one guy offering his swollen cock to her mouth while the other got behind her and rubbed his erection along her wet pussy lips. Both truckers thanked us and Jaq slipped her dark blue panties back on, trying to stop the mess from running down her legs. Jaq reclined my seat so that I was laying down, removed her panties and straddled my face.

Jaq on the bench

group colin123 2018-01-03

I returned to the bar to find some willing guys to fill Jaq with warm cum. Jaq was now asking for a cock to suck and number nine positioned himself at the other end of the bench. The sight was amazing, Jaq strapped face down with a good ten inches of cock at either end. Without warning, the cock in her mouth started to spew cum into her mouth, the guy pulled out and finished himself off over her face. A while later John asked if I would be interested in fucking Jenni and Jaq cleaning her up afterwards. I sat and watched as Jaq positioned herself between our friends legs and slurped my cum from her used hole.

Jaq gets pleasured again

mature colin123 2017-08-01

We all love Lush Stories.  Jaq gets very turned on by guys sniffing her dirty panties. Jaq posted a pair of her used panties to Ian, along with a couple of sexy pictures. While fucking, Jaq said she would love to see pictures of Ian sniffing her dirty panties. The following day I messaged Ian and let him know what Jaq wanted. We all got on really well and Ian was very attracted to Jaq, he had seen her pictures but said she was more sexy when you meet her. I opened the door to see Jaq on the bed in just her stockings and high heels, Ian was between my wife's legs lapping at her wet hairy pussy.

Jaq Gets Plenty

mature colin123 2017-07-26

Jaq soon had a loud orgasm and was now asking to be serviced by her first cock of the evening. A tall black guy had soon taken position and was fucking Jaq for all he was worth, the next creampie was soon added to the first. Jaq looked at me and beckoned me over, asking me to clean her cum filled hole. Jaq was very persuasive and I was soon between her legs licking away at her cum filled pussy. She made an announcement asking for a willing guy to step forward. The big bald guy stepped forward and Jaq was soon forcing my head onto a soft limp cock.