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Free erotic stories by cuddlybabygirl on AdultRead

Baby girl In Charge

bdsm cuddlybabygirl 2018-12-02

He wanted to bite her, grab her hips, and shove his cock inside of what belonged to him… but he stopped himself. “You want to shove your thick cock inside of me?” She blinked and leaned forward to claim his mouth. He pulled against his restraints and bucked his hips again, determined to be inside of her. She enveloped the head of his cock in her sweet cunt again and leaned forward to whisper in his ear.“Do you think you deserve my cunt, Daddy?” He bucked his hips up and shoved completely inside of her. “Don’t forget who you belong to, baby girl.” He let her hands go and slapped her ass, “who owns you?” He slapped her ass again and she moaned loudly.

Sleepy Little Girl

fetish cuddlybabygirl 2018-11-11

I looked up into his eyes and whined softly, moving my hips in time with his hand. "You know I can't resist when you pout like that, Kitten." He began kissing the top of my breasts and used both hands to push my behind into his fully hard cock. After a few more slaps, he caressed my behind until his fingers began to touch my soaking cunt. I gripped the blanket and moaned loudly, my cunt growing more wet with each slap. I wanted him to claim me in every way possible so I used my hands to hold his cock in my mouth. I felt each shot of cum fly into my mouth and moaned with each one.