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Free erotic stories by cyravance on AdultRead

Andy Wins the Bet

gay-male cyravance 2018-08-16

Being open-minded doubles my chances of getting laid." He looked Jason in the eye and asked "You ever been with a guy?" "And, that once you got started, you wouldn't care, either." He sat on the bed, still naked, and looked Jason over. Wonder about it, I mean." Jason felt himself getting aroused by this conversation, and could feel his own cock begin to stiffen beneath his jeans. "I think your friend here needs some attention." Jason did not argue, Andy's hand on his cock felt good, damned good. Andy turned on his side, resting his head on his hand, and gave Jason a long look. "You know, I think Greg needs to lighten up, don't you agree?" He leaned forward and gave Andy a light kiss on the mouth.

The New Boss

bdsm cyravance 2018-06-18

"I...I don't know, sir." My head was starting to feel woozy and light, I felt my legs tremble slightly, and wasn't sure I would be able to stand much longer. He leaned back in the chair, gave me a final look over, and said, "Take off your panties, fold them, and place them on the desk." His voice was soft, but his tone left no doubt he meant for me to obey. "You like to suck cock don't you, you little slut?" He was breathing faster now, and his hands moved through my hair, pulling my face down between his legs as he grunted and thrust into my mouth.

The New Boss Ch. 02

anal cyravance 2018-06-04

After everyone else had left for the day, Ronen had called me into the office and I had ended up bare-assed and over his knee, then bent over his desk. The feel of his big hard cock deep inside me as his fingers worked me in front had given me the most intense orgasm I'd had in years, and had left me weak kneed and gasping. "Get it in there, use your fingers." I worked the gel into my ass as he breathed, "Yeah, that's it, get it good and wet. He moved his hand around the front to my pussy and started to stroke my clit with his fingers, and despite the pain, I began to move back against him as his fingers worked.

A Change of Heart

gay-male cyravance 2018-05-27

"You know, your first time should be with someone you at least care about, don't you think?" I had the fleeting feeling of being a parent, I wanted to grab this kid and just slap some sense into him. We kissed like that for awhile, and I ran my hand over his flat chest, down past his belly, and slipped my fingers into the waistband of his jeans. I moved my lips over his, his face, his neck, he lay his head back, eyes closed, as I kissed him. As I pressed the head of my cock against his tight little hole, I felt initial resistance, then as he breathed and relaxed, he opened up beneath me and I pushed in.

The New Boss Ch. 03

group cyravance 2018-02-18

Sometimes I would be spanked almost playfully and fucked like a lover, at other times Ronen's eyes would go cold, and I'd be whipped hard enough to raise welts across my backside, and he'd take me from behind, hard, in the ass. Ronen said to her, "Yes, Simone, that would be nice. Ronen looked down at me, taking me in for a minute, then he said to me, "Simone is not my wife. Simone took my hand and said, "Let's go." She lead me to a room off the main bedroom. Her hands felt wonderful and I began to breath more quickly as she worked one, then two fingers into my ass.


Seducing Anatoly

gay-male cyravance 2017-11-20

"Maybe you'd let me suck your cock if I did." At that, Anatoly reached for a cigarette and lit it, then looked at Nikki. "You said it yourself, just close your eyes and you won't know the difference." He moved his hand up, coming closer to Anni's crotch, noticing the growing bulge there. Large blue eyes, blonde curls, and "kiss me" lips made him popular with women, but Anatoly knew he was also popular with the guys. Nikki's beautiful face, soft blonde curls framing that Botticelli angel's features, his soft lips open as his hand gently stroked Anatoly's cock. Anni opened his mouth to speak, but as Nikki leaned forward and took him between his lips, he forgot what he wanted to say, and let out a long sigh instead.