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Free erotic stories by d4david on AdultRead

Influence To Particpate in a sex act...2

gay-male d4david 2018-05-21

With a quick lunge Jerome sunk his enormously huge cock head into my dry butt hole. It seemed like hours had passed since Jerome had entered my butt, but now he suddenly sped up his movements and let go an enormous load of man spunk, that quickly spit from around his tightly fitting penile shaft. Laying there on my back for another fifteen minutes, his huge cock twitching and throbbing deep in my butt, till he had expelled most of his baby making juices. Diving on to the bed, they both tackled me around the waist and twisted me about like a rag doll till I was once again on my stomach with Bruce trying to enter my butt and Charlie trying to open my mouth.

Fun time after the track meet

interracial d4david 2018-05-21

'See Jeanne, I told you he sucked dicks better then we do.' Jeanne giggled and said 'what else can he do.' Gloria called to me 'come here sissy boy and suck this pussy.' I walked towards the girls only to hear Jeanne say 'bitch don't you walk over here like a man, get on your knees and crawl like a dog.' Gloria knelt down on the floor on all fours and said 'get my ass good and wet so your dick can slip in, baby.' I licked her butt till it was good and wet then I knelt behind her and stroked her butt crack with my rigid cock. Jeanne and Gloria laid on the shower floor sucking each others cunt till they came in each others mouth.

What I found on the web...

group d4david 2018-05-21

I watched as Charlie eased his huge penile head into my gaping bung hole and heard my groans and moans as Charlie slowly pulled back and pushed forth settling his huge penile shaft balls deep into my butt. The camera caught Daniel's enormously huge penile shaft and his gigantic penile head as he poised it at my stretched open bung hole. The massive head nudged the open bung hole and you could hear the muffled cry of agony and horror I exuded as Daniel pushed against my small anal opening opening. This time the entire length of his massive tool slid down balls deep and Daniel eased back half an inch and slammed down into my unprotected butt hole.

A Day with Daniel...2

anal d4david 2018-05-21

"...Daniel...Daniel...please...let me go I can't...take...anymore..." Daniel raised himself up and slammed into my buttocks as hard as he could, I screamed out in agony as Daniel slid his monstrously huge penis back and forth in my butt '...AAAAIIIIEEEEHHHH...TAKE IT OUT...PLEASE...TAKE IT OUT' For nearly an hour, Daniel was slamming deep into me and pulling his huge penis back and ramming it back in. Daniel was still on my back his enormous penis lodged deep in my butt hole. Daniel crawled on to my back and slid his huge penis back into my butt hole again. Crying uncontrollable I laid there as Daniel slid his gigantic man tool back and forth into my butt hole...

How to Enjoy Anal Sex

gay-male d4david 2018-05-20

If you are giving up the tightest orifice on your body, you must relax and trust your partner. You can offer your tightest orifice from a kneeling position, your head down at or below your knees, and your butt lifted high in the air. My favorite is to be on my back with my feet lifted in the air, so I can embrace my partner as he penetrates my willing bottom. Some say that size turns them off, well maybe to some, me I get all excited about enormously huge cocks. If ever you are in the ATL and want experiment in or enjoy anal sex drop me a line, I'm willing when ever you are.

The Very First Time...continued

group d4david 2018-05-20

I frantically begged and pleaded for Charlie to stop and get out of my butt It must to have excited Charlie, he would not even answer me and continued to ram his rigid tool in and out of my butt hole. Charlie pulled from my anus and I thought it was over, to my horror, Daniel had replaced Charlie at my bung hole and his penis was raging like a wild b**st in heat. Daniel kept hissing '...yeah baby, work that pussy, just like that, work it bitch, work it...' I cried and begged as Daniel continued to abuse my bung hole till his pubic hair was smashed against my buttocks.

Always Taken Advantage Of...

anal d4david 2018-05-18

Through bleary eyes I recognized the face of Daniel and knew that the other hands belong to Bruce and Charlie. I froze my movements and waited for Daniel to speak, a big smile crept across his lips as he said 'see boys I told you we ain't gonna have to fight to fuck!!!' I trembled as he spoke knowing that there was no one near to come to my aide, my mind swiftly raced back asking why did I have to run this morning. Now come on we going in the woods and have some fun.' Daniel picked up my gear and Bruce and Charlie help me to my feet guiding me roughly towards the natural buffer of trees and under bush around the south end of the track.

Sex Among Friends...

group d4david 2018-05-18

Doug replied 'I took four of those pills just before I came to get you and Brain, I wanted to see which one of you was a pussy boy'. 'Look at Brain see how his cock is getting hard, he wants to fuck. I leaned back out of the corner of my eye I saw Brain stand and drop his pants showing his cock beginning to get hard. Removing his fingers Doug scooted up to my butt and position his steel hard cock right up against my anus. Reaching his hands behind me and gripping my buttocks Doug pulled me to him and begin to fuck my anal cavity with passion.

Daniel, Gary and I

gay-male d4david 2018-05-18

Daniel instructed me '...push back against that dick like you tasking a dump, relax that boi/cunt so it can get some dick...' Two hands gripped my buttocks and spread them apart as the dick head throbbed at my anal opening. Daniel took his thumbs and wiped my eyes without releasing my head from his grip as the guy in my butt started to fuck his elongated cock in and out of my anal chute each time getting deeper and deeper till h with each thrust, his pubic hair was nestled between my buttocks. Positioning him self behind me as I bent over to suck Gary's cock Daniel slid his enormously huge dick head between my buttocks and over my tender butt hole.

Entertaining Friends...

first-time d4david 2018-05-18

He's never been on a college campus nor fuck some good tight ass/pussy...' Stunned I looked at Jareal as he walked to the far side of the room, Phillius walked to me extending his hand and said '...glad to meet you, I'm horny as hell and can';t wait to bust that nice ass of yours. My hands sliding down the body of Phillius and stroking his enormous snake like penis I knelt before him and slowly engulfed his man hood into my mouth. His enormously long penis was probing my anal opening from so far away I had no trouble seeing his testicles swaying beneath his body and Jareal standing behind him looking intently at what was transpiring.

I didnt know...

gay-male d4david 2018-05-17

The seventh team mate stuck his cock in my mouth and held my head as he rammed deep into my throat causing me to gag. The team went wild grabbing me and dragging me to the dressing benches, those in the showers came back and as I was placed across the table the first cock was rubbing across my anal opening and pressing against my outer sphincter muscle ring. I cried out in pain as his huge head entered my tender orifice. All week y team mates would find time for me to be on my knees and suck their cocks and a few would not stop there but would have sexual intercourse in stairwells and broom closets.

Secrete Sex...

hardcore d4david 2018-05-17

I felt the slippery wet huge penile head press gently against my bung hole 'please don't do me like this...' I begged. The voice said 'since you ask, I'll be quick...' I cried softly '...noooo, you promise to be slow...' He answered '...if it' will make you happy, I'll fuck you slowly...' I begged '...pleeaaaassseee take it out, you can't be doing this...' Patiently he grind his massive man meat into my tight little bung hole till he stiffen and slid his penis as deep into me as he could. He turned over just as the door eased open a little and a female voice said 'I thought I heard them groaning, I wanted to make sure they were alright.

All night bareback orgy

anal d4david 2018-05-14

By the time I reached College, I was a down low cock whore, sucking cocks getting fucked bareback and craving being used like a fuck toy. He quickly came closer and I felt his warm wet cock head slip up my buttcrack, just as he neared my rosebud I reached back and guided him to my opening. It was at this time that two guys in their thirties or late twenties took hold of each of my arms and said "...we have just the place for you..." They led me to a dimly lit room there was a sling hanging from a stand with a person in there that was almost u*********s.

Taken Advantage of at School...2

hardcore d4david 2018-05-10

A voice called out to me saying '...David, David...look over hear, look over hear...' I turned my head to see where the voice came from as soon as my head was turned hard to my right, hands gripped my face and a rock hard penis was pushed into my mouth. Trapped with an old man ramming into my butt like there was no tomorrow and a rock hard penile shaft stuck in my mouth, I was helpless. My rescuer(?), was between my legs rubbing his rock hard male member up and down the crack of my butt till he found my anal opening and slid his tool back deep in my bung.

On The Prowl

anal d4david 2018-05-10

The driver wasn't taking that as an excuse, 'if you are good as you look I promise you want need to work any more this year.' 'That's easy for you to say,' I countered, you don't have a Mother and two b*****rs hoping you will make enough to keep things going.' The driver reached in his pocket and pulled out a huge knot of bills and said 'I'm going to put this on the seat, you get in and don't touch it. Just when his huge cock head started to twitch, he pulled from my lips. His huge cock head stroked across my anus and caused me to shiver, Tim took his time and allowed his pre-cum to spread across my anal opening. Tim held me close and I bit gently on his shoulder as he fucked deep into my butt.

I Witnessed a Gang-bang...

gay-male d4david 2018-05-09

I watched as another lad knelt between the restrained boys thighs, he took hold of his very rigid phallus and guided it to waiting bung hole. I could see the enormous tool that the lad was welding and almost cried out in disbelieve as he poised the massive head at the butt crack of the young lad. On his knees, the top lad maneuvered his body up to the bottom young lad and with calculated thrust he managed to sink his huge tool into the anus of the bottom lad. One of the lads headed in my direction and I quickly made my escape from my hiding place so not to be discovered.

Sex With Friends...3

group d4david 2018-05-09

I lifted my arms allowing my covering to be removed, as soon as my head was free of my shirt, I was confronted with Doug's steel hard cock waving in my face. Doug took hold of my right bicep and lifted me from my kneeling position 'come on bitch, we gonna get comfortable, Brain get some thing to drink and wait till I call you'. Doug pressed my thighs back to the trunk of my body lifting my buttocks up from the mattress, Doug positioned his steel hard cock to my anal canal opening and slowly slid his cock head up and down my butt crack till his rigid cock found my anus.

Taking it to the Extreme...

hardcore d4david 2018-05-09

His face brighten as he came closer and said 'sorry about the smell, it's been some time since I had a good shower and clean clothes.' We walked to the room and I opened the door, William entered and went to the toilet area of the room. His penis wasn't long but it was like him short and stocky, he entered the shower as I turned and I glimpsed his taught buttocks as he closed the door, I quickly ordered us pizza and beer. William slowly pressed forward till his huge head popped into my anus, gasping in pain I felt my anal sphincter muscle ring snap shut around the neck of his man hood and heard William moan '...damn your ass is tight...shit I don't remember pussy being as good as this.'

"How It All Started..." continued

anal d4david 2018-05-08

If you let them take your stuff than, that's on you, not me...' Daryl smiled and stood removing his clothes saying '...I know you were there and they took your pussy too, you see Bruce likes to take pictures...' You know what I mean, that's right, I've got pictures of you with dicks in your ass, down your throat and wherever they could put one...' Daryl lifted up a small book and tossed it on the table between us saying ' it and see for your self...' I cried as Charlie worked his enormously huge male member back and forth in my bung hole, tears and mucus pooled under my face as someone squatted on my upper body keeping me pinned and the other held my leg open.

Three into One...

anal d4david 2018-05-08

It was on a some what cloudy and dreary day as I made my way through a maze of side streets that I ran head long into the three of them, Daniel Charlie and Bruce. Charlie entered first, Bruce pushed me from behind as Daniel ordered '...get that bitch inside and hurry up...' I knew that if Daniel wa in a hurry Bruce and Charlie weren't going to slag. Charlie was twice as huge as Bruce and nearly ten inches long, Daniel was the largest of the three. Even after Bruce and Charlie had ravished my bung Daniel was so huge that as he entered me he ripped my anal membrane. 'Bitch if your ass pussy wasn't so good Daniel wouldn't want to go first..' Charlie said.

A Late Night sex Session

hardcore d4david 2018-05-06

With a decidedly tug from him I quickly replied 'give me your dick baby,' he plunged deep into my butt I started to yell, he pulled harder on my testicle and said 'beg me like bitch should.' 'Baby fuck this pussy,' I replied, he ask 'whose pussy is it,' 'it's yours daddy,' I cried 'fuck it like you want it.' He seemed to be pleased with my answer he eased up on my testicles and slowly stroked them and my flaccid cock as he worked his huge fuck tool into my butt.

Good roommat fuck continues

anal d4david 2018-05-06

Eric was gently cradling my head in his hands and was fucking my face gently, Eric picked up the pace and soon flooded my mouth with copious amounts of his baby making fluid. Hearing voices in the hall Eric quickly pulled from my butt and scampered to the opposite end of the showers and got under the first shower head I just had enough time to barely stand up when two more guys came into the shower. I bent slightly at the waist and held on to the closet door and wall while Daryl fucked me one more time, I was so glad when he came quickly and held me for just a little while, after he pulled from my butt he slapped my buttocks and said 'I'm going to shower, want to come.'

An Adventure...

hardcore d4david 2018-05-06

As I softly moaned his other hand slid up from my testicles and spread a substance between my buttocks and into my anal opening. With a grunt from him and groan from me his penile head popped into my rectum, I felt his head enter and spread my anal canal as his penile shaft followed He said '...steady now be still and relax, we've just begun...' We stood still as my anus gripped his penile neck and squeezed tightly on to it. I could feel his penile shaft as it wormed it's way around my bowels, he had pulled me back till my finger tips barely touched the wall to keep me from falling to my face, my toes were aching as he masterfully sexed my butt for what seemed like an eternity.

A new experience

group d4david 2018-05-06

I thought you were my friend Daniel...' Toby looked at me as we he turned the corner saying ' you were trying to catch up to your boyfriend...' We sucked each other like this until the next cut of music came on, Toby raised up pulling his throbbing cock from my lips and lifted my legs up as he knelt between my thighs. His dick head slid in so easily, my anus opened and closed tightly around his cock neck so snugly Toby moaned in pleasure. I hook my heels into the small of Toby's back and tried to meet his movements, Toby raised slightly and hooked my knees in his elbows and slid his hands under my shoulders gripping them as he hunched deep in to my opened bung hole.

Weekend Party...

gay-male d4david 2018-05-05

I barely could hear him as he said '...perhaps you should lay down and rest, here let me take your shoes off...' I laid back on the bed as he removed my shows and I could feel him removing my clothes yet I could do nothing to stop him. I could barely feel what he was doing and my arms and legs were unresponsive, my young friend kissed and sucked his way back up and whispered into my ear '...I think you are just about ready for me, don't you...' My young friend returned after the last man and mounted me from the rear, riding me like a horse till he once again filled my anal cavity with his seed.

Not a Bad Trade Off...

anal d4david 2018-05-05

I entered the car and closed the door, the driver opened the partition between us passed me two twenty dollar bills. I stood there looking at the door when it suddenly open and an old fellow that seemed like he was on his last leg said 'you are expected follow me to the game room'. Our host came over as I raised up on my knees and grasp my head in his hands and commanded 'suck this dick if you want, I don't care if you fuck them all.' I looked up confused and pleadingly as he took hold of my head and guided my face to his throbbing cock.

Yes, there were Girls Too...

hardcore d4david 2018-05-04

Cheryl stepped to one side allowing me to enter than she closed the door and stood behind it saying 'you know what that's all about.' I looked at her and shook my head "no", Cheryl said 'there is a rumor that you sucked off the track team to make it.' Cheryl brushed pass me and climb up on the bed removing her panties and demanding 'come now my pussy is waiting.' I looked at her and said 'for a young lady you have a very vulgar mouth.' She smiled back at me and said it's not my mouth that's getting vulgar.' She spread her legs wide and took her fingers and pulled apart her cunt lips.

Gilbert's Boy Toy...2

gay-male d4david 2018-05-04

I kept my teeth clinched as he did so, Gilbert bit my lower lips and mumbled '...damn baby, I'm cumming in this ass, I cumming in your ass...' I quickly grabbed Gilbert's ears and pulled his head back before he bit my lip into only to have him slam his penis as hard as he could up into my butt hole. A voice charged ' you done bust that ass good now let me hit it, come on Alvin get out the way...' As Alvin pulled his penis from my anus I could feel the combined spunk of Gilbert and his substance oozing from my stretched open bung hole.

A Flash from the past....

gay-male d4david 2018-05-02

Harry moaned and stroked my head, he took the bottle and held it to one of my nostrils as he pinched close the other and said '...take a good long hit while you sucking that dick...' Harry told me '...Charlie told me about his visits to you and since he's now indisposed I think Daniel has been coming over to keep you company, right...' I moaned in agreement as Harry leaned over me and placed the bottle of poppers under my nostril saying '...take a good long hit for daddy now...' Suddenly Harry Growled '...HERE BITCH TAKE THIS SHYT...' Harry's cock exploded as if it was a water hose spurting and squirting his thick gooey baby batter deep in to my bung and splashing out around the tight fit of Harry's dick and my butt hole,

A Reluctant Four Way Boi Toy...

anal d4david 2018-05-01

With the hollow of my knees locked in the well of his elbows Daniel slid his huge cock head into my very sore anal opening causing me to whimper in pain as he slipped into my well oiled butt hole. Reluctantly I slowly lifted my legs and hands to hold my thighs, Jerome poised his enormously huge cock head at my anal opening and smiled at me saying 'that's they way I like my bitches to act. Jerome huge cock twitched and throbbed so strongly in my butt that me anal muscles reciprocated in like fashion. Once Daniel pulled from my mouth I swallowed and gasped for air, Jerome laid on top of me emptying out his spunk till he started to pull form my twitching anal opening.

Black Mailed

anal d4david 2018-05-01

Willie was standing in front of me his penis was rigid and about nine inches long maybe two or three inches around, he was cut and his penile head was redder than the rest of his man meat, almost pinkish if you want to know. I went to the bed Willie pulled the covers and pillows up in to a pile and said 'lay your ass on these pillows with your butt in the air.' Willie pulled out and Jerome came over and looked into my butt 'you really shot your stuff up his ass,' he asked. Willie replied you don't see it on the sheets do you,' 'I see it now it's coming back out.' Jerome got on the bed and placed his huge head at my butt opening.

An Unexpected Visitor...

gay-male d4david 2018-04-29

Slowly, Gary, moved his hand across my thigh till he found my rigid penis and gently took hold of my hardening man hood. My mouth opened in a silent scream as Gary lowered his body down to mine pushing more of his squat fat sex tool deeper into my anal canal till my feet did a tattoo dance on his buttocks as he pulled back and sunk deeper into my gripping butt hole. Shaking my head from side to side, saying no, I still managed to take hold of my toes and begin to spread m,y feet and legs wider as Gary slid back and forth in my bung hole faster and faster.

Sex With Friends...4

anal d4david 2018-04-28

Doug continued to slowly enter my anus, pushing three quarters of his steel hard cock into my rectum. I could feel my anal muscle gripping Doug's massive cock shaft, as his cock head rotate inside my bowels like a huge ball brushing across my inner sphincter muscle ring as it struggle to keep from admitting him entrance to my inner sanctum. Doug could feel his cock head as it passed over my puckering inner anal sphincter anal opening and would press harder each time his cock head sensed the opening causing his huge penile glans slipped off of the entrance way. The heels of my feet drummed into Doug's hips as he grind his cock in my butt, my hands grasping frantically at the close cropped hair of his head as he passionately kissed my opened mouth.

Fall Semester...continued..

anal d4david 2018-04-27

Once his cock head had slid into my butt hole Chris whispered to me, 'I'm going to breed this ass like it ain't never been fucked before'. I cried and begged as best I could as this wild man attacked me, it went on for so long that I could do nothing but whimper and whine as Chris rode me mercilessly till I felt his cock explode in my anus and pump another load of his baby making fluid into my rectum. Chris continued to grind into my butt as I laid under him moaning and grunting soon his cock twitched and again I fell his seed emptying into my anal cavity again.

Going Back to Homecoming

anal d4david 2018-04-26

When I had pulled from the willing but of the young bottom he turned over and quickly moved for my cock head and began to suck gently but urgently on it. I grasped his hips and gently began to f***e my cock head into his anus, moaning like it was the best he ever had, he began to push his posterior back on to my invading penis. as I was sinking into his anus the other guy raised up and began to lick both my penis and his pardners butt hole. I began to long stroke the upturned butt that was presented to me, his pardner was greedily licking and sucking on to our copulating genitals.

A Different Kind of Woman

anal d4david 2018-04-26

She raised her head looking me in the eyes 'have you ever had a girl one lick you in the butt before,' I shook my head no, cause I couldn't speak my penis was shaking like it was going to explode. Get Bambi and come on over,,' looking back at me on the bed Tiffany said 'I'm sure he will keep, I just have to keep my hands off of him,' with that she/he began to laugh hysterically and hang the phone up. Tiffany returned to the bed and started to stroke my penis again saying 'don't worry I'm not going to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you, but us girls are going to have some good fun with you tonight, I know you will enjoy it.'

Made to Submit...6

anal d4david 2018-04-26

Charlie alternated between hunching and grinding into my butt as he sunk more of his cock into my butt hole, that was now well lubed by the spunk Bruce had deposited there. Charlie whispered into my ear...'bitch, you ain't felt nothing yet..' He took hold of my jaw and raised my head aiming my face towards Daniel. Charlie pulled slowly from my anus remarking to Bruce ..'look a here, this bitch is trying to hold on to my dick as i pull out of him.' Charlie pulled out and my butt made a loud sucking sound, Daniel turned from the window and walked over to the mattress.

Exchange student...continued

hardcore d4david 2018-04-23

Omagelia said something in his native tongue and they all laughed, Omagelia translated for me '...I told him not to choke you to death, we want to enjoy you all night...' Omagelia slid his humongous shaft back till only the mammoth head was in my bung hole than would slid the entire length of his man hood back till his pubic hair was pressed into my buttcrack. Omagelia, patiently, slid his huge tube of man meat back and forth in short quick strokes, causing me to inadvertently to swallow the invading penile head. Slowly I regain consciousness and realized that I was now on the bed legs being held up by the two guards and Omagelia penis lodged deep in my helpless bung hole.

Stacie and I...

hardcore d4david 2018-04-23

She popped her trunk grabbed a bag and took my arm saying 'come let's go there, we need to talk.' We walked in silence to Grants Hall, we entered through the side door and climbed the stairs to my dorm room. I looked at her incredulously and asked 'where do you think I can get nine hundred dollars .' She stood and started to remove her clothes saying 'I know about your side business and what a little freak you are, I need your help for this week end and you can get the money from the ATM while I am here.' Suddenly her body started to convulse violently, she bit into my shoulder and gripped me with her arms, hands, legs and feet.

Snatched for a Day...

gay-male d4david 2018-04-22

He looked at me and pushed down his gym shorts and underwear exposing his squat fat penis and demanded ' got a dick like mine, let me see it...?' I slowly lowered my shorts and pulled out my penis, compared to my assailant mine was miserably small. He rocked back and forth till he reached down and cradled my head in his hand and said swallow, don't let a drop of my seed get away...' With that brief waring he released a massive load of semen that struck the back of my throat with such f***e, my eyes bucked as I tried to hold it in my mouth.

Afternoon Delight...

anal d4david 2018-04-22

let's do laundry latter com on we've got work to do...' I took David and his laundry up to my apartment where David asked '...let me clean myself up first...' I countered with '...just wipe your ass, you'll need all the lube you got...' David looked at me saying '...I didn't bring any with me...' I told him his ass hole was already full of cum. I pushed David up against the wall dropped my pants and took hold of my aching hard dick, sliding it up and down his ass crack, to lube the head, I found his budding little ass hole and slid my dick up as far as I could.

Brad and His Cousin Joseph....

gay-male d4david 2018-04-22

You're having fun aren't you.' Joseph looked at Brad laughing and said 'I get to fuck a good piece of ass and get my dick sucked, what you think.' It wasn't long before Joseph let loose an stream of sperm into my mouth and throat, Brad yelled 'swallow that shit, don't you miss one damn drop.' Not knowing what to do I closed my lips around Josephs throbbing penile shaft and swallowed, I swallowed all of Joseph's cum till his penis went limp. Placing his rigid penis on top of Brads and right at my bung hole Joseph pushed steadily till his rigid penis push into my anus along with Brad's.

I Became His Sex Toy...continued

group d4david 2018-04-21

It was close to 15minutes later when the brute pulled me closer to him and begin to take short quick hunches and I felt his penile shaft throb and the warm splash of his semen strike the insides of my rectum walls. His penis was steel hard and his huge penile head felt as if it was the size of a soft ball as it touched my very tender anal opening. The obscene sounds that was being made between Bradley penis and my anal cavity was so embarrassing I buried my face into the mattress and pulled the sheets up around my head to hide my face as I whimpered and cried.

Exciting Sex...conclusion

anal d4david 2018-04-21

I cried out in anguish as the old fart plowed deep into my aching anal cavity, with each and every stroke I could here my butt, filled with the sperm of my young attacker, make wet squishing sounds. I cried out for mercy as he savagely ravaged my defenseless butt.(I didn't know that crossing my legs only enhanced the tightness of my ass hole.) Young bl**d was bouncing in me so fast and deep that I could feel his dick head as it struck the floor beneath us. Young bl**d didn't get up from my prostrate body this time and the old janitor just stood there stroking his flaccid cock urging him on 'that's the way you fuck pussy boy, hit that bitch again.'

I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing...conclusion

gay-male d4david 2018-04-20

Bruce and Daniel both laughed as Daniel pressed his cock head against my extremely tender anal opening. I could not help it, as Daniel's cock head pushed farther into my rectum the pain intensified. Daniel didn't pull out, maybe cause he couldn't or he just didn't want to the grip of my anal ring on his cock. My bung hole ached, with each throb of Daniel huge cock my anal membrane shuddered in pain. Daniel's cock answered my question as I felt his obscenely huge cock throb deep in my anal canal, I was some what relieved. My entire body shuddered and shake as Daniel's cock throbbed in my butt.

I Joined a Gym...

gay-male d4david 2018-04-20

Fred said to me '...I like young boys that like big old dicks, it makes me feel young when I can bust a tight little asshole and hear you moan...' I stopped and tried to step back as Fred gripped my genitals tighter this time he gripped me so hard that I grabbed his hand with both of mine and cried out in pain. I fell to my knees and Glen went to the door, Fred came over and pressed his flaccid penis to my lips and said ''re one good fuck now give me a little head so I can come once more.

A Day With Daniel...

anal d4david 2018-04-19

In pure horrific shock I looked at Daniel, he handed me back my skull cap and said ' ain't going to school today, it's to fucking cold...' Trembling I pulled on my skull cap as Daniel took me by the arm and pulled me back towards my house. Daniel looked at me and tossed his coat over to the sofa and said '..than we better get busy if you don't want to get caught, cause I'm gonna get some of that tight ass today...' Trying to figure away out, I realized their was no way out. Daniel pulled me close to him turning me to my side again and guided his massive rock hard elongated penis to my trembling bung hole.

A Money Making Deal

gay-male d4david 2018-04-19

Ten minutes after he penetrated my anus he shot his load of old man spunk up my butt. He was not as fat as the first but was twice as long 'UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH' I growled as he plunge deep into my butt another one of the guys was standing in front of me and took hold of my head and f***ed his cock into my mouth. I sucked at the cock in my mouth as the smaller guy pounded my butt, some how they both shot at the same time. When the geezer in my butt shot his load Mr. Ronald quickly plunge his hard cock into my butt hole.

Brad and His Cousin Joseph....pt2

gay-male d4david 2018-04-18

Claude crawled over my butt and bust my sloppy bung hole wide open with his enormous penis. With each throb of his penis Claude erupted a gusher of semen till it flowed freely from my ruptured anus. Pulling my head back, by the chin, Joseph slammed into my butt with vengeance till he too filled my rectum with his seed. Brad pulled me to the edge of the bed, turned me to my back and lifted my legs over his shoulders and violently rammed his penis into my butt hole. I slowly embraced Brad and begin to throw my aching bung back to him, Brad moaned and kissed/sucked my lips, I wrapped my legs around his body and surrendered myself to him.

Being Sexed By a Gentile giant....

gay-male d4david 2018-04-18

I quickly reached between us and captured his massive cock in my hand and tried to explain to him that 'we needed something to help you slide up into me.' 'We didn't use that stuff before in the shower or when we got back here.' Good thing I was holding his huge throbbing cock in my hand or he would have tried to enter my butt and probably ripped me apart. Joel smiled at me and whispered 'I don't want to hurt you, I'll take my time.' I loosened the grip that I had on his dick and my hand brushed my butt I could not believe how huge Joel was till I felt his rigid dick in y anus.

A dream come true conclusion

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I worked my way up one leg and down the other, Vanessa cried 'please eat my pussy, don't make me beg.' I placed my hands again on her thighs and parted her cunt lips with my thumbs. I sucked on her clit and worked her G-spot till she once again flooded my face with a massive amount of cunt juices. Vanessa went limp all at once and started to shudder all over, like a man possessed I kept sucking and licking her convulsing cunt. I knelt by her head and slid my cock into her parted lips, Vanessa immediately started to suck my penile glans. Vanessa begin to cry as my dick worked into her sopping wet vagina, after a few strokes I went back to sucking her juicy cunt.

Used and Left Alone...

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A quick check found I was the only one that had not showered, I was told to gather my clothes and go to the home teams locker room and finish up. Indignant, I turned to the wall and finished lathering up, I heard snickering behind me, twirled around to find the very same huge hulk not two feet away from me his penis standing straight out from his body and twitching. I don't know if he pulled me or if I slid or went voluntarily, I found my lips being parted by his huge penile head and a look on his face that was absolutely divine.

Not A Bad Trade Off...2

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Our host came over as I raised up on my knees and grasp my head in his hands and commanded 'suck this dick if you want, I don't care if you fuck them all.' I looked up confused and pleadingly as he took hold of my head and guided my face to his throbbing cock. Holding me up by the hips, my head hanging towards the floor, the gentleman slid his old cock back and forth like a pro. My face was poised directly above the old shaft, I parted my lips and before I could do anything else, a hand pushed my head down.

A Day With Daniel...3

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Daniel slowed easing his huge knob deep into my bung hole, Daniel whispered gruffly '...I want to turn you on your back, put your legs around my waist and your arms around my neck. Daniel raised just high enough to be able to twist my legs around, his enormously huge penis was still lodged deep in my anal opening. As Daniel turned me, with little assistance from me, I was able to glance between my thighs and see his huge black thick penis lodged in my bung. Daniel was kiss sucking my neck and ear, I tried to hold my head tightly against my shoulder but found myself slowly surrendering to his manipulations.

I Didn't Pass Up a Fuck

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Once in side he dropped his sweats and said 'hurry up and get naked we have to hurry.' My butt was filled with Daryl's spunk and very tender, I stripped quickly, he wrapped one of his arms around my waist from the back and pushed me over at the waist. He picked up the pace and began to pound back forth into my butt, just before he filled my rectum with his spunk he pulled almost all of his man meat out of my tortured anus and rammed the full length of his cock into my guts. My butt was so sore and tender, it was a long night as Daryl crawled between my legs and entered my anus and screwed me for the rest of the night.

Freaky Fuck pt3

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Harry rolled off of Shelia's contorting body as she cried out 'NOOOOOO.' Harry was laying on his back as Shelia turned quickly to his prostate body and begin to passionately suck on Harry's massive cock head. As Shelia sucked on Harry's gigantic cock head, it came to life, and lodged in her mouth as it became erect. Harry and I fucked Shelia like this for about three hours, my cock lodged in her ass, as Harry fucked her cunt thoroughly. Shelia sucked Harry till his cock was erect again, this time, Harry reached over and flipped me to my stomach and mounted me with passion.

Snatched for a Day...Hooked on Dick

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He looked at me and pushed down his gym shorts and underwear exposing his squat fat penis and demanded ' got a dick like mine, let me see it...?' I slowly lowered my shorts and pulled out my penis, compared to my assailant mine was miserably small. He rocked back and forth till he reached down and cradled my head in his hand and said swallow, don't let a drop of my seed get away...' With that brief waring he released a massive load of semen that struck the back of my throat with such f***e, my eyes bucked as I tried to hold it in my mouth.

A Friend's F--k

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Sometime later I started to stir from an uncomfortable feeling, I was half sl**p when I looked down to see my legs in the air and Larry licking passionately at my butt hole. Before I could protest, Larry had sunk the head of his man hood into my bottom, I let out a yelp as he f***ed half his penis into wet bottom. My eyes opened to see Larry began to pump the rest of his man hood deep into my rectum. Larry lowered his upper body down to mine, wrapping me tightly in his arms and began to slowly pull his penis mostly out and lunge deep down in to me. Larry began to pump faster and faster till he shot a great load of man juice deep in my bowels.

What Did I do...

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Charlie called out '...I want what we bargained for or we leave...' The door slammed shut and two huge black dudes stood between us and the door Three others stood from the kitchen table and walked towards us, a tall skinny guy emerged from the hall way with a towel wrapped around his waist and said '...not until Browne try the product...' We went into the living room and the tall guy said to the assembled crew '...Browne wants the bitch loosened up, I'm first...' He pulled me to the sofa and pushed me over, my butt sticking out as he quickly entered my bung hole and begun to slam into me with all his might.

I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing...3

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Questioningly I looked at Bruce, Bruce shook his head and said 'David I'm sorry, but Daniel is right, your ass is ours and when ever one of us can get it we have to share with each other'. Bruce answered and said 'for another week at least', 'good', said Daniel after I hit this ass we'll let David call his folks and tell them he's spending the night here'. No', said Daniel 'I just know that every piece of ass we get they all seem to like letting you fuck them. Daniel snickered and said to Bruce 'you done fuck the bitch raw or you just tickled this ass/pussy'. Bruce and Daniel both laughed as Daniel pressed his cock head against my extremely tender anal opening.

What a Foot ball Game I

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I looked at him and smiled, 'sorry I've got to get home,' I began to say, lot's of home work to catch up on.' Mr. Ronald said very sternly, 'my friends think that I was telling tall tales about our little session, if you make me a liar I won't be so nice about you stealing my money.' I stopped in my tracks and leaned into the passenger window 'you sick bastard, you gave me that money for forcing me to have sex with you,' I angrily declared. In the closet, the guy told me to suck him till he tell me to stop and than get on my knees with my ass in the air, and I better really enjoy it.' As i knelt down he took hold of the back of my head and face fucked me till I was slobbering like a wild dog.

Confessions of a Size Whore...

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He slowly worked the foreskin back and forth over his massive dick head and said to me 'why don't you go to your knees and kiss it for me.' I moved almost hypnotically as he continued to work his fore skin back and forth. I stood and undid my belt and slowly lowered my pants to my knees, I smeared some of the slick stuff in to my butt hole and put a huge amount on his massively big dick head. Slowly he slid his dick back and forth in my anal canal, I was moaning from the pain and gasping from the passion as he steadily fucked my butt.

A night at Eugene'...

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I started to stammer that I wasn't watching only to here Billy say '...if I take you back down stairs all of us will have to fuck your little spying ass. Billy said to me '...pinky swear, you suck my dick and let me fuck you and I want tell no one, but you have to start now or I'm gonna call Wayne...' Billy bent me over the toilet and pushed his penis into my bung hole and begin to slide it back and forth till he exploded and his seed dripped down my thighs before he pulled out a\nd had me lick him clean.

The Very First Time...

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I tried to twist my butt away only to heard Charlie exclaim '...look a here this bitch is trying to get my dick in his ass/puss something awful...' I screamed out in agonizing pain and terror as Charlie pressed his enormously huge penile head into my poorly resisting anal opening. Bruce raise up and turned around to see what Charlie was trying to show him, he said '...damn his ass hole is pink in side, just like a real pussy...' Daniel came out of the back, he was as naked as a baby. I'm in his ass now he can't go no where with me...' They let me go and Daniel begin to slowly;y pull back and push forward a little at a time.Sinking more and more of his enormously huge penile shaft and head deeper into my rectum.

All Day Sex Session...

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was skillful in what he was during, once my trousers were down below my knees, he undid his pants and exposed his solid rock hard penis and placed it between my thighs saying '...I just want bust a nut, keep your legs together so I can feel the tightness of your fake pussy.' He pulled from my butt and I stayed still till the last guy crawled up on my back and kissed me in the small of my back and whispered '...turn over, I want you to wrap your legs around me like a real bitch.' He raised up and helped turn me over and lifted my legs up to his waist. He sucked on my tongue as he sexed my bung till he unloaded once again in my rectum and held me as tight as he could whispering into my ear '...shit this some good pussy you've got.

Made to please...

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Bruce took hold of my left hand and guided it to his rigid tool and said sternly '...stroke this dick bitch, stroke it slowly too...' Charlie moved behind me, his stiff toolpoking into the back of my underwear and parting buttocks as he embraced my upper torsos and begin again to twist my nipples. Daniel took hold of my wrist and placed it on his massive tool and ordered me to '...spread that shit all over my dick head, do it now or I'll rip your ass hole wide open...' Trembling I limply let Daniel smear my sperm covered fingers over his enormous penile head.

I Was Just A Sex Slave...7

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As soon as he had finished, he pulled his old semi hard penis from my gaping bung and told me ''...get dressed, I got to get your dumb ass home...' As Charlie climbed on the bed I made an offer '...Charlie, let me suck you off, I promise I'll try to swallow every drop...' Charlie smiled at me wickedly saying '...what makes you think you ain't gonna do that any way. Charlie pulled his penis from my sucking lips saying '...alright enough of that now, get on your back,I'm gonna ride that boi pussy like I want...' As soon as his penile glans touched my aching bung hole Charlie pressed his shaft into my opening.

Marathon Sex Sessions...

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I rented an apartment in one of the small towns near the university, under an assumed name, and placed an ad in a local gay publication for uninhabited sex. It was very simple...'all are to meet at my home no later than 1600hrs on Saturday and would not leave till Monday 1000hrs. At first it was a little strange and quiet till I explained how it would work again. One of the older guys stood and dropped his pants to reveal a very huge piece of man meat that stood out like at tree limb. For twenty minutes he plowed my up turned butt till he flooded my anal cavity with his man spunk.

What you name it...

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About three blocks from the burger joint Brenda turned around in her seat and said 'we waited for you to get off so we could ask you to come home with us and have some fun. Susette moved up and begin to suck my nipples and giggle, Brenda said to her 'you think it's about time?', Susette looked at me smiled and said 'we gonna make you come till we get what we want.' I was more confused know,what do they think I got that they wanted...I soon found out. Susette knelt by my head and feed me her cock while Brenda suck expertly on mine. When Susette entered my anal opening I captured Brenda's cock and begin to suck honestly on to her cock head.

Sex In The Woods...

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I slowly moved to him kneeling before him, I reached out and took his rock hard cock into my hands and started to milk his rigid fuck tool. I gripped the tree and bent slightly at the waist poking my butt out, Charlie spit on to his cock head and worked it into my buttocks. I moaned as I felt the rubbery hard cock head probe my waiting anal opening and begin to work it way up into my butt. Bruce whispered 'guide my dick into your ass', I steadied his rigid shaft and tipped toed up till my anus was right above his rubbery hard cock head.

Sex with a Stranger

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I looked at my new friend and asked 'are they going to be taking pictures, 'not of our faces just the penetration parts, you know when my cock enters into your ass hole.' I thought that I had come to far to turn away at this moment, beside my new friend was stroking his now erect cock and it was a massive size. My new friend moved slowly between my legs, adjusting them the way he wanted them I could feel his cock head rest at the opening of my rectum. He pulled from my body as I trembled from his exit, on of his other friends mounted the bed and rammed his erect cock balls deep in to my open butt, holding my feet he pounded my ass like he was bull riding.

I became a boi toy...

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Jarvis was not returning and Daryl transferred to a college closer to his home, I did manage to get one of the few rooms reserved for upper class man in Grant Hall. 'Sounds sorta boring to me, but if that's what you want, I'll give you the short narrative and see how you like it.' Robert looking my way said 'that sounds good to me and I promise to make it anything but boring.' Laughing Robert stepped under the shower head and started to rinse off. In a hushed voice Robert said 'hi David, want you come in.' As I entered I noticed that Robert still had a towel wrapped around his waist and a pair of pants and a shirt on one of the bunks in the room.

Satisfied Lust

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I finished my shower and dried off, wrapping my towel around my waist, I left the shower room and was walking towards my room when Tony opened his door and called to me, 'David, could you come give me a hand?' I answered 'let me get some clothes on and I'll be right back.' 'It won't take that long.' Tony replied. Tony took moved his hands up to my shoulders and pulled me to him gently working his man meat in my butt, I lowered myself back to the bed I was enjoying myself as Tony slowly and surely screwed into me. I wrapped my towel back around my waist and retrieved my shower kit, I exited his room looking back at him laying on his bed propped up on his elbow and slowly closed the door.

A Session with Horse Dick Harry...

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Charlie's uncle Harry's penis was semi erect and his bulbous penile head was as huge as a tennis ball. Harry and Charlie made me suck his massive member, I could barely fit his huge head into my oral orifice. Gasping for breath between painful thrust I tried to scream as Harry's immense penile head invaded my ruptured opening. My body trembled in agonizing pain as Harry pulled his mammoth penile back to my anal opening and push it back deeper into my rectum. I groaned and moaned as Harry continued to grind his massive ,male tool around my anal opening.

Confessions of a Size Whore...

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He slowly worked the foreskin back and forth over his massive dick head and said to me 'why don't you go to your knees and kiss it for me.' I moved almost hypnotically as he continued to work his fore skin back and forth. I stood and undid my belt and slowly lowered my pants to my knees, I smeared some of the slick stuff in to my butt hole and put a huge amount on his massively big dick head. Slowly he slid his dick back and forth in my anal canal, I was moaning from the pain and gasping from the passion as he steadily fucked my butt.

The Mall Visit...continuation..

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I thought {how can I suck his dick with him holding my leg up in the air} He said very slowly '...brace your self I'm going to hold your leg so you don't act stupid...' He let go of my neck and stepped back slightly as I tried to lick his chest and stomach to his crotch. Quickly he grabbed my hips and pulled me back to his waist causing my hands to slid down the wall as he bent me over, I heard him spit and felt his wet fingers message my bung hole swiftly. All the while his steel hard penis was lodged deep in my rectum, once on my hands and knees he commanded '...put your head on the floor and open up your ass hole with your paws...'

A very strange weekend

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Nimbeou placed his left hand on my head and said ' take my "mshiriki " and nurse it like a baby at his mothers nipple, do as I say, you must...' My lips parted and slowly I sucked Nimbeou's throbbing male member into my oral cavity. Nimbeou came around to my face and presented his penis saying ' will clean each mshiriki that has been in your ass tell it is clean enough to return...' The second guy went to my butt as the other guy pull out and placed his huge penile head against my outer sphincter muscle ring.

Sex Should always Be Fun...

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I followed the instructions and returned to the room, Jarvis and Melvin were both sitting at the table watching a fuck film and stroking there huge pieces of man meat. I grind my butt hole against Melvin's relentless rigid cock head, Melvin was trying to be patience and resisted the urge to plunge his huge cock head pass my outer anal muscle ring. I arched my body to accept more of the tormenting cock in my anus as Melvin slowly worked his magnificent fuck tool in my butt hole. I tried to loop my legs over his ankles and hold him inside as huge fuck tool shot copious amounts of man spunk deep into my butt.

Friends Like These...

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As soon as I had eased the door closed Charlie seized me by the collar and asked '...nobody saw you come down here...' Fearfully I answered '...I sneaked around the building and came in the back way...' Charlie let go of my shirt and started to remove his pants and commanded me to '...get your sissy ass naked and bent over, we ain't got all day...' Willie softly said ' can come over here and suck my dick or I'll tell every one what I just saw...' I glared at him as he continued to stroke his penis slowly. Willie held me to him till his penis begin to deflate and than he pulled me away and said ' dick sucking I've had in a long time.

Daniel's Passion...

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Daniel moaned slightly as his tool entered my moist warm mouth and he said '...that's it, come on now, suck my dick like you luv it, suck my dick good...' Humiliated, I started to cry, Daniel held my head with one hand and stroked his long penile shaft with the other as I tried to suck his ten to twelve inches. Daniel mistook this for enthusiasm on my part and encouraged me saying '...yeah, I knew you would get into it you really like sucking that dick don't you, I know you do suck it bitch, I just might cum like this...Naw, I brought you here to fuck not too suck me off...' and he pushed my head away and told me '...get out those clothes we going in the bed room and have us some real fun.

A Romantic Encounter...2

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Ron laid down on to my body panting heavily as I stroked his shoulders, neck and head, Ron kissed my ear and asked '...was that good enough for you...' I replied '...not bad for a start...' Ron laughed saying '...I wanted you to want some more cause we aren't through yet...' I looked at Ron as I felt his massive tool harden again and he begin to grin his tool back into my well lubed butt hole. Ron whispered into my ear ' wanted me bad enough, now I'm gonna give you all you want...' Whimpering and whining I laid beneath Ron as he slid his thick shaft back and forth his enormously huge penile head stretching my anal canal wide open as he grind and hunched into me.

After a Rough Night Out

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I had not noticed that his cock was protruding from his pants, I felt his stiff member searching for my anal opening sliding along the crease of my butt. The fourth guy just walked up to me and saying not a word spun me around reaching his hands around my waist and taking hold of my cock and testicles, he lifted me slightly off the ground. I decided to keep my shorts off as I walked the paths, every few steps I was enjoying the feel of good stiff cocks invading my neither regions. My butt hole felt like it was raw as Mitchel pressed his un lubed cock head against my puckering anus.

Sensuous Sex in the Shower...

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Joel worked his rock hard cock deep into my butt till his pubic hair was mashed against my buttocks. Joel worked my butt like he knew what he was doing, I felt his cock get harder and stiffen, than with a huge lunge, Joel lodged his rock hard cock deep in my rectum and emptied out his a huge amount of baby making fluids into my anal cavity. Joel pulled his massive cock from my clinching ass hole and whispered in my ear 'sorry about that, I just heard that you let guy's fuck you, I didn't mean to,...but I wanted to from the first time you helped me with my home work.' My anal muscle allowed him in, Joel adjusted my body till he had sunk his huge cock back deep into me again and started to hump me against the shower wall.

Why I am like this...

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Bruce was the first to enter my virgin bung and deposit his seed, lubricating my anus for Charlie's assault. Glancing over at the clock and wanting him to leave before it got to late, I said '...alright, we don't have a lot of time...' Like a dunce I took two strong sniffs of the bottle, I don't know how to describe what happen next but I just had to devour his penis and get him inside of me as quick as possible. Daryl looked at us and closed the door, stripped off his clothes and presented his semi erect penis to my lips saying '...don't stop, start sucking...' The bottle was again presented to my nostril and this time I sniffed without invitation and devoured Daryl's penis as if I was starving for his meat.

Taken Advantage of at School...

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I shook my head and d***kenly mumbled ''re alright, what you want me to do...' He leaned closer and said '...come over here and suck my dick...' My mind reeled but not being able to stop myself I leaned over to his crotch and fumbled with his pants to find his penis. take a good swallow of this, you'll be alright...' Taken the glass in my hand I was beginning to focus on the face of the penis I've been sucking. A voice called out to me saying '...David, David...look over hear, look over hear...' I turned my head to see where the voice came from as soon as my head was turned hard to my right, hands gripped my face and a rock hard penis was pushed into my mouth.

Back Home...2

anal d4david 2018-03-23

Harry slammed into his captives butt till he passed out form the intense pain of having 14 inches of enormously huge man meat pushed deep into his bowels. 'Now get out of those clothes, I want to finish my fuck.' I looked at Harry and said 'you've got a piece of ass already, don't you think you should be looking after it.' Harry laughed 'that ass ain't going nowhere, I ain't gonna ask you again.' Slowly I started to remove my clothes Harry stroking his cock smiling approvingly. I looked down at my flaccid cock and at the poor boys butt, Harry laughed saying 'naw you ain't getting any of that, that's your rise lay your ass across his I'm gonna fuck you on top of him.

A Very Good Fuck

gay-male d4david 2018-03-23

I stammered 'look fellows I don't think, or I don't know what you are planing but...' John cut me off 'like it or not you are our first guest and having gone this far we aren't stopping now.' Ralph turned the music up just load enough to muffle any protest from me to be heard, John took my hand and pulled me to my feet, Micheal came up behind me and begin to loosen my belt. Ralph plunged deep into my bowels and shot a load just as large as Micheal, John pulled from my mouth and mounted me with my legs around his body, John plunged his huge cock into mu anus.

Sex With Strangers...

gay-male d4david 2018-03-21

I turned around as he too went off down the path, I watched him for a little while till I remembered that I had my shorts in my hand. Once he pulled out his partner replaced him and quickly slid his cock into my well lubed and stretched butt hole. Soon he too let loose a stream of baby making juices deep in my by butt and pulled his cock from my gaping anal opening. The guy sucking my limp cock had all of it in his mouth and felt like he was trying to swallow what he had. His partner was standing off to one side as his friend worked over my butt, it must have been forty minutes before he finally shot his load of baby making juice into mt rectum.

Team Spanking...

anal d4david 2018-03-20

I was howling in pain as Jubilee slowly worked his massive member back and forth, each time he would push more up into my bung hole than he took out. He would pull back till only his penile glans was still lodged in my bung and than push the entire length of his member back into my anal orifice. Once he was finished, Jubilee, slowly pulled his penis from my anal orifice and said 'now the rest of you do like wise, no one else will mess up in the future.' Jubilee stepped away as his substance slowly leaked from my ruptured anus, my fellow team mates took turns sticking their penile shafts up my butt or making me suck them off if I didn't want them to enter my butt, some of them did anyway.

Room Mate Sex

gay-male d4david 2018-03-19

Daryl started to push my legs apart as he kept moving up on me, I was still prone on my bed resting on my elbows, Daryl ripped my shorts, making it look like I had on a skirt. He lowered his lips to my neck and began to suck gently on my neck, I tried to tell him 'please Daryl stop now don't do this.' It was too late already and Daryl knew this, my butt was already screwing back to him. When he was rock hard again, Daryl raised up took my ankles and began to pound into my butt like a mad man, his penis head still locked into that inner sphincter muscle.

A True Confession...

anal d4david 2018-03-19

Over the years I morphed into enjoying giving up my butt to any well endowed penis I came across. Then when I reached college, I found out that there were men that wanted to have sex with me and treat me gently allowing me to enjoy the act in it's self. I have lovers that will kiss/suck my nipples till I beg them to have sex with me and those that will suck my penis till they are ready to have sex with me. I don't like to cum before I'm penetrated and enjoy it more if I am not allowed to cum till my partners have satisfied their lusts. I'm willing if there be anyone in the metro ATL hit me up I'm sure that you will enjoy a willing bottom toy.

Sex for cash

gay-male d4david 2018-03-19

with a grunt he finally seated his dick head into my ass/cunt, I could feel my anal muscle slip over his penile ridge and snug tight around the neck of his dick head. He moaned and started to pull back slightly as my anal muscle strained to keep his dick head captured he pushed forward again. I grimaced in pain and gripped the sheets of the bed, once again he pulled back till only his dick head was still lodged deep in my ass/pussy. I could feel his member erupt deep in my bowels, hear the squishing sounds of his substance as t was squeezed out around the tight fit of his dick and my ass muscles.

Willie and Jake...

gay-male d4david 2018-03-18

Willie gripped my head and held me steady as he hunched up into my face, Jake pushed steadily into my bung hole till his pubic hair was pressed into my butt crack. Jake hunched into my butt pushing me onto Willie's penis and Willie released my head and sweetly stroked my hair as I sucked on his massive sex tool. I don't know what came over me, I was like ad whore in heat, I tried to hunch my butt back up to meet Jake's thrust while at the same time suck greedily on Willie's penis. Just as I started to yell, Jake had came around and stuck his slippery flaccid penis into my mouth and placed another vial under my nostril saying '...take a good sniff of this dick scent...'

A Wickedly True Confession...

hardcore d4david 2018-03-17

As soon as we pulled away the he asked me ' you want to go to my place or is it safe to take you home...' I smiled and said '...I'm not due home till late, your place sounds nice...' He returned with a small tube and said '...lay on your back with your feet up...' I complied and felt him smear a substance into my butt crack and slip a finger into my anal opening. He crawled up between my legs and lifted them to his shoulders and slid his rock hard penis up and down my butt crack till he found my anal opening.

An Encounter with Daniel...

gay-male d4david 2018-03-17

Daniel pushed me against the wall and took hold of my hips and pulled them back to him saying '...this how we gonna get started...' Daniel spit into his hand and smeared his saliva between my buttocks. Holding me in this vise grip, Daniel, begin to undulate his waist and hunch his hips as he slid his enormous tool back and forth up into my anal cavity. Daniel turned me over to my back and instructed me '...I want you to wrap your legs around my waist as I fuck you and hold me with your arms till I bust my nutt. With his back arched inward Daniel grind his massive tools deep into my rectum, I could feel his huge head as it slid across the entrance to my colon.

I was Just A Sex Slave...

hardcore d4david 2018-03-17

Charlie came up close behind me and palmed my left buttock saying ' are going to talk to your folks and get them to let you spend the week with us at our houses... I can't be held accountable if they say no...' Daniel lend in and whispered in my ear '...If you knew like I know, you had better be very convincing...our folks need to hear from your folks before Friday. After about twenty minutes Charlie pulled his penis from my bung hole and as I tried to move, Charlie came around to my head and gripped my head and said ' bitch, suck my dick clean.

They Made Me the Team Slut pt2

group d4david 2018-03-15

One guy came and sat on the ledge below the windows, holding his cock he ordered me to 'come and suck on this here dick.' As i bent at the waist my hands on his thighs some one slid their rubbery rigid cock head up and down my butt crack. When the last boy had his cock sucked and he had shot his load Willie came up and fucked me again in the ass till he shot another load saying 'I just like to fuck guys in the ass and I like fucking you.' After that Willie and Brian or some one else would fuck me after each practice.

Stranger on Stranger...2

anal d4david 2018-03-15

As he pulled away he gave me his missing tooth smile and turned to leave as he did so a guy reached out of no where and took hold of his penis and begin to lick and suck on it as if he was having a ice cream cone. When he was finished he stood and turned to me as the guy zipped up his jeans and left, this guy had his penis in his hand sand said softly '...I'll lick you you clean if you let me fuck go first...' Not knowing what he meant and wanting to leave I said ' I've got to go...' he smiled at me and said ' can't go walking around without pants and I just happen to have a pair you can get for a price...'

Stranger on Stranger...

hardcore d4david 2018-03-14

I followed him into the bush for a short distance, he turned to me and asked ' want to fuck or suck...' I looked at his luv muscle as it hung from his zipper and asked '...what do you want...' He reached out and placed his right hand on my left shoulder and his left hand on his semi erect shaft and said '...let's see what skills you got at sucking...' I suck him greedily for a couple of minutes before he pushed my head away and said '...yeah you got skills, let's see how tight that ass is...' I stood and stepped out of my shorts and held them in my hands as he turned me to a nearby tree.

Twinks can turn on you

gay-male d4david 2018-03-14

He pulled his cock back till his penile head was just outside my anus and then he plunged the whole length down into my butt four or five times before he finally flooded my rectum with enormous amounts of baby making juice. Nelson pulled from my wrecked butt hole and crawled up on my chest and f***ed his softening cock into my mouth saying 'bitch suck this dick or you want get no more.' Tears streaming down my face I slowly opened my mouth and gently sucked his massive cock head into my lips. Nelson crawled up my legs and spread my butt crack with his enormously huge cock head, my anal opening well lubricated from the deposit of baby making fluid Nelson had already placed in my anal cavity.

Strange Shower Encounter pt1

gay-male d4david 2018-03-12

Steven pulled Edward to his knees and f***ed his penis into Edward's anus, the poor boy howled like some one was trying to kill him. Steven slapped Edward upside the head and told him 'I didn't want you to thing you were special, so I'm gonna fuck you both.' Edward was straining trying to keep us from smashing him in to the shower floor. Steven pushed Edward down on my back and ordered him to 'stick your dick up that ass,' Edward started to say something, then raised up and slipped his cock in my stretched open anus. Than to my surprise as Steven finished showering and left us alone, Edward dropped down and began to suck my penis like a greedy two bit whore.

The Pizza Hook Up...

gay-male d4david 2018-03-11

After getting over my immediate horror I ask 'just where is this John fella,' the young man looked at me and replied 'he don't work here anymore.' I glared at him and demanded 'than how do you know I am the guy he's talking about,' to my shock he reached into his pocket retrieved his cell phone and played a video. I said to him 'in the drawer you will find a tube of lube, it works better,' His reply was stern 'bitch, I don't want nothing between me and your ass but what I put there.' With that Dean pushed forward and f***ed most of his hard cock deep into my anus.

I had sex with an abnormally formed organism,

gay-male d4david 2018-03-10

Mr. Ronald pulled from my butt and asked Hosea 'are you ready to try and fit that snake in a well oiled holed?' Hosea looked down at me and suddenly the reality of what I had consented to came clear. Hosea was licking me up my spine and sucking at my neck, Mr. Ronald was gently, almost stealthily tying my hands to restraints that were attached to the head and foot of the bed, with a pull on a main cord, my arms were stretched out in front of me, reaching for eleven and two. Hosea's colossal penile head was laying on the bed by his right knee, he pulled his arm and hand from my butt hole slowly, my butt hole gaping open like an inviting orifice.

Two Men Play thing...

gay-male d4david 2018-03-10

Fred said 'watch this and learn something', holding me away from him Fred slapped me across the face twice and said 'bitch boy, stop your fooling around or I'll get tough and beat your little ass'. Brent and Fred begin to laugh, Brent said 'after to day he gonna know what's good for him, some real men dick'. Fred stopped hunching and started to grind his old man's cock deeper into my butt hole. I screamed with all my might from the shock and pain of his violent entrance 'YEEEEAAAAAA, HEEEELLPP,' Brent said 'boi you don't need no help it';s just Fred and I and we gonna help you be a real bitch'.

Am I Hooked On Huge Cocks

anal d4david 2018-03-08

There was a huge long imprint of something that was twitching in his pants, I looked up in to his eyes and he said 'I'll meet you in the parking lot, I'm in the light brown Ford Van.' With that he walked past me and slowly looked around at other merchandise before he went to the cash register and paid for his purchase. As I was enjoying myself, rubbing my anus across Mr."T"'s huge cock head, I did not think that my butt hole was relaxing with each stroke I made across this massive head. Mr."T" slowly turned to his side saying 'let me turn over so I can pull out of you, but you got to stop moving.' Gasping from the pain and panting from not taking deep breath's, I did what he said.

An Encounter in the Park

group d4david 2018-03-08

Daniel said 'look at how those lips are reaching up to get hold of a real mans dick.' With a powerful plunged Daniel sunk half his man meat into my bowels, I screamed in agony as Daniel pushed against my inner anal sphincter muscle ring, with slow and painfully movement Daniel pushed till my butt allowed him to get all the way into my rectum. When Daniel finally pulled from my anus it made a wet slurping sound, Bruce got between my legs and enter my butt again quickly shooting his load after a few minute, Charlie replaced Bruce and rode me relentless till he unloaded a second time.

Vengeful Sex

gay-male d4david 2018-03-08

Carlton flipped out a large blue blanket and spread it across the floor 'if I were you I would be getting out of those clothes before they get torn off.' I looked at Carlton as he pointed to Lucas who was standing with only his shirt on and stroking hie huge cock with one hand. Finally Carlton shot his load of spunk up my butt and rolled off, I looked at Lucas laying on his back snoring like an exhausted bull and Carlton panting like he had just run the marathon. I tried to flee only to have Chuck f***e me to my stomach, Chuck was nearly as large as Lucas and wasn't about to pull his harden cock from my well lubed ass hole.

A Country Excursion for Sex

group d4david 2018-03-07

Buddy said, 'we will wait here it will start getting dark and they will head this way, we just have to stay here so they can find us.' Buddy turned his attention to me as we sat on the grass 'I hear that you like big cocks.' I was shocked and looked at Zachery, he was sitting looking down at his feet. 'Damn Buddy,' Zack said, 'you do that every time I told you to be careful, don't do David like that.' Buddy was humping into Zack's butt with glee, I looked over my shoulder and saw the expression on Buddy's face, it was plain bliss.

Always Taken Advantage Of..pt2

gay-male d4david 2018-03-06

Daniel released me and pushed me gently towards Bruce, Bruce lifted his hands and took hold of my arms. One hand on each side of my face, he pulled me to his rigid cock as it wave in the air and order me to 'suck, bitch.' I tried to keep him from pushing more than his dick head into my mouth, but he seemed satisfied with just having me suck on his penile glans. Gripping my hips, strongly, Bruce pushed meaningfully at my anal opening till his rubbery hard dick head eased into my anus. Once Bruce's penile glans entered my anus he steadily pushed his rigid cock into my anal cavity. I moaned and groaned as Bruce pushed more and more of his rubbery rock hard cock into my clinched butt hole.

Sex with a Star

gay-male d4david 2018-03-06

I sucked on his cock head as best I could with my busted lips, Ron pushed my face away and ordered get your ass out here, NOW.' I shuddered as he roared at me and slowly made my way to the center of the small room. When Ron had lodged his mammoth cock balls deep in my butt, he began to grind deeper causing me to spasm and groan from the pain of having his massive man meat invade me so brutally. When Ron plunged into my stretched anus I shot a huge load of man spunk to the floor, as it hit it made a splat like sound.

More Dicks Than I Needed

gay-male d4david 2018-03-05

I started to think, I didn't want Bruce to beat me or fuck me, I didn't want to suck his cock either. The guys looked at each other and back at me, almost to the one they said 'Damn the sucking, let's get to fucking.' I jumped up and backed farther into the corner. The guy in my ass didn't let up he pounded away like a jack hammer, my eyes were bulging, I was slobbering all over the cock in my mouth as the brute shot his large load of baby making spunk into my mouth. Trying not to puke I closed my lips around his huge cock, he mistook this for me getting interested in what he was doing and pulled my head into his waist.

A Weekend with Jarvis

gay-male d4david 2018-03-05

As I lathered up the cloth and begin to wash his back Jarvis let out a low moan and started to turn in my direction lifting his arms above his head. Jarvis grind into me gently easing more and more of his rubbery rigid cock till he had sunk the entire length into my butt hole. I slowly crawled up on top of him and guided his stiff cock into my accepting butt hole and started to ride up and down on his man meat till Jarvis reached up and twisted my nipples gently as he thrust up to meet my bung as it slid up and down his stiff piece of man meat.

My Transfermation...

anal d4david 2018-03-04

The guy that had his penis lodged deep in my anus was a line backer on the football team, he had hold of my buttocks and was spreading them wide open as he rammed his huge thick cock deep into my receptive anus. As I pushed myself up off the desk he whispered '...come on now and suck me clean...' I turned round and knelt before him and was face to face with his enormously huge purplish dick head. I knew he was too dumb not to be sincere so i smiled and said '...get me his address and ask him what time he will be alone...' Gabriel looked at me and smiled saying '...I told him you would be there about five tomorrow.

There are Few Secrets in a Dormitory

anal d4david 2018-03-04

Gary would lick and suck my nipples as I would hold his head, he would raise up every now and then and slip his penis in my mouth. When Gary had got erect he told Mike 'let me get some of that boy pussy now, before I get jealous.' Mike pulled out and Gary went right to work. After a few strokes Gary turned me to my stomach and began to plow my butt like a farm boy, he had pushed me up on my knees and had hold of each of my buttocks. Gary moved up on his knees and told me to 'fuck this pussy like you want to,' Mike got behind me pushed me down on Gary's back and inserted his penis into my butt.

All Ways taken Advantage Of...

anal d4david 2018-03-03

With each powerful am of his fuck tool into my anus, I was pushed farther on to Charlie's rock hard cock, I was gagging as his penile glans struck the back of my mouth and the entrance to my esophagus. With each powerful am of his fuck tool into my anus, I was pushed farther on to Charlie's rock hard cock, I was gagging as his penis glans struck the back of my mouth and the entrance to my esophagus. '...Open your mouth bitch, you got a dick to suck and you better not scratch me with your teeth...' Bruce pulled my head by my ear, Daniel's huge penile head slapping me across the lips smearing his pre-cum over them.

Freaky Fuck pt2

group d4david 2018-03-03

Harry looked at me stroking his incredulous huge cock 'what you say David, Shelia lets you fuck her I fuck you and she suck both our dicks.' Shelia laughed and knelt down in front of me and begin to slowly suck on my erect penis. Harry told us to get busy on the bed, Shelia laid on her back lifting her legs and holding on to the hallow of her knees 'come David suck this pussy and make it wet before you stick that hard dick in me.' Then Shelia looked up at me, with those Japanese slant eyes, and pulled my head down till we both was sucking on Harry's massive cock head.

Eric and I...

hardcore d4david 2018-03-02

Eric sort of moaned and whispered '...yeah suck that dick like a real bitch, suck it good...' I almost lost my balance and had to stretch out my hand and press them against the door behind Eric. As we listened to the door close Eric pulled his penis from my lips and said '...drop them pants and bend that ass over...' Startled I followed his instructions, Eric spit and smeard it across my bung hole and I heard him spit again and this time his rubbery wet rigid penile head probed my anus.

An Unexpecteded Fuck Session

anal d4david 2018-03-01

Slowly Harry pulled back till only the head of his gigantic fuck tool was lodged in my ass hole, my outer anal sphincter muscle ring clasping on to the neck of his massive cock head keeping it from slipping from it's grasp. Harry kissed my lips again and whispered 'yes, I know how much you like my dick in your ass...' I reached up and took hold of his head with both hands, he just lowered his face to mine kissing my lips passionately. My feet up above our heads, my toes clenching from desire, passion and pain, My body trembling form anger of being used like this and from the lust of having Harry d**g me in order to take advantage of my tight little teenage ass.

Gilbert's Boy Toy...3

hardcore d4david 2018-02-28

As soon as he was finished with his smoke Gilbert pushed my face down to his crotch and ordered me to '...suck my dick, get it all wet so I can fuck your whorish ass and send you home, git busy...' I managed to get his semi hard penis into my mouth and suck on it till he started to harden. Back and forth he rammed his penis as I cried and tried to run away from his punishing treatment all to no avail till he bust another load deep in my bowels and kept grinding into me till he was hard again and start it all over again.

Seek an you will find

anal d4david 2018-02-24

I tried to look on in disbelief and stutter 'What, Where, I don't know what to do, I was told to be there at six-thirty and now I don't have a way to get back home.' The handsome guy said 'come on, i'll let you use my phone.' We started to walk towards the house. The bronzed Adonis moved swiftly towards me and ceased my hands, twisting them behind my back, and tilting my head up, he kissed my lips f***efully. This Adonis fucked deep into my rectum, than began to grind his huge cock deeper and deeper into my guts. With a great plunge the sent the rest of his man hood deep into my butt I felt him shot his huge load.

Sex with Daryl and his friend T-Bone...

gay-male d4david 2018-02-24

Just as Daryl reached down and guided his rigid cock into my anal opening, T-Bone raised up and whispered 'Daryl, you fucking that bitch,' Daryl froze and whispered back 'take your dumb ass to bed, you be dreaming.' T-Bone stirred from Daryl's bed and moved across the room. I could feel T-Bone moving his hands over the bed and Daryl's body, Daryl said angrily 'damn it T-Bone you gonna wake David up.' T-Bone took hold of my head and begin to fuck back and forth in my mouth, Daryl lifted up some to give him room. Daryl said get 'on the bed this bitch gonna do us both.' T-Bone quickly sat himself at the head of my bed his cock sticking up in the air.

Teenage boys are so Cruel...

gay-male d4david 2018-02-24

Fumbling for the right words as I tried to hold back tears I mumbled '...sorry for laughing at you...' as soon as I got the words out of my mouth Ralph slapped me across the face twice as hard, knocking me to my knee. Tears fell from my eyes as I looked up at him Ralph reached one hand out and took hold of the back of my head as he said '...yeah, just like that...look me in the face as I fuck your sweet mouth...' Tears flowed freely as he continued to slide his penile head to the back of my mouth and out to my lips all the time whispering phrases of encouragement to me like '...yeah, be my little dick sucker...don't loose my seed...swallow it...yeah keep doing it like that and I want hurt you...yes suck that dick...'

My Night Visito Returns...

anal d4david 2018-02-23

My heart sunk as it registered in my mind what Charlie wanted, I begin to protest "...Charlie, you was here all night Tuesday, my butt is still sore..." Charlie turned to me and snatched me to him saying "...Bitch, if you acted right that pussy would be used to getting fucked by me. Charlie lifted my feet up to his shoulders and raised up saying '....once more Baby, then we'll get a nap before I go...." I just raised my hands and placed them just at his arm pits to hold him off me as he pounded hard into my opened butt hole.

Fun in the Dark....

group d4david 2018-02-22

As I began to get up some one bumped me and pulled my toga up around my waist and a very hard penis slid up my butt crack across my puckering bung hole. An hand grasped my penis and lips covered my penile head and a mouth begin to suck strongly at my hardening phallus. I was lead away from the wall and a male body embraced me from the rear, a penis slid into my bung as the other body pressed against me from the front. I licked her slit and pressed my tongue into her cavity, she moaned and I captured her clit in my lips and sucked gently till she gripped my head holding me close to her running vagina.

Clothes Shopping...

gay-male d4david 2018-02-21

When I saw you walk past the dressing room in those short pants, your tight little butt sticking out, I wanted to ride your ass like a jockey.' Once Carlton was through he slid his cock head up my butt crack till it encountered my anal opening. Carlton pressed slowly against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring till it parted and allowed his cock head to begin to penetrate. Carlton said 'take a breath and relax, I'll let you get use to having my dick head in you butt'. Carlton gripped my hips with both hands and softly said 'just relax let me fuck you gently, till you get use to having me inside this tight boi pussy'.

Daniel's Passion...3

gay-male d4david 2018-02-20

Not wanting to, but not wanting my arm to get broke either, I slowly knelt before Daniel and quietly said again '...I ain't gonna suck no dick...' Daniel pulled me closer and said to me ''ll do what I want or I'll let Charlie beat your ass and then you still will do as I want...' Daniel took hold of my hands and told me to '...stand up and turn your ass around, I want you to sat down on my dick and ride it up and down...' The thought of his gigantic tool entering my little bung again threw me for a loop.

Sunday morning with Brad...

anal d4david 2018-02-17

Four guys between thirty and fifty came into the bedroom and quickly undressed, Brad told them 'he's a damn good dick sucker and can take plenty dick so have fun.' The first old bastard climb on my butt and inserted his penis and gripped my head and pulled me back as he pushed his fat penis into my well lubed bung hole. Brad turned me to my back and climbed between my legs and entered my bung hole again and pushing my knees back to my shoulders, Brad slowly grind his huge penis deep into my bung till he shot his last load.


group d4david 2018-02-17

You have to show this type of pussy whose boss and make it beg...ain't that right bitch...' I kept my face turned away from looking Charlie in the face as he hoovered over me, the obscene sounds of Charlie's penis going in and out of my come filled anal canal made enough noise to keep the rest quiet. Brain and Nelson stood over us stroking their penis as Daniel went to the fridge to get beer, Bruce continued to rub his penis across my clinched lips till Charlie rammed into me hard enough for me to try and scream. Bruce recovered in time and grabbed my right calf and roughly pulled my leg up till I was turn awkwardly away from Daniel's pointing phallus.

Daniels Passion...4

hardcore d4david 2018-02-17

Daniel took hold of my hands and told me to '...stand up and turn your ass around, I want you to sat down on my dick and ride it up and down...' The thought of his gigantic tool entering my little bung again threw me for a loop. Charlie came closer and pushed Shirley's face up to were Daniel's penis and my bung hole met and twisted her face around saying '...get a damn better look bitch...' Shirley pulled away spitting as she did so. Shirley encouraged Daniel '...pull your dick back and push more of it in his ass hole...look a there how that bitch grip that dick, yeah he wants to be fuck, fuck him b*****r-n-law, fuck him like you would fuck areal bitch...'

Playing with toys

anal d4david 2018-02-16

I did as requested and Mr. Ronald explain what was going to happen 'I bought some new toys and I want to try them out on you.' He produced an enormously huge butt plug, a very thick twelve inch long dildo, and an assortment of rubbers, some that he called 'french ticklers.' Mr. Ronald told me to kneel between his legs and suck and lick his cock, I knelt and begin to follow his instructions. It seemed like an eternity before Mr. Ronald bust his nutt in my butt, when he pulled from my ravaged anus he ripped off the 'french tickler' and immediately plunged his now naked cock back into my ravaged rectum.

A Surprise visit

hardcore d4david 2018-02-16

Daniel cupped my face in his hands as he pulled my face to his throbbing member "...kiss it now and let it know how you miss it..." Daniel pressed my lips to his penis and rubbed my lips over his leaking member, "..see how much my dick remember your sweet lips, now open you mouth and suck it..." Slowly I parted my lips and engulfed his huge dick head, stretching my lips wide as possible to accommodate this huge monstrous cock head. Slowly Daniel massage his huge penile glans around my anal opening teasing me as he went along, just pushing the tip into my bung hole just enough to cause me a little distress. Daniel adjusted my legs and pulled me back to the edge of the bed and begin to slide his enormous fuck tool in and out of my excruciating painful bung hole.

Made to Submit...3

anal d4david 2018-02-16

Finally Daniel stopped and pulled his cock from my lips, looking at Bruce and Charlie, Daniel said 'we gonna fuck this bitch good'. Daniel stood at the window gazing out into the night, finally Bruce turned me to my stomach and Charlie sat on my back, his naked butt on my shoulders, Bruce took hold of my right ankle and bending my leg at the knee pulled my feet back till Charlie took hold of it. Bruce reached around my legs, that Charlie was still holding, and took hold of my shoulders and began to lunge hard into my rectum sinking more and more of his cock into my butt.

Wrong Place...Wrong Time...

group d4david 2018-02-15

Absentmindedly I ran up on a nearby porch and stood there out of the rain, the door to the apartment opened and two huge black dudes stepped out besides me, one on each side. I muttered '...look fellows, I ain't no punk you've got to let me go, they gonna have head count in a little while and I'll be missed. As the two closet to me stepped away the biggest said to me ' gonna get fucked so I tell you make it easier on yourself and suck my dick real good, I might just let the rest of them jack of on you...' As he walked over to the pile of clothes I slowly sunk to my knees and prepared to accept my fate.

MadeTo Submit...5

anal d4david 2018-02-14

I cried out in anguish as Bruce grind deep in to my butt and I felt his cock explode as a powerful stream of his spunk struck the insides of my rectum wall. Charlie's cock was twice the size of Bruce , or maybe it's just that my butt hole was so sensitive and swollen that it seemed that way. Chocking from his vise like grip on my throat and his persistent churning into my ruptured rectum, I let him stick his tongue into my mouth. I submitted and sucked gingerly onto his tongue and Charlie seemed to go wild, Slamming his cock into my butt so hard that I could feel the floor beneath us.

A Day With Daniel...4

hardcore d4david 2018-02-13

My hips ached so much I almost forgot that Daniel's gigantic penis was still lodged deep in my bung hole. Daniel stopped and started again to pull his penis from my rectum, he pulled back till only his huge head was still lodged in my butt hole. Daniel suddenly pulled his penile head from my anus, my outer anal muscle ring cling to his penis milking his huge head as he pulled from my anus. I reached out and gripped the sheets in to my fists as Daniel pushed his rock hard phallus deep into my spread open butt hole. Soon Daniel was panting and grunting as he unloaded another huge load of his sperm deep into my well ravished bung hole.

A Surprise visit continued

anal d4david 2018-02-11

Charlie pushed his forefinger into my butt crack and right up my anal opening, hooked his finger and pulled at my butt opening saying "...damn, this Bitches pussy is tight and hot as hell..." Daniel laughed "... My anaconda feels right at home nestled in this tight little bootie tube..." Charlie was too engaged to answer as I tried to suck his dick till he shot his load. damn man come sit on the bed so the Bitch can service both our main vein at the same time...' Daniel took hold of my left ear and stood up and led me across to the bed and him and Charlie spread their legs wide and ordered me "...such dicks till we are ready to go..."


group d4david 2018-02-10

I could not see who owned the first male member to enter my mouth, but it was long thin and rock hard, it was pushed as far down my throat it could go till I gagged and it was withdrawn. Through tear stained eyes I saw the figure of males rubbing their penis with Vaseline and stroking them till erect, these were members of all the sports team primed and ready for action. Some one cautioned '...get ready David here I come...' I felt the bulbous head of a male member probe my anal opening and press strongly against my weakly restraining anal sphincter muscle ring.

Influence To Particpate in a sex act...2

anal d4david 2018-02-09

With a quick lunge Jerome sunk his enormously huge cock head into my dry butt hole. It seemed like hours had passed since Jerome had entered my butt, but now he suddenly sped up his movements and let go an enormous load of man spunk, that quickly spit from around his tightly fitting penile shaft. Laying there on my back for another fifteen minutes, his huge cock twitching and throbbing deep in my butt, till he had expelled most of his baby making juices. Diving on to the bed, they both tackled me around the waist and twisted me about like a rag doll till I was once again on my stomach with Bruce trying to enter my butt and Charlie trying to open my mouth.

A Ravage Fucking...

gay-male d4david 2018-02-08

I cried out from the brutality of his action and started to raise up, Charlie immediately struck me across the face and said 'Lay your black ass down bitch, now one ask you to move.' Charlie knelt on the bed between my legs and started to rub his rigid cock head around my anal opening. Harry growled at Charlie 'boy get some more of that shit on my dick, I'm gonna fuck this ass, just because it ain't never been this tight before.' Charlie squeezed about half the tube of lube into his hand and started to apply it to Harry's gigantic cock head and my anal opening, Harry holding my ankles up and open like a "V" his huge dick bobbing up and down between my thighs.

Vengeful Fuck2 pt4

group d4david 2018-02-06

James said to me 'you know how to suck a dick, let me feel that tongue around my dick.' I tried to circle his huge cock head as much as I could with my tongue, paying special attention to the underside of his enormously huge penis. Slowly James worked my head in a circular fashion, forcing a little more of his huge cock into my mouth. Pulling my head to his semi erect cock he said sternly 'suck this dick, pussy boy.' He and Blake both snickered as I sucked on his massively huge purplish cock head. When Jame shot his load of man spunk into my mouth, Blake pushed me to my stomach and started to pound his huge cock into my anus.

Used again...

hardcore d4david 2018-02-05

Fear filled me as I slowly walked over to the fence, Bruce spoke hurriedly ' uncle, whose house we were over, wants me to bring you by the house again...'I looked at him and softly said '...I ain't going...' Bruce smiled and said '...have it your way, your folks home, I need to talk to them...' Bruce Uncle stood dropping the towel and walked over to me saying ' know why you are here, we got less than an hour and I ain't got no time for stupid shit...' He reached out and took hold of my t-shirt and said ' get your sweet ass naked and on your knees...'

Can't Get Enough of Huge Cocks

gay-male d4david 2018-02-05

Harry slowly worked his huge sex tool between my legs like he was fucking some whore. I cried out 'UNNNNNNNNHHHHUH, MMMMMMMMOOOOOOMMM,' as harry worked his massive piece of man meat up my butt. Harry was so deep in my butt that I could feel his huge cock head in my stomach. After a while Harry pulled his long, long piece of fuck tool from my butt, I was trembling like a leaf on a tree in a wind storm. Like a sex starved bitch I climb over his panting body dripping man juice from my ass and greedily began to suck on that massive anal destroyer he called a dick. Harry wrapped me in his arms holding my shoulders and pounding his massive man tool deeper into my anus.

A Private Sex Session...

gay-male d4david 2018-02-04

Daniel, Bruce, Charlie and I left Jerome apartment, Bruce and Charlie wanted to take me some place else and continue our session, Daniel wanted to get on with what was left of the day and go make some money(?), Bruce and Charlie reluctantly went with Daniel. I started to remove my clothes, Jerome looked in the closet and produced a full slip and told me to 'put this on and go to the bed room, I'll be there in a minute'. Jerome poised his huge penile glans right over my still tender butt hole and with gentle f***e pushed against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring till it started to give way.

Blacked Mailed Into sex

anal d4david 2018-02-01

Franklyn said 'lay down Paul, I want to fuck this ass, while he sucks you cock.' Paul pulled from my lips and laid on the mattress, spreading his legs I wiggled up between them and picked up where I left off. Finally I had to abandon the cock in my mouth and ask Franklyn 'hold up, man, let me adjust to you slowly.' Paul quickly grabbed my head and pushed my face back to his crotch 'don't talk while sucking my dick.' Franklyn lunged deeper into me I gasped in shock and Paul reinserted his cock into my mouth. Finally Franklyn squirted some more lube into my butt crack and on Paul's cock, with a good push Paul plunged into my anus with an audible plop as I grunted and groan loudly in pain.

Always Taken Advantage Of...pt4

group d4david 2018-02-01

With each powerful am of his fuck tool into my anus, I was pushed farther on to Charlie's rock hard cock, I was gagging as his penis glans struck the back of my mouth and the entrance to my esophagus. Charlie poised his now rigid dick head at the entrance to my anus and begin to push his huge penis head into my, very tender, anal opening. Bruce pulled my head by my ear, Daniel's huge dick head slapping me across the lips smearing his pre-cum over them. Daniel started to rotate his hips as I held his dick head with my lips, I could taste the pre-cum and feel it oozing from the slit of his pee hole...

Giving a Blow Job

interracial d4david 2018-02-01

We, being the visiting team was allowed to use the female locker room and shower. My team mates had showered and left the area I was still finishing up having done my duty sucking my teams cocks. When he was with in arms length he took my hand and pulled me to him and said 'I saw you sucking your team mates cock now suck mine.' He gripped the back of my head and pulled my face to his huge purplish penile head. Just as he was shooting his last we heard a door slam, he quickly pulled from my lips and disappeared back through the door, closing it just as coach rounded the lockers and growled at me to hurry up.

Learning How to Earn$$

gay-male d4david 2018-01-31

With long deep strokes Ronald screwed me great passion whispering 'yeah, this is good and tight, don't fight it, push it back to me,' I tried to do as he asked. Ronald slowed down, 'you could really make some money if you turned over on your back like a bitch.' I glanced over my shoulder and asked 'what do you mean?' With that Ronald pulled out of me reached for his pants took out five ten dollar bills and said 'hold you legs up and let me fuck you like a bitch and that's yours.'

Old men like sex too

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I did not have to wait for he said 'come over here and get on your knees and suck this here dick.' I moved slowly to his cock and knelt in front of him, he quickly took my head and f***ed it to his rigid cock. He grabbed my head f***efully and pulled from my lips, 'you ain't gonna get off that easy, stand up and turn your ass around.' I stood and turned my back to him, he pushed me to the wall and bent his knees sliding his cock head down between my buttocks. He turned me to him and pushed me to my knees and f***ed his cock into my mouth saying 'suck the rest of my cum you greedy bitch.'

A Wild Valentines Day...

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I thought about crying out for help just as my pants was pulled down and the first guy took hold of my penis and sucked it deep into his mouth. The guys penis I was sucking, took hold of my ears and held my head to his crotch as my bung hole was penetrated. His enormous head popped into my anus and as I opened my mouth to scream, my head was pulled down placing half the length of the enormously long thin penis pass my throat sphincter muscle ring and into my throat. His huge head slid up the shaft of the monster that was already invading my anus, I know had two penis lodged in my rectum and the two of them was beginning to saw back and forth.

Seek an you will find

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I tried to look on in disbelief and stutter 'What, Where, I don't know what to do, I was told to be there at six-thirty and now I don't have a way to get back home.' The handsome guy said 'come on, i'll let you use my phone.' We started to walk towards the house. The bronzed Adonis moved swiftly towards me and ceased my hands, twisting them behind my back, and tilting my head up, he kissed my lips f***efully. This Adonis fucked deep into my rectum, than began to grind his huge cock deeper and deeper into my guts. With a great plunge the sent the rest of his man hood deep into my butt I felt him shot his huge load.


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Just wait till Daniel come in that ass, when he get up I'm gonna bust his ass wide open...' Sweat was already falling off of my body and as Daniel continued to slide his penis back and forth he too started to sweat. Mumbling through our lips Daniel said '...give me your tongue, stick your tongue in my mouth...' I surrendered and Daniel begin to gently suck my tongue, it was shortly after that I felt his penis throb and a stream of fluid strike my bowels walls and I knew he was coming again as he held my head and sucked my tongue.

I Was Just A Sex Slave...10

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My whole body was still trembling uncontrollably as Daniel pulled my head back and forth over his immense penile glans causing me to coke and cough for lack of air and the tremendous amount of fluid that was ebbing from the tip of his huge penis. Realizing what he was doing I cried out and tried to push him back '...NNNOOO I CAN't DO IT LIKE THIS...' Daniel grinned and pressed his massive penile head against my very sore and aching anal opening. I had to pull my hand from between our sweat wet bodies as Daniel pressed more and more of his immense penis into my for ever stretched anal opening.

Always Taken Advantage Of...pt5

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Daniel p[laced a hand on top of my head and said to me 'open you mouth and suck on this dick bitch, do it now.' Daniel replied 'bitch, the first time we fucked you, you had no problem taking my dick, and you gonna take it now.' I was trembling so violently that Bruce and Charlie had to grip my arms tightly as they bent me over. Daniel's huge dick head poke at my tender anal opening, I moaned in pain as his massive cock head expanded my neither region to busting length. Had it not been for the copious amounts of baby making fluid Bruce and Charlie had placed in my rectum, I could not have managed to accept any of Daniel's massively huge penis.

A Group Shower...

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I was pushed and pulled back to the shower wall, hands took hold of my penis and worked the foreskin back and forth. Hands gripped my face and lifted it up as a huge penis brushed my lips. The penis at my lips took advantaged and entered my oral orifice and started to work back and forth. With no concern of my comfort he rammed his skinny penis into my throat, my gagging reflex milked his man meat like a milking machine would do a cows teat. I gripped the thighs of the invader in my face and tried to push away from the invading pole of man meat.

Team revenge for losing the meet

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The captain said 'for causing us to loose our meet, David will get sexed by all of us for the next three meets or till we win the next three meets.' I started to argue that I had already fucked the team once and had been sucking them off after each practice and meet. The captain warned 'either work with us or we take what we want any way.' I slowly begin to bend at the waist, by the time I was a quarter way over the cock in between my buttocks found my anal opening and plunge into it with one push.

Late Night tryst...

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I heard him spit and felt him grip my buns and press his semi rigid tool between my buttocks, he slid his penis up and down across my bung hole and tried to push it in. Steve came up behind me and pressed me into the wall under the running shower, he slid his hands around my chest and begin to pinch my nipples as he grind his massive tool against my buttocks. Steve kissed and sucked on my ear whispering to me '...sssshhhh it's in now just relax and let me get all the way in...' My hands were against the wall as Steve pulled me down onto his raising steel hard appendage, I quickly grabbed Steve's hands and held on as he hunched up into my bowels and pulled me down onto him.

I didn't want too...

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Mitchel pulled me across the parking lot with his hand around my throat telling me '...say anything and I'll break your fucking neck fuck boy...' Thomas caught up with us half way across the lot saying '...I fixed the door, but it want hold long. Mitchel softly said '...relax bitch, let me ease my dick up that ass hole, I want hurt you if you let me in...' Thomas unzipped his pants and said '...damn that shit man,. As Thomas stepped away Mitchel whispered '...let me in David, Thomas wants to rip your ass apart, I just wanna bust a nutt and begone, let me in...' I gritted my teeth as Mitchel pressed steadily against my bung hole till my other anal sphincter muscle ring begin to spread.

Trick or Treat...

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I called out 'trick or treat', a huge hand clamped across my face and pulled me into the room, the door slammed shut. He continued 'you're my trick now I'm gonna have my treat', I tried to break free. Just as soon as his cock head entered my mouth, Mr. Bobby started to have intercourse with my mouth. Frantic, I didn't want Mr. Bobby to enter my anus again, I tried to stall, hoping some one heard the noise and would come investigate. Mr. Bobby did not try to be gentile, as soon as his cock found my pucker anal opening, Mr. Bibby lunged sinking half his member deep into my rectum.

Shower Room Sex...

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Giving it no more thought, I lost my self in the art of showering, the warm water cascading over my aching, sweaty hot body gave me reason to relax...That is till two strong hands engulfed my upper chest and pulled me violently back to press against an enormously huge penis. I froze in horror as I recognized the voice to belong to Daniel, I gripped his hands tightly and quickly whispered...'you can't get caught in here, they will send to jail this time for sure...' Daniel answered in a low whisper' get in this ass hole again I'll try it...' Daniel just panted '...that's my bitch, you want this dick bad, don't you...' I said nothing as Daniel continued to ram his extremely large penis deeper into my helpless bung hole.

I almost had it my way

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This time Bruce spoke, 'look we don't like to hit you, I mean we want to, you know.' I looked at them in wonderment and replied, 'no, I don't know what you mean.' I started to leave when Charlie touched my arm 'look man, we want you to come with us we want to, you know, have sex.' When Charlie pulled out Daniel came over and turned me to my back, he straddled my legs and lifted my head to face his mammoth piece of man meat. I tried to get all his head in my mouth, but could only get half of it in Daniel seemed to understand that I could not open my mouth any wider after a little licking and kissing his head Daniel pushed me back, lifting my legs, causing the man juice already there to leak out from my ready anus.

Friends Like These...2

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I stood looking at Willie as he started to pull off his pants and underwear, Willie sat on the sofa stroking his penis starring at me until he said '...take all the time you need Mom don't get ho,me till seven and Jake might get home near nine...' Thinking of no other way to get out of my predicament I removed my shirt and t-shirt and knelt between Willie's knees. Willie stood in front of me and said '..come on suck on the one eyed monster some more, I want it good and hard for you...' I got up on my knees and took hold of his semi rigid shaft and begin to suck gently on his penile glans.

A Careless Mistake...2

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My butt hole was on fire as Jerry worked his cock back and forth, Phil caressed my head and face so lovingly, it wasn't long before Phil grunted and flooded my mouth with his substance. Finally Jerry lunged into my butt a hard as he could and I felt his juices fill my rectum, his massive cock head twitching and throbbing as he emptied his substance. Once he had unloaded another load of his substance, Phil pulled from my ruptured butt hole, he shook Jerry and asked 'you gonna fuck the bitch again or what'. The rest of the year Phil and Jerry would come to my dorm room or meet me in the library and either have me suck them off or fuck them or both.

Dreams Do Come True...contimued

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Thumbs pressed my jaws till my lips and mouth hung open and a huge monstrosity of a penile head was slowly inserted into my oral cavity. I struggled to relax my outer anal sphincter muscle ring, I begin to panic as I thought of how large the member in my throat was and how even more larger was the one that pressed against my anal opening. My sphincter muscles were convulsing, tightening and releasing the huge shaft tat invaded my rectum as I gagged and slurp on the enormous penis between my lips.Suddenly Gary begin to grin deep in my throat and his penis throbbed fiercely then exploded in a tremendous amount of semen that flooded my throat in such volume I could not manage to swallow.

Don't show up the football squad

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Two large blockers came over to me and stood one on each side, I looked at them and asked 'what's up fellows, 'Dale the largest of the two slapped me across the face so hard that I flew in to Darwin's arms, just like I was thrown there. I cried 'please don't do this, it's not right, come on Dale, Darwin stop, please stop.' Darwin was already grunting trying to stick his huge cock head into my anus. Darwin plunged forward as Dale f***ed me back, Darwin's rubbery hard cock head slid pass my outer anal ring stretching my butt hole so wide that I cried out in pain, 'NOOOOO.' I cried out in pain and surprise as another jock entered my opened anus, and started to fuck my butt like it was the end of the world.

Daniel and I...2

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Daniel whispered 'reach back and pull your buttocks apart,' slowly I worked my hands between our bodies and gripped my butt cheeks. Daniel slowly pulled his long dick from my butt, I felt all ten inches slide back till nothing was left in my anus but his huge dick head. Daniel moaned and pulled his enormous penile glans from my butt hole, I let out a long sigh as his huge head slipped from my anus. I pleaded again 'baby, don't go too far, don't get too deep I can't take all of you like that.' I tried everything I could think of to pacify him, I clinched my anal muscle trying to get him to shoot his load again, to no avail.

A Different Kind of Woman pt2

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Tiffany was having her/his self a fantasy come true pumping her/his penis deep into my butt, all I could do was grunt and groan with the ball gag in my mouth. Tiffany lunge deep in me a shot her/his load in my rectum, as Tiffany was shooting into me she/he gently stroked my penis keeping me on edge but not letting me shoot. Joliet asked Tiffany 'come on girl show us how you kept that dick hard.' Tiffany came over lifted my legs to her/his shoulders and began to gently stroke my penis. After Joliet shot into my rectum Bambi reluctantly released my penis from her/his lips and mounted me in like manner bouncing into me till she/he let go of her/his load of spunk.

Savagely Sexed in School...3

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As Charlie pulled and drag me across the floor, the fluid Bruce had deposited into my anus was leaking and in some instances being expelled from my ruptured butt hole. As Charlie held my buttocks apart, I could feel his huge cock head as it poked around my anal opening. I tried to crawl away from Charlie's impaling cock shaft, Daniel and Bruce, each, placed a foot on my shoulders and held them to the floor. Charlie was now slamming into my butt so hard that Daniel and Bruce was having trouble holding my shoulders down with their feet. My knees were aching, from being rubbed raw against the floor, my butt hole was screaming in pain as Charlie's big cock slid back and forth.

Dorm Room Fuck

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As soon as my butt hole was well lubed, Daryl's cock head slipped past my outer anal ring. Clutching on to his cock head just below his penile head ridge Daryl begin to grind deep into my butt. Daryl in a moment of lustful excitement whispered in my ear 'I'm going to breed you like my bitch and fuck you all night long. With an guttural grunt Daryl emptied his testicles of their baby making fluid and slowly grind in my butt till he drifted off to sl**p. We drifted off to sl**p till the sun rose, Daryl still lodged in my butt begin to grind in to me as his huge cock returned to it's state of hardness.

Two b*****rs Sex

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One of my legs was pushed up in the air, Benny's body was pinning down my other leg, his cock head was working up into my d***ken butt hole. Suddenly, Benny's cock head popped through my outer anal muscle ring, I cried out in pain and was instantly aware that I was being fucked. I screamed out in pain as this humongous cock head busted through my anal sphincter muscles and without mercy Benny's b*****r savagely plowed into my butt. He grind a little than pulled from my anal opening and said to Benny 'Mom and Pop went to grand ma's so I'm baby sitting you, fuck that pussy as much as you want, if it's still here when I get back I'll fuck it again.'

Herman and I...

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I moaned 'yes I like this dick, fuck me like you want to, I love that dick.' I tried to brace myself and throw my butt back to him to hurry him along. Herman whispered 'that's it fuck me back throw that tight ass back to me, Damn I love this ass.' I answered him 'you love it, cum in it let me know how much you love it fill me with your cum. Herman pulled back as his penis started to shoot and rammed deep in to me with such power I squealed out 'yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me good.' Herman unloaded in my bung a third time this morning and collapsed on to my back, panting and breathing heavily.

In the Gym with Gloria

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Gloria squealed and seized my head humping against my face, I licked my tongue up into her cunt hole and was rewarded by a small stream of her cunt juices filling my oral cavity. When she finished, she stood and starred me in the face 'tell any one and I'll tell of what you did with the track team today.' I looked dumb founded as Gloria dressed and walked past me, just as she passed she bent down and sucked/kissed my cock head, looking back at me as she went through the door she called out 'see you after the next practice, bye-bye.

Play Ground Sex..

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I was crossing an elementary schools play ground, three guys were there tossing a Frisbee. I started to go in another direction when I heard 'hey, where you going, we headed over to the crib, come on you're welcome.' I turned and trotted over to them, we laughed and talked as we rested under a clutch of trees. I was passed from one set of strange lips to another, being kissed and licked till I was aware that my clothes were being removed. My mouth was alive with their mixture of pre-cum, so much so that it oozed from my lips and around the tubes of penises. On by one the three of them took turns entering my bung hole till it was sufficiently opened and well lube.

I Was Just A Sex Slave...8

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Charlie slowly pulled his elongated thick penis from my anus till only his penile glans was left in side. Whimpering I begged '..Charlie, man if you gonna put it in, put it in...' Charlie laughed softly saying ' want my dick...let me hear you beg for it...' I said nothing as Charlie slowly pulled his penis back and slid it in even slower. Each time pulling his penis back till only his penile glans was lodged just inside my anus, my entire body trembled each time his huge penis pulsated. Charlie rammed as deep into me as he could and I felt his penis erupt and felt the flood of his sperm begin to ebbed from around his thick shaft and my tightly clinching anal muscle ring.

Leon and Chris...first time...

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Leon was a better swimmer than Chris and would oft times dunk Chris into the pool and swim away only to dive under and do it again. Chris swim over to the bank and held on to a tree root, mostly to keep himself from getting dunk and also to rest up and be prepared for Leon when he came in to dunk him again. Leon swim up behind Chris and tried to pull him off the tree root, Chris held on as tight as he could. Chris struggled and Leon held on his penis being pushed deeper and deeper into Chris bung hole. Leon missed took the twitching and flopping of his friends body as being receptive to his penis invading his buddies bung.

Turned Into a Submissive Cock Whore...2

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I wasn't aware but there was a tear that fell from my eyes as Charlie very slowly worked his penis head up into my anal cavity. Daniel didn't look at Charlie, he looked directly at me and said, as he crawled closer and pushed his huge cock into my yielding butt, 'this is my bitch, my boi pussy. Charlie looked over as I looked down between my thighs and saw Daniel's very huge penile shaft and my anal membrane clinging to it as he slowly pulled his gigantic cock head from my anus. With an audible pop his penis glans exited my anus and as soon as Daniel was off of me Charlie scrambled on and rode me again like a mad man till he too flooded my anal cavity with another load and collapsed down on top of me.

Fuckfeast in the gym...

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Daniel and Charlie managed to pull me around the lockers and answer '...look what we have here, another tight ass hole...' Bruce did not even pull out of his partners butt, he just craned his head around and smiled he lowered his head to the back of his sex partners head and whispered in a staged voice '...see I told you we would find you some company...' Daniel removed his arm, I removed my shirts and got on the bench at the head of Micheal. Bruce kept hunching into Micheal's bung as he pulled his head up and said '...kiss him, just like the lezzy bitches you are...'

Herman Returns...With Friends

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Start by sucking my dick, open wide.' On my knees I looked up as Herman pushed his stiff penis into my face and said 'come on baby suck my dick now.' Herman got on the bed and pulled me up to his crotch and fed his penis into my mouth. He cradled my head and sternly said 'suck the dick baby, suck the dick for me.' My mouth was filled with his hardening penis as I tried to comply. Some guy had pulled a chair up to the foot of the bed and nestled my head between his thighs and fed his rigid penis into my mouth.

A Day With Daniel...5

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Daniel smiled at me and said ' quick, get inside and head for the boys locker room. Once we were out side the gym, Daniel said '...head for the path way to your left and don't look back...' I quickly made it to the path way and started to go farther down then I thought. Daniel pulled his semi hard phallus from my lips and said to me ' did a damn good job, now stand up drop your pants and drawers and bend you tight ass over...' I groaned as his massive monster slid deeper and deeper into my rectum till I heard Daniel gasp and stop saying '...damn this pussy is tighter today then it was yesterday...'

Caught in a Closet...2

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My feet was over his calves trying to pull him back from my bottom 'MMMMPPPHHHFFF, CCCLLLAAARENCE', I cried as he sunk his long cock deeper in to my bung hole. Bobby answered 'yeah, but I didn't think you wanted to fuck a sissy in the ass, who you got there any way. Clarence started to hunch his cock deeper into my bowels and said 'Alright bitch, let me hear you, whine like a real bitch, let me know you love it'. I said to Clarence through clenched teeth 'I ain't gonna let Bobby fuck me', Clarence rammed into me as roughly as he could five or six times.

Daniel's Passion...2

anal d4david 2018-01-03

Daniel grind deep into me and finally lifted up his upper torso and exclaimed '...I'm cumming in this tight ass, I'm cumming bitch...' I whimpered as I felt each throb of his massive member squirt and splash his substance into my rectum, the excess of his substance being f***ed out around his tight fitting penis and my gripping anal muscle ring. The girl commented as she stroked Charlie's semi hard penis '...see Daniel's dick is so big that the only way he can fuck is to bust some boy pussy, I wouldn't let him stick anything that big in my pussy...' The three of them laughed as I ran to the toilet and closed the door.

Sex with Gloria...

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He grind a couple of times and then pulled from her butt hole, Gloria rolled off my cock and into a fetal position. As soon as Troy had emptied his load he laid on top of Gloria's bucking body till he finally raised and pulled from her quivering butt. Troy laugh and said 'see the whore likes to be fucked rough', Gloria suddenly grabbed my ankles and powerfully pulled me her. Troy snatched Gloria back by her feet and said to me 'bust the bitches ass like there's no tomorrow'. After fifteen minute I flooded Gloria's butt hole and pulled my still shooting cock from her still gripping anal opening.

Exchange student...continued

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Just as we reached the bed, Omagelia, slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me back to him as his huge penile head pressed against my tight little bung hole. Omagelia stepped back from the bed causing my foot fall to the floor, I was now stuck on the head of his enormous penis and standing on my tip toes. With his hands he reached out and took hold of my head and smeared his tool across my lips as Omagelia said '...see I told you they would come now I have to share my booty with my guards to make them happy...' I could not keep my lips clenched as Omagelia powerfully slid his gigantic tool back and forth in my anus.

Rough Sex...

anal d4david 2018-01-02

Once Corey's cock found my anal opening he lunged forward and his cock head popped past my outer anal sphincter muscle ring and slid deep into my anal canal. I stayed silent, as Corey continued to slide his cock back and ram harder into my defenseless bung hole. Corey said again 'moan bitch or I'll ram your ass till you beg me to stop'. But he kept slamming into me till he finally lunge his cock as deep into my butt as he could and let loose a powerful stream of baby making juices that struck my anal walls with great intensity. Corey gasped, his eyes sort of rolled back into his head as I worked my butt on to his cock.

Just a Story from my Past....

hardcore d4david 2018-01-02

I walked up to him and asked him if he saw how hard I had slapped Clarence, Chris looked at me and dropped his head as he whispered yes. Chris looked at me and dropped his head as he pulled up his pants, I told him go to the toilet and clean your ass up so my cum want be leaking out and some one would find out he's been fucked. Chris sort of sat on his side looking at me tears running down his face, I smiled at him and said don't worry he's an old man he can't last long let him fuck you then go home and sit in a hot tub of water.

I was Just A Sex Slave...2

gay-male d4david 2018-01-02

Bruce got out and walked to the steps and said hurriedly '...come on lets get started, my uncle has to get to work and he wants to have some fun before he has to leave...' You better rest too, he might want to go again before he leave...' Bruce left the room and closed the door, I was trapped beneath his uncle whose penis was still lodged deep in my butt. He whispered '...damn I hate to leave a good piece of ass, but I've got to get to work...' Just about that time Bruce stuck his head in the room and called out ' better hurry up uncle you don't want to be late again...'

What a night...

gay-male d4david 2017-12-31

You got her dicked now, yea tightest pussy, aaaawww fffuuccckk I was starting again Ray shut me up, stuffed my panties in my mouth, it’s 4 in the morning, you be bow legged leaving us in the morning, most of the people will want to know where all that AAAAFFFUUAAHHFFFUCCKK ME DADDY OOHH MMMYYY AAASS FUCK MY ASS, I did my best until Jay long Cocked me, pulling a foot of monster Cock slamming back home. OOHH GGOODD PLEASE let him get use to us, how does your big cock feel along mine damn great, jay said, I was all begs n cry’s, GOD YOUR COCKS ARE HUGE real loud, Ray was slapping my butt with almost 2 feet of cock all the sudden I open some and said FUCK ME GOOD DADDYS.


Friends Having Sex...

gay-male d4david 2017-12-30

The lightening started to flash and I got scared, Willie suggested that we head for his house. Willie suggested that we undress and he provided me with a pair of shorts, that were two sizes too small, to wear. Some where I became aware that the tight shorts I was wearing had been removed and there was nothing between Willie and I but the over size t-shirt he was wearing. I cried out in pain from the dry painful entrance he had made, Willie continued to grind against me pushing more and more of his penis into my bung. You are so tight it wont be long for me to breed your ass...' Willie was grunting and grinding into me, he wasn't being brutal but was decidedly engaged in having his fun.


group d4david 2017-12-30

Nelson pulled away from my lips and went behind me, Daniel gripped my head and said '...come on your mouth and suck my dick like I told you too...' Nelson spit into my sore bung hole and slid his penis deep past my outer sphincter muscle ring, it wasn't much of a muscle ring left. Brain, Nelson and Bruce came over and stood around us poking their fingers at my tender bung hole as Charlie continued to push and pull his penis in and out of my anus. Bruce came over to me and lifted my head as he pressed his penis to my lips and said '...come on open your mouth and suck my dick till I come...I want you to drink my nutt also...'

Daniel And Me Alone...2

anal d4david 2017-12-29

Tell me baby I like it, but go easy.' I muttered 'no I want say that, stop, take it out.' With a massive drive Daniel pulled back and lunged his massive fuck tool savagely into my anus. 'Say it bitch, say what I told you.' Again Daniel pulled back and lunged deep into my rectum grinding his huge cock head against the rear walls of my rectum. With each hunch of his monstrous toll I grunted 'UH,' with each grind of that massive penile glans I moaned 'HHUUUHHH.' Daniel said let me hear you call me, come on say it, say get it baby, say it bitch!' His huge cock head expanding and shrinking deep in anal canal, I was a whimpering mess as Daniel grind slowly into me.

A good weekend fuck session conclusion

hardcore d4david 2017-12-27

I did challenge him by saying 'if i yell loud enough people will come to see what's going on.' 'NO they want,' countered Bill, 'my fellow dorm mates know that I like to fuck rough and would just stand out side the door waiting to see who came out.' With a few more quick lunges Bill pull from my aching anal cavity and said 'I'm through for now, go on where you were going and tell the man that's gonna fuck you to do a good job.' I took one of his t-shirts and wiped between my buttocks and dressed and left his dorm room.

It is what it is...1

hardcore d4david 2017-12-26

Hesitantly I washed his chest and stomach till I finally reached his penis, as soon as I touch it, it spring to life and begin to harden and throbbed., Bruce turned around allowing the water to run down over his body washing away the soap as I continued to wash his back and sides. I could feel his hardness as it throbbed against my buttocks, Bruce dropped the clothe and slid his hands up to my nipples and very gently twist both of them till I started to squirm. Once Bruce had entered me entirely he raised his head from my face and said '...take hold of your ankles and pull them open, let me get this pussy right...' lost in a fog of lust I did just as he wanted.

Chuck and I...

gay-male d4david 2017-12-25

Chuck was pawing me and kissing my neck whispering how much he wanted to 'breed' Trace one more time. I kicked off my pants and underwear, Chuck was out of his pants so fast for a chubby guy that before I could do anything he was between my legs trying to find a hole to place his cock. Chuck was stronger than I thought and as his cock passed over my pucker bung hole the third time he lunged forwarded and sunk his cock head and a third of his penile shaft into my anal canal. Chuck kissed my opened mouth saying 'yeah baby, just like the first time we had sex'.

Just Sex...

anal d4david 2017-12-23

I felt two strong hands grip me and push me to the wall, a voice in deep whisper said 'don't say a word, just do as I say.' His hands fumbled around my belt and let it loose, my pants dropped to my ankles and my assailant lifted my shirt and pulled down my under wear below my buttocks. There was a very rigid Caucasian cock, the voice said 'suck or fuck, your choice.' I turned and bent slightly at the waist, very quickly the light went out and two hands gripped my hips and I felt the rigid member slid easily into my well lube anal orifice.

"I Should Have Known It Was a Sat Up...."

anal d4david 2017-12-22

Miranda looked at me and cooed '...aaaawwww baby don't feel like that, how long it's been since you've had a good fuck..' She must to have seen the disgust that swept over my face for she quickly responded '...come on now you know what I mean, when was the last time you was with a real that's not how I meant it...' I started to protest when Miranda pulled my head and face to her very wet sex box saying '...shit suck this pussy good, so good that my baby can fuck your face up into my snatch...' Hulk spit between my buttocks and slid his substantial penile glans across my puckering anal opening.

I Becamed His Sex Toy...

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My outer anal sphincter muscle ring opened and snapped shut around his penile neck gripping tight to hold his massive member in place. I could feel his huge head as it battered my inner anal sphincter muscle ring and begged him to stop. Bradley said not a word but continued to grind harder into me till I felt my inner muscle ring give and engulf his huge penile head. When I come, you gonna beg for more...' I managed to whimper '...noooo...please stop...I can't....take...any....more...' Bradley grind deep into me and held me tight in his vise like grip as I felt his penis throb and explode deep in my bowels.

A Friday night sex session...

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Daryl, my room mate confronted me and asked 'how can you let me fuck you and you suck my dick like a cock hound, than go fuck some bitch?' I answered 'the same way you can let me suck you dick and fuck my butt than go crawl in bed with some bitch, if you don't like the game don't play on the field.' I went to far with that last taunt, Daryl slapped me across the face so hard that I fell against the wall and desk. I woke up tied to the bed on my stomach and Daryl ramming his substantial cock in my butt. I drifted off to sl**p only to be awaken about four in the morning by Daryl sticking his rigid cock in my wet butt hole.

Satisfying b*****rs...

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He smiled and said '...if you want to see ten inches of hard dick come back to the viewing rooms and I'll show you the real thing...' I watched as he moved off pinching my buttock as he went bay, I looked at the board that had panels of scenes from the viewing room and than slowly eased into the darken hall way. I heard Tobie spit and then I felt his wet penile head slip between my buttocks, just as I was about to speak, Toby pressed hard against my bung hole and his huge head popped into my anal opening. Tobie slid in and out of my tender opening for close to an hour before he gripped me tightly and I felt his penis twitch deep in my bung hole and felt his seed filling my anal canal.

I Was Just A Sex Slave...9

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Daniel pulled back and with a powerful lunge, he pushed his penile glans through my restraining anal muscle ring. I didn't reply cause I knew what he was talking anal muscle rings were involuntarily flinching, flexing, gripping and releasing as Daniel slowly slid his hands down my body and took hold of my hips. I trembled as Daniel held my hips in his vise like grip and begin to slid his immensely huge tool back and forth in my unprotected bung hole. I cried out in fer and pain '....NNNNNNOOOOODDDDOOONNN''''TTTT...' Daniel grunted and picked up his pace, my poor little bung hole stretched and strained as his enormous tool pushed deeper and deeper into my rectum.

Dreams Do Come True...

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I managed to look away just as they turned in my direction, I slowly turned back towards them and smiled and nodded my head and begin to soap up my body. Laying back against the shower wall with the water cascading over the three of our bodies, I was hypnotized in to a lust filled dazed. My hands was gently taken and placed on their two throbbing penis and my fingers tried to closed around the two humongous shafts. A tongue slipped into my lips and toyed with my tongue as another hand positioned my penis and lips wrapped around my penile head and gently begin to manipulate it sucking it in and expelling it out.

Fucking Sometimes Come with a Surprise

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Who ever it was on the other side was at my mercy, I gripped tightly on the protruding shaft and sucked the penile head f***efully.After a little while I was rewarded by a huge load of man spunk spewing from the tip of the captured cock. As the screen flickered into focus I saw that my new friend had exposed his young huge cock and was stroking it from base to head. The stranger knelt beside me and began to slid his huge cock head across my butt crack. Wit a plunged he sunk his cock half way into my butt hole, my legs splayed wide opening as he plunged the rest of his fuck tool into me.

True Confessions...

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I went to my knees when he stopped me and said '...if you're gonna suck my dick then I want to fuck you in the ass, so get naked...' I stepped out of my shorts and underwear and pulled my t-shirt over my head. As I did so he placed his hands on my head and kept me from pulling away till his penis start to throb and he shot another load of semen into my mouth saying '...suck it down, suck all of it down...' Once he finished he pulled from my lips and puttied my head saying ' me in the park every Wednesday by the old bath house...' I wiped my mouth and we dressed and he said '...let me leave first and you go out the back...'

Tied and Fucked

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And not once had Daryl asked me to go any where with him, Daryl had found out that I liked getting fucked and he enjoyed having boy pussy there in the room. Daryl mingled about as I tried to keep myself together, it was some time after two, that a huge hunk of a guy was standing over me. He had his huge dick in his hand and commanded me 'suck this dick like you love it.' With out thinking I reached out an took hold of his hard dick and kissed/sucked his rubbery penile head. My butt was so tender, that as soon as I came to my self, I grabbed hold of Daryl like a love starve whore.

An Unwanted Intrusion.

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Johnny said 'I think I'll let this mouthy bitch suck my dick some then fuck that ass.' William said 'that's a good thought, get on your knees bitch. I slowly moved to the mat, Johnny took his foot and pushed me down, placing his foot on my throat he glared at me and said 'lift them legs bitch, my buddy wants some fake pussy.' I had hold of his ankle, trying to keep him from choking me. Johnny looked at me and said 'take my dick and place it in your ass bitch.' Sniffling I reluctantly reached between my thighs and took hold of Johnny's throbbing male member and guided him to my bung hole.

Cutting Class and Got Fucked

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One of my legs was pushed up in the air, Benny's body was pinning down my other leg, his cock head was working up into my d***ken butt hole. Suddenly, Benny's cock head popped through my outer anal muscle ring, I cried out in pain and was instantly aware that I was being fucked. I screamed out in pain as this humongous cock head busted through my anal sphincter muscles and without mercy Benny's b*****r savagely plowed into my butt. He grind a little than pulled from my anal opening and said to Benny 'Mom and Pop went to grand ma's so I'm baby sitting you, fuck that pussy as much as you want, if it's still here when I get back I'll fuck it again.'

A Saturday Sex Party...

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Charlie sneered '...I'll let you get away with that for now, latter I'll fuck your ass till my dick comes out your mouth...' Daniel reached out his hand and took hold of my chin saying ' we ain't gonna let Charlie do nothing like that. Bruce and Daniel lifted me from the floor to my knees and asked '...anyone else wants their dick sucked...' Calvin and Shorty Walker said '...can he take two of us...' Bruce and Daniel pulled me across the ottoman and Shorty Walker came behind me and spit into my buttcrack and smeared his spit around with his rigid penis.

Christmas Eve...

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Brain pulled out of me and turned me over to my stomach again and re entered my bung, this time he placed the bottle under my nose and whispered '...I'm gonna fuck you as long as I want. Brain placed the bottle of poppers on the night stand and said '...get busy now and I'll let you sniff some more before I fuck you one last time...'looking up at Brain and at the poppers I had no other choice. I sucked his penis till it was throbbing in my mouth and then he gave me the bottle and after I sniffed both nostrils Brain entered my sore tender bung and rode me like a horse till he once again flooded my insides with his seed.

A Freaky Fuck pt1

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Harry said 'Hi David, you know Shelia, you both go to the same high school.' Shelia answered 'I know David he's in my fourth hour math class, don't look like either of us are going to be there today,' we laughed at the subtle joke. She must have read my mind for she said 'Harry I'm going to let David have first lick of my breast while you get rid of those stupid pants.' Shelia lifted both her breast to her chin and begin to lick them. Shelia looked at me and took hold of my cock with her other hand and said 'you know how Charlie likes to brag about what you and him do so don't play like you ain't never fucked David.

Tricked into Sex

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Zachery, quickly moved one hand to his rigid penis and immediately f***ed his penis into my unsuspecting butt hole. 'OOOOH, Daniel,' I whispered, Zachery said angrily, 'I ain't no damn Daniel, I'm your man know.' Zachery wore my anus out and shot his load up my butt and told me 'damn cuzz, no wonder they ****d you all the time, your ass is tight.' I rolled over feeling Zachery's spunk ease from my butt hole, he was stroking the last bit of man juice from his penis. I reached fro my shorts, Zachery kicked them away and told me 'we ain't done yet, I just wanted to get my second wind, we gonna do it some more than get over to Buddy's house and let him do it too.'

They Made Me the Team Slut

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The shower was still loud with voices as Willie said 'I heard that you are a fuck boy, and you like big dicks.' I looked at him and Brian and said 'I don't know what you heard but I wouldn't believe anything I hear unless I saw it with my own eyes.' Brian said 'you mean like what you saw when you came in the shower,' I looked at him and answered 'I didn't see anything...' Willie said 'alright boys we got us some training to do, watch out for coach.' The rest of the guys kept up there incessant talking and telling jokes as they all were turned in our direction.

Savagely Sexed in School...epilogue

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After the first assault by Daniel, his b*****r Bruce and their distant relative Charlie, it became and almost weekly session. When Bruce and Charlie was having sex with me I could not wait till Daniel took over and ravage me with his gigantic fuck tool. When Charlie introduce me to his Uncle Harry and I found out his nick name, Horse Dick Harry, and saw that it was well deserved, I craved having Harry have sex with me. Over the years since high school and through out college, I sought out huge monster size cocks to invade my anal canal. I never considered myself to be gay or abnormal, I just crave having huge male cocks inside my butt.

Exchange student...continued

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Omagelia slid from under my head and spoke in his native language, the two body guards moved off the bed and glanced worriedly towards the door. I whimpered and tried to relax, "ape" released my ankles and gripped my waist, he held me firm in his hand as he begin to slide his steel hard penile shaft back and forth. Omagelia body guards quickly closed the door and Omagelia lifted my ankles and exclaimed '...pussy not ripped, no bleeding, just loads of cum, time to fuck some more...' The rest of the night the three of them took turns filling my bung hole with their seed till it just oozed out in globs as they entered one after another.

Some Good Sex...

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Dale smiled and said 'what would you like to do, close your mouth or suck this dick?' I was stupefied as Dale raised his hands and placed them on my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. Dale cupped my face in his hands and guide me to his crotch, as his cock slipped across my lips I parted them and captured his splendid penile glans and suck it slowly into my oral cavity. Dale crawled on top of me and lifted my legs to his waist, he whispered 'I want to see your face of as I slide my dick in your fuck hole.' Dale poised his cock head against my puckering bung hole and eagerly pushed his curve cock up into my anal canal.

Toilet Sex...

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My butt was poked up and out, I heard Curtis unzip his pants and spit his rubbery hard wet cock head slipped through my butt crack effortlessly. As his fluid struck the insides of my anal walls Curtis cock would throb so violently that my butt clinched his penile shaft with each throb. As Curtis pulled from my anus I bent deeper and back up to him as he slowly with drew his average size cock from my butt hole. When his cock head slipped from my gripping anus Curtis said to me 'I see why Larry and James took this pussy, it's tight and good'. Curtis took some toilet paper and wiped his cock zipping up his pants he exited the stall and left the toilet.

A Very True Tale....

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Don't you know that was very disrespectful and rude, what you just did...' I could not make out what Chris J said, Benjamin continued ' see how hard I slapped Carl for mouthing off about shit he knows nothing about. '...hurry up and pull your pants up we got get out of here...' Benjamin came out first and stopped just inside the stair well, Chris J. I don't want to have to find you tomorrow and make you suck my dick in front of everyone...' Benjamin went up the stairs and Chris J. started to leave Benjamin took hold of his wrist and pulled him to him and said ''re my fuck toy now, I'm not gonna let no one bully you any more.

The Featured Guest at the Party...

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When I was notice, one of my team mates would do something to get my attention away from the face. I was lead up to one of the bedrooms and my shirt was removed, two of my team mates started to kiss/suck my nipples and stroke my stomach and thighs. Two of my team mates were kiss/sucking my nipples and some one produced a semi hard cock to my lips. I tried to look but hands seized my head and guided me back to the cock in my face. I felt the mushroom rubbery hard head of a cock against my bung hole, I tried to visualize which of my team mates were going to be the first tonight.

Drinking is Harmful...

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I think it was Taylor or Bryant that suggested 'let's take him inside my place and have some fun?' Benny said 'we shouldn't take advantage of him like this.' 'Hey he wanted to come out and get d***k so I say we let him have some real fun.' I tried to shake my head no, a huge cock was pushed into my lips and again some said 'suck this.' The voice said 'I told you to suck on this, it wouldn't hut so bad if you did.' My lips locked around the neck of the huge member in my oral cavity as the gigantic piece of man meat begin to slid back and forth in my anal canal.

I Seem to Alway Do The Wrong Thing...

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As we reached the bed Bruce gently lowered me to the mattress and worked his lips down my body till he was sucking my semi rigid cock. The two of us out of breath and panting like dogs in heat, I licked at Bruce's neck and ear lobe as he laid on top of me emptying his reservoir of baby making juices into my anal canal. Once past Bruce steadied his self and pressed harder, my inner anal sphincter muscle ring wanted to put up an involuntary resistance. Bruce whispered into my ear as he started to grind his stiff cock up in my butt 'damn David, this pussy's better this way, it's tight as hell.

Weird Sex With Gloria...

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Gloria said 'I want you both on your sides sucking dick so I see.' Troy and I both took hold of each others cock and timidly started to lick the head of our cocks. She looked at us and said 'while Troy is fucking you in the ass, I want the both of you to eat my pussy.' I looked at Gloria as she sat there fingering her clit, Troy was smearing his cock with some lube. Troy made it to he butt first, Gloria said wait a minute, David I want you laying here under me.' I laid down on the floor as She climbed over me and slid my cock into her cunt.

Trapped by Three...3

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Thankfully he too took his time working his enormously huge cock into my distressingly tortured butt hole. Tears of shame and pain flowed from my clinched eyes as this bastard enjoyed his agonizing torture of my ruptured butt hole. He poised his immensely huge cock head at my anal orifice and hunched his hips forward piercing my puckering fuck hold. Positioning his massive cock at my painfully stretched butt hole he rammed forward into my bowels one more time. As they walked away laughing slapping each others hands as they left me there on the floor of the weight room trembling like a massive pile of jello with their cum running from my savagely sexed anal opening.

Rough Sex Session...

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Once Reggie found my puckering anal opening, Reggie deliberately pushed his huge cock head into my butt hole. But Reggie was determine to get his cock into my butt, with a growling grunt, Reggie lunged and his enormously huge cock head plopped through into my tender anal cavity, I cried out in agonizing pain. Reggie didn't give me time to adjust, he started to grind and sink more and more of his man hood into my butt till he had most of his 9", lodged in my rectum. Finally, Reggie slowed his pace, his cock grew harder and with a few powerful strokes Reggie rammed deep into my butt till he unloaded an enormous huge load of man spunk.

Three teenage boys having sex

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Franklyn said 'lay down Paul, I want to fuck this ass, while he sucks you cock.' Paul pulled from my lips and laid on the mattress, spreading his legs I wiggled up between them and picked up where I left off. Finally I had to abandon the cock in my mouth and ask Franklyn 'hold up, man, let me adjust to you slowly.' Paul quickly grabbed my head and pushed my face back to his crotch 'don't talk while sucking my dick.' Franklyn lunged deeper into me I gasped in shock and Paul reinserted his cock into my mouth. Franklyn pulled from my anus and Paul tried to push his cock into my butt, I was straining to accept him and he was straining to enter me.

Trapped by three...

group d4david 2017-11-28

I managed to get out of the shower area but in my confusion I made a wrong turn and ended trapped in the weight room. I feared that one would rip my poor little butt hole apart and all three would utterly destroy my anal canal. My body was tied to a weight room bench and some one was spreading copious amounts of a slick substance in and around my anal opening for lubrication. Finally sticking more than one hand into my anus and stretching my poor little hole obscenely in different directions. One of them finally placed his enormous huge cock head at my anal opening and nudging slowly and gently against it.

The Bribed Fuck Toy...continued

anal d4david 2017-11-28

Carl came closer and I could feel his body heat as I sucked Raymond's cock into my lips, Carl pressed the thumbs of each hand in to my anus and pulled by bootie open. Carl now was holding my buttocks, one in each grasp as he pulled my butt cheeks apart and slid his torturous dick head in and out of my anal opening. Benny got behind me and I felt his dick enter my now gap open butt hole as he slid the entire length of his eight inch(20ccm) cock into my anus. After another four or six lunges Benny pulled his dick from my very sore anal opening only to be replaced quickly by Raymond's extraordinary huge dick head.

Four Way Sex...

gay-male d4david 2017-11-28

Harry told Charlie 'get your dick out the bitches mouth and fuck my little dick sucker.' Charlie quickly pulled from my lips and pulled the boy that was sucking my cock around. It was a sight to see, I glanced over at the mirrors and saw Charlie fucking the guy on his back as he laid under me sucking my dick and I knelt over him sucking his dick and Horse Dick Harry with his man hood stuck in my butt. My face was just above the anal opening of the little guy Charlie was sexing, seeing Charlie pull and push his dick into that small frame made me realize how my butt hole looked as Harry maneuvered his deformed dick in and out of my butt hole...

Mistaken Motel Room pt1

anal d4david 2017-11-27

I could feel my outer anal ring began to relax and open, slowly his huge head slipped into my but hole. 'Just fuck me, please don't stop, give me all you got, come on ride this pussy like you want to.' This young hung torturer took hold of both my butt cheeks and plunged with all his might, I could feel his man tool and see the print of his penile head through my stomach. With a snort he raised his head up and whispered 'I am going to reward you for this, you've made my day.' Slowly he began to screw that massive tool around in my butt striking places that excited me to no end.

The Very First Time...continued

group d4david 2017-11-27

I thought I would go stone crazy as Daniel methodically and severely slid his penis in and out of my bung hole. With no signs of mercy Daniel pulled his enormously huge penis back till only the head remained in my rectum and would slid powerfully deeper into my anal canal. As Daniel pulled his huge penis and shaft from my butt hole Charlie was standing next to me and as soon as Daniel was out Charlie, immediately dropped between my parted thighs and slammed his huge penis into my bung. Daniel pulled from my anus and I thought it was over, to my horror, Daniel had replaced Charlie at my bung hole and his penis was raging like an a****l in heat.

How I Got turned into a Dick slut...pt1

gay-male d4david 2017-11-26

Bruce was grinding his rigid cock deep into my rectum when suddenly his cousin grabbed Bruce and lifted him up exclaiming 'boy didn't I tell you about bringing your bitches up here fucking them.' I tried to scrambled away, his cousin reached down and got hold of my leg and lifted me up in the air by one leg. I tried to scrump away his cousin slapped me across the face and ordered me to 'be your ass still or I'm gonna beat the shit out of you and fuck you any way.' I froze as he spit in his hand and rubbed it on his now rigid cock, lifting my legs in each hand at the knees he poised his enormously huge cock at the entrance of my anus.

After Shool Detention...

anal d4david 2017-11-26

'Now kiss the tip of it with your lips, come on now, don't make me wait', I kissed the tip once and as I tried to pull back he gripped my head with both hands and ordered me to 'suck my dick now boi'. I groaned and sobbed through tears of anguish, pain, and fear as that old bastard wormed his old cock into my butt hole 'yeah baby, you know your ass is the tightest boi pussy I've fucked this year. As he pulled his flaccid cock from my butt he said to me 'let me hear you say, thank you big daddy for fucking me'.