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Free erotic stories by djohmari on AdultRead

Aunt Lila

first-time djohmari 2018-11-21

I shook my dick placed it back inside my pants and then managed to get my zipper stuck, so there I was trying to pull my zip up when Lila came out of the cubicle, she washed her hands and looked over my way seeing my desperate attempt to zip up my fly.”Having trouble putting it away” she said with a wicked smile on her face, “Come on let me help”. “Mmmmm” she mumbled, my cock still in her mouth.She pulled her head back, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, stood up and as she did so pulled her dress straps back over her shoulders and turned to walk out of the cubicle, as she did so she turned her head, looked me straight in the eyes and said “Now you owe me one!”.


Which Twin

anal djohmari 2018-11-15

Now I knew from the position we were in Jazz would be able to see my cock slipping in and out of Beckie/Robin’s “hotbox” and with the encouragement of “do anything” I thought I’d try something I had always wanted to try but been a bit fearful in case it wasn’t appreciated and stopped my regular week-end fuck. Beckie/Robin turned her head, looked directly at Jazz and said “Your brother is one great fuck and when he comes you can lick his cum and my juices from my pussy”. “No it was a lot better feeling than I expected” Beckie said “Julie Dunstall likes cock up her arse but me and Robin have spoken about it but never really thought about it much, now I’ve sampled a little bit of anal I wouldn’t mind a go if you want to try but you’ll have to be gentle!”.

Meeting Melanie

first-time djohmari 2018-10-29

  I regularly went around and spent time in the evening either in conversation with Melanie, Ann & Richard over tea or we would watch a film on the T.V. Richard didn’t enjoy T.V. so was never in on our telly nights.   There was something about the way Melanie asked if I would stop over that at first I didn’t pick up on, (unusually slow ), that was until one of her girlfriends, on the previous Wednesday night in the pub said something to me with a wicked smile on her face, I didn’t quite catch what she said but I got the gist of her hint. “Oh crikey” Melanie said as she looked into my eyes “ I don’t how many times I can cope with that all week end, I’m fucked!”.