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Free erotic stories by elektra373 on AdultRead

Student Tryst-Wake Up Call

bdsm elektra373 2018-11-28

‘Very well, Master.’ I replied as I started stroking Master’s cock. I bent down and started licking Master’s cock. I loved it when Master started talking dirty to me. Master licked his lips and started stroking his already hard cock. Then I returned them to my aching pussy as my other hand started massaging my breasts. ‘Open your cunt slut.’ I parted my lips so Master could see inside. Only slutty girls have so much.’ Master dove in and started eating my dripping cunt. ‘I know slut.’ Master started tonguing my clit. ‘You’re gonna scream my name like the whore you are.’ Master bit down on my clit hard. ‘Adonis!’ I came hard, master hungrily kept eating my cunt.

Student Tryst-My Birthday Present

bdsm elektra373 2018-11-06

‘Very good, my pet.’ I felt him gently kiss my forehead. ‘Normally I’d scold you for that my pet.’ I opened my eyes and felt disappointment for I disobeyed my Master. ‘Yes Master.’ I felt his hand caressing my back. ‘You may sit next to me, my pet.’ I did as Master wished and sat in the chair. Master gently took my right hand and kissed my knuckles. I could feel Master caressing the hand that he kissed. Master took my hand and led me to the dining room. You didn’t think I wasn’t going to make sure you weren’t fucked like the pitiful girl you are.’ Master rammed his huge cock into my mouth and fisted my hair.