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Donna's Innocent Mistake

group exec1101 2017-12-04

"I know" replied Wendy, "Just wait until I fasten the straps on your legs, you will love how it feels!" "No" whimpered Donna, "please let me go." Wendy smiled at her friend, "Relax, I am just getting you prepared for the party tomorrow night." Wendy opened the belt and pulled down the zipper on Donna's white shorts. Wendy would like Donna's clit back and forth six or seven times and then stop to look up at her victim and say, "You dirty little whore, you love me eating your nasty pussy! Donna only let Andrew's cock out of her mouth for a second to cry out, "EAT MY PUSSY YOU NASTY FUCKING SLUT!" Wendy loved hearing Donna call her dirty names, knowing that her corruption of her young neighbor was complete.