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Free erotic stories by fun_tracy on AdultRead

Dirty Old Man

interracial fun_tracy 2018-09-30

I've sucked on a cock before but never had I got into and enjoyed it like that, also I'd never had a guy cum on my face before and I'd thought nothing of it when Mr Garfy spunked all over me. But before long the thought was back in my head and I was daydreaming again about Mr Garfy's cock in my mouth, licking, sucking on it and enjoying it. Mr Garfy took hold of his cock and began gently wanking it as I carried on sucking and licking his balls. I closed my eyes and gave into the temptation, "Mr Garfy, I want your big black cock, I want to suck it, I want your cum on my face again."



interracial fun_tracy 2018-08-29

Bernard grabbed my blonde hair in one hand and held it up out the way as he looked and watched as I sucked eagerly and enjoyably on his cock. Finally I stopped writhing on his cock, I looked back at Bernard, a massive smile on his face, he winked at me and then began to fuck me hard and fast. My blonde hair all over my face as I threw my head back, he put a hand over my mouth again as I began to shake and shudder on his cock again as another orgasm ripped through my body, my pulsing pussy milking his cock and this time he came hard, his cock throbbing and unloading deep inside my white pussy, he kept thrusting and cumming deep inside me.


Nice New Neighbour

interracial fun_tracy 2018-08-14

He was grunting and groaning more and more and more until he pulled his cock out of my pussy and held the end of it and stood over me and jerked it forward, a long stream of thick spunk flew out of his cock and splattered in between my eyes making me flinch, another stream flew straight into my open mouth and another, another splattered my right cheeks, another hit my forehead, another landing in my hair, two spurts covered my tits rolling down the side in between my tits, he was still wanking furiously cum flying over my face and tits, I could feel cum running all over my face and neck and landing on my tits.

A Website Meeting

interracial fun_tracy 2018-07-11

I stood up kissing my way up his toned body and turned around and put one hand on the open doorway and reached back and took his cock and put it between my legs and rubbed it against my thong clad pussy, he didn't need asking twice! He held me there as I felt his cock throbbing inside me, it was enough to tip me over the edge and without moving I came all over his cock, my moans and screams escaping out through my open front door, my back arching as my body pulsed, speared by his big black cock. "After an orgasm like that it's only fair I cum on your face!" Dez said pulling his sticky, glistening, juice covered cock out of my pulsing pussy.

Nice New Neighbour Ch. 02

interracial fun_tracy 2018-02-07

The orgasm pulsing through me as I squirmed on his face grinding my pussy into it wanting his tongue deeper in me, running my hands through my hair then down to my tits squeezing them, my eyes closed in pleasure, my moans horny and satisfied. I got off his face and climbed off the bed and pulled him round towards me so he was on the edge of the bed, I ran my hands over his big belly and bit my lip as I started wanking his cock pushing it against my tit as I squeezed the other.

A Day in the Life of a Slut

interracial fun_tracy 2018-01-30

His hot cock entered my mouth and he grabbed my hair at the back of my head again and began to fuck my mouth hard and fast, his cock sliding all the way down my throat until his balls bounced off my chin. "Stay there a minute." And I began fishing my mobile out of my hot pants pocket "Just take a picture for me would you please?" I asked and handed him the phone as I took hold of his cock and laid it on my face and smiled at the camera. My hand clasped around the base of his cock and then went down and gave his balls a little squeeze before I leant forward and licked his swollen helmet and looked him right in the eyes as I did.

More Than Just A Maid

interracial fun_tracy 2018-01-16

Before pushing it open and stepping into the wash room of the house, I take 3 deep breaths and realising I'm shaking a little, I run my hand through my dirty coloured blonde hair trying to neaten it again and make myself look calm and walk forward into the kitchen to start my daily chores for the Golds. Mr. Gold stood me up and caught my vest top at the bottom and pulled it off over my head and stared at my supple 34DD tits encapsulated in my plain white t-shirt bra "Wow, I never realised!" He said, his hands running up my smooth stomach before squeezing my tits together, my hand found his cock and gently tugged at it as he undid my bra, he eased the straps down my arms went for my already hard nipples and squeezed them, before bending down and licking them in turn.

Nice New Neighbour Ch. 03

interracial fun_tracy 2017-12-18

With one hand I squeezed my boobs as the other opened up my pussy and I slid in with two fingers curling inside and then coming out and pushing hard on my clit before circling it twice and then going back in deep, I was in ecstasy with him in my bum and my fingers on my clit, my eyes closed firmly, my mouth open, my tongue flicking along my red lips and it wasn't long at all before I was coming again this time my ass clenching his cock and giving it a good squeeze.

A Little Revenge

group fun_tracy 2017-11-07

They then started to move and I edged back a bit, I watched as Michelle lay on her back across the bed, facing away from me and then Eric came swaggering into view, his hard cock bouncing as he positioned himself between her legs and guided his cock into her. "Just so you know Leroy, she shouldn't drive, this is her third." Chloe said placing the drinks down on the table before going back the bar. My orgasm began to build and I played with my own boobs and pinched my own nipples as I looked at him in the eyes, he got faster and faster and then collapsed on me as he came deep inside me again, this time it coincided with my orgasm.


My First Experience - Blackman

interracial fun_tracy 2017-10-19

Licking it all the way along the shaft until I got to the tip, my tongue looping round it as I looked up at him and took his helmet into my mouth and sucked on it with a smile on my face and a wet thong. He then stopped licking and still holding my ankles angled his big black cock towards my pussy and with a practiced move pushed it deep inside me and began to fuck me as he held my legs apart.


Holiday Whore

interracial fun_tracy 2017-10-18

I went inside the villa and put the food away and then headed down towards the restaurant whilst having a quick cigarette on the way, I stopped at the gate to the promenade and lit up my cigarette and took a couple of puffs and started to walk down the promenade to the café and past the street sellers. "Well then, here goes nothing." I said to myself and stood up and walked over to Ray Ban and sat sideways on his lap, putting my arm round his shoulders and placing the other hand on his muscular chest and looking at his eyes through the sunglasses, I moved my head down to his and give him a gentle kiss on the lips.


Me, Myself and 3 Blackmen

interracial fun_tracy 2017-10-18

Deej placed his hands on my hips and began fucking me hard and fast, forcing me onto first Michael's cock and then onto Leroy's, my big tits swinging back and forth. Leroy then settles between my legs and starts rubbing his cock up and down my sticky wet opening, pushing his helmet against my clit before he pushes deep inside me and begins to fuck me hard and well. "Fucking hell, I've never cum so hard and so many times before." I said breathlessly as I wanked Michael's cock and looked down at Deej fucking my tits and Leroy deep in my pussy and spreading my legs wide.