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Free erotic stories by goldengob on AdultRead

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 02

fetish goldengob 2018-06-02

Stephanie dropped her handbag onto the floor, placed a hand on my neck and pulled me to her, planting her mouth onto mine. She cupped her hand to my cock as the piss flooded out, through the fabric, down my legs, down her arm, and dripped, then flooded onto the floor. Stephanie stood up, walked around behind me, put her wet hand through the fly of the shorts, between my legs and grabbed my dripping penis. I suggest when you have to pee, you sit down like a girl on the toilet, and when you are done, you will think of me and wank until you come in your pants.'

Pregnancy Cravings Ch. 01

fetish goldengob 2018-05-07

I brushed it off as ridiculous at first, but after a week the craving to eat my own poo was so strong, I found myself scooping out a dark brown stool from the bowl without even realising what I was doing. Over the next twenty-four hours the craving returned and grew steadily until when I went to the toilet the next time, I put my hand between my legs to catch the first piece of poo as it came out of me. I imagined if I'd put one hand to work on my little clit while I ate I would probably have cum like I hadn't in a long, long time. A depraved bitch, her arse in the air, eating her own shit and piss off the bathroom floor.

Panty Pusher

fetish goldengob 2018-03-27

'Morning,' Daren ran his hand over Suzie's thigh under the sheet feeling the smooth curve of her hip bone concealed beneath her cotton panties. Flicking his tongue around her hood until he freed her clitoris, he wrapped the soft cotton knickers around his cock and began to wank again as he worked his mouth on her pussy, breathing in the fresh scent of her pussy juices. In a matter of moments, the combined ministrations of his probing finger pressing on the wall between her bum hole and her womb and his attention to her clit, he felt her tense, her thighs pressed together, squeezing his head, he worked on his panty wrapped cock and felt himself explode into the soft cotton as Suzie gushed into his open mouth.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 03

fetish goldengob 2018-03-23

As I breathed and swallowed Stephanie's juices, thinking about Kate's stained white panties, I realised too late that I had been rubbing my cock up and down the edge of the sofa. When I had finished, giving it a little shake out of habit, splashing the last few drops over Kate's face, Stephanie ordered me to get a bowl of warm water from the kitchen and a clean cloth. While I diligently cleaned the come from my pubic hair and the shit from my arse Stephanie told Kate to stand up. I waited, my cock still throbbing as Kate bent almost double, her feet planted wide apart, knees slightly bent, her shit smeared arse in the air and her face buried in Stephanie's pussy while the mistress fondled her breasts.

Jimmy's Clean Sweep Vol. 01

fetish goldengob 2017-12-12

Of course I could also taste her sex on her panties as I drew the fabric into my mouth and tried to pull them own. Holding her arse, I knelt on the wet floor alternately licking out her soft cunt and teasing her clitoris until her legs went weak and she pushed down on me as her first orgasm took her. Tasting her cunt juices, and my own cum and piss as well as hers as she emptied herself into my mouth for a second time was heavenly. Having come a third time she handed me a toilet roll and told me to clean the floor while she showered.

Danny Gets a Cage

fetish goldengob 2017-10-29

Danny looked down into Helen's pale blue eyes, her straw blonde hair splayed over the pillow like a golden fleece. While Danny stood dumbfounded, Helen placed the cage over his cock, squeezed his balls in there too and wrapped one pair of chains around his waist. After an interminably long time, his tongue aching almost as much as his punished cock he felt Helen's thighs clamp his head in a vice-like grip. He sucked on her nub of a clit as hard as he could whilst stroking the end of it with his tongue until she exploded her come all over his face. As his cock slid slowly from her hole, Helen turned, grabbed the cage and clamped it back onto his dick.