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Free erotic stories by gubica on AdultRead

Having My Way - Chapter 19

bdsm gubica 2018-12-04

I wanted to ask him to remove the vibrators, but, before I could, I felt him reach between our bodies and pull the one from my ass. Oh, the pain was bad when he removed the clamp, but that was very soon replaced with the drawing pleasure I felt as he sucked it deep into his mouth. He squeezed my breasts together and went from nipple to nipple with light kisses that made me giggle just from the sheer thought of him. I heard the bed covers rustle as he moved to the side of the bed. He removed the cuff from my right wrist and kissed the back of my hand as he moved my hand to my body. Again I heard him move around the bed and felt him release my left wrist and after kissing it, he moved it to my side.

Having My Way...Part15

bdsm gubica 2018-12-04

I jumped when I felt something cold being laid across my pussy lips and realized it was the chain. He brought it to my lips and as he ran it across them, I opened my mouth to allow the chain to fall in. I closed my mouth around the chain as he gradually pulled it past my lips. I heard and felt him fasten one end of the chain to the ring attached to my collar. He gave it a little pull as he bent down to seal my mouth with his as his tongue separated my lips to dance with mine. My body shuddered as I felt his lips close around my right nipple.

My Initiation-Part 4

voyeur gubica 2018-12-03

I started out watching the rooms of the girls I had to collect the panties off so I could learn when was the best time to try to steal them. Hiding outside the window, I watched the assistant dean of the college, on his knees in front of the dorm mother, who had her legs spread wide for him. I watched as Dave got on his hands and knees. I was close enough to hear her breathing increase as Dave's tongue started at the opening to her pussy and lick up to her mound.  This seemed to make Dave feel more confident in what he was doing because he buried his face in her pussy and I could imagine his tongue going deep inside her.

Having My Way...Part 13

bdsm gubica 2018-12-03

He had his right hand on my left breast and I felt him gently squeeze it once in a while. Every time he moved I felt either his cock shift against my leg or his hand squeeze or rub my breast. I felt the walls of my pussy spasm and I tried to will my body to build to the point that I could force myself to cum again. His kiss silenced the moans that tried to escape from my mouth. My lower body thrust up trying to slip his cock into my cunt. I felt his right hand leave my breast, His body shifted as I felt him put the head of his cock against the opening to my cunt.

Having My Way...Part11

bdsm gubica 2018-12-02

Then I felt him climb off the bed and I heard the drawer of the night stand open. He broke the kiss and I heard a cap being opened and I recognized it as my lotion bottle. I heard him set the bottle down and he began to trace designs through the lotion with his fingers. Then his hand passed between my legs and I felt the slippery feeling as he worked the lotion onto my outer lips, down my slit to my hips, then back up again to my mound. As his hand moved up and down my slit, his fingers worked deeper and deeper between the lips. I wanted to thrust my body against his fingers and felt frustrated that he held me down.

My Initiation-Part13

voyeur gubica 2018-12-02

The sub had her legs bent and on the bed, spread wide, her pussy lips partially open. The dom took the chain and put it to the lips of the sub who took it in her mouth. The dom went over to the night stand and picked out some things and went back to the spread legs of her sub. The dom had put clamps on the subs inner pussy lips which were fastened to clothespins which were clamped to some skin on her inner thighs. "Remember, don't scream, and don't cum till I say you can," the dom ordered, as she pushed the fake cock deep into the subs pussy.

My Initiation-Part 9

voyeur gubica 2018-12-01

The Dom reached out, took the subs breasts in her hands, what could fit and squeezed hard. Then the Dom took hold of her nipples and pinched them, it looked like she was squeezing them flat. She walked over to the other girl, hefted one breast and put the nipple into her mouth. The Dom reached out to flick the clamps, making the breasts shake. Then she took the chain and pulled slowly till I saw the sub try to arch her back out to ease the pressure of having her nipples pulled. The Dom kept pulling and pulling very slowly till I saw the nipples stretch as the breasts were pulled.

My Initiation-Part 1

voyeur gubica 2018-12-01

I had to go through the window, get the panties of the girl or girls depending on how many were in that room, label who it belonged to, and get back out before getting caught. I knew when they took their showers because I watched them undress in their rooms and walk out the door with their towel in their hands. I got to watch some of them dry their hair when they got back to their rooms and most of them did it naked. I got to see a couple of girls wrestle naked on the bed after one of them came back, passed the one that was drying her hair, and she got a swat on her naked ass from the other.

My Initiation-Part 3

voyeur gubica 2018-11-30

I got to watch a lot of what goes on behind closed doors from my car, or the trees in front of the upper windows. From my position at the window, I was watching the dorm mother undress when I saw her get up and go to the door. The dorm mother pulled her robe tighter around her as she moved back to sit on the bed. He got down on his knees, put his head to the ground, his ass in the air, and he kissed her shoes. Satisfied he was doing as she wanted, she reached up with both hands to grab his nipples. He winced ever so slightly, but he did as he was told. She pinched his nipples and pulled them as she backed up.

Her First Arrest-Part 7

bdsm gubica 2018-11-29

He started to moan when she gently grabbed his balls and started to massage them, while her mouth did the same to his cock. On her knees between his legs, she felt the bed move as he began to rock back and forth. She started to suck his cock deeper, taking her mouth all the way down to the ring and back to the tip. When she was ready, she released the latch on the ring around his cock but kept the strap in place around his balls. She was able to regulate how much and how fast he would cum. As she sucked his cock hard and deep, she released the strap just a little to allow his honey to flow.

Her First Arrest-Part 5

bdsm gubica 2018-11-29

Then, as she fingered her way under his waist band to touch the tip of his cock, she felt his body go rigid. Adjusting the straps that held his ankles, she was able to pull his legs apart to fasten the rope to the corners of the bed.  She repeated it over and over as she watched him turn his head from right to left, his mouth open in a silent moan.  She waited till he took time to watch what she was doing, then she bent down and kissed the tip. She used her tongue to flick across the tip, then lick around the ridge.The guttural sound he made when she took the tip of his cock in between her lips made her instantly moist.

One Lust Filled Night-Part15

group gubica 2018-11-28

All I know is I felt my body explode in waves of spasms, one after another, as my juices finally flowed over David's cock. Next, I heard Becky scream right before I tasted her as her pussy tightened on my tongue, and I tasted her nectar as it flowed into my mouth. The three of us came long and hard until I felt extra weight on my body as David collapsed on top of me, his cock still buried inside of me. Becky opened the door and we went inside to surprise David in the shower. He looked up at us and we smiled at him as we turned around and bent over, spreading our legs wide open to give him enough room to wash our pussies.

Her First Arrest-Part 11

bdsm gubica 2018-11-28

His fingers wiggling in her pussy relaxed her enough for him to push past the opening and deep into her ass. She bit her lower lip as his fingers worked between her pussy lips, pushing down the sheath that protected her bud, and proceeded to rub and tease the spot she needed touched. Her pussy walls spasmed against his fingers, clamping down, as her body finally released. Before she finished, he pulled his fingers out of her pussy, positioned his cock at the entrance, grabbed hold of her hips for leverage, and thrust deep inside of her. Then one final thrust and she felt the heat of his cum inside her and her body released one more time to meet his.

The Towel-Part 10

group gubica 2018-11-26

As Mary held my hands over my head and trapped my mouth with hers, John raised my legs to his shoulders as he put his cock deep into my cunt. Even though Mary was smothering me with the deepest kiss I have every had, I still moaned as I felt John erupt inside me which was soon followed by my own explosion. John was holding my legs and I was trapped in a viscious circle of feelings I could not control. Using my tongue I attacked her clit first, then as I felt her body go ridged, I ran my tongue deep into her pussy. I felt John pull his cock out of my pussy as Mary climbed down from the table.

One Lust Filled Night-Part8

group gubica 2018-11-26

I knew from the angle of the bed to the door that he had a good view of my open pussy. I noticed David kept looking back and forth from Becky to me. David straightened up, uncrossed his arms and walked over to Becky. She turned to face him, but he put out both hands and pushed her onto the bed right next to me. Becky reached under my pillow I was using to cover myself and started playing with my breasts. I could not take my eyes off David as I watched him undress by the bed. I watched it bob as he moved and my pussy spasmed as I felt my body respond.

Her First Arrest-Part 10

bdsm gubica 2018-11-24

Why don't you get on your hands and knees on the bed?" he asked with a devious smile on his face. She crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees until she reached the middle. "I want you to put your head on the bed, reach down and grab your ankles, and spread your legs," he ordered. She saw him smile, as he climbed onto the bed between her open legs. Reaching under her between her legs, he laid his hand on her hot, wet pussy. She knew she was very wet by the way his hand slid so easily around her pussy. She was going to object, when she noticed his hand was busy again moving against her pussy and her clit.

One Lust Filled Night-Part12

group gubica 2018-11-24

While she was finger fucking my pussy, she had spread my lips open wide and was sucking on my clit. As Becky started to suck my clit, David moved up on my body and was sitting on my chest. I started to shake my head, but he took hold and eased forward, pushing his cock between my lips. Becky's fingers went deep into my pussy and when she wiggled them, I tried to scream my way through an orgasm, but I could not utter a sound. My pussy was wetting Becky's fingers as I felt my body shake. I felt my swollen clit throb as Becky held it between her lips, her fingers rubbing my g spot, sending me into a frenzy.

My Initiation-Part 7

voyeur gubica 2018-11-24

I decided to wait till after midnight and start with the dorm mother's room first. I kept notes of which dresser belonged to which girl, any words spoken of where they would be this weekend, and the ones that I needed a ladder for. Since the last one was on the ground floor, I stood outside the window and waited till one of the girls entered. She turned around and ran her hands up and down over her breasts as she watched herself in the mirror. Then she took her right hand and lowered it down her body, tracing it lightly with her fingers, till she reached her pussy. As she was lost in her thoughts, her eyes closed, she used her left hand to unbutton her blouse while her right hand stayed busy at her pussy.

My Cabin of Solace-Part 7

bdsm gubica 2018-11-24

After testing to be sure Maple was tied securly, Red handed me the pan of ice cubes and the slender bottles of very warm water. I heard her laugh as she took an ice cube and touched it to Maple's exposed clit. I leaned forward and using my first two fingers, I pushed the sheath back and started to lick and suck her cold clit until I felt it warm and start to harden. I took another ice cube and touched it to her hard nub, pushing it harder against her clit as I did. I felt Maple's legs spasm as her pussy and clit instantly warmed. Red laughed as she grabbed another bottle of hot water and touched each nipple in turn.

Having My Way...Part 10

bdsm gubica 2018-11-23

I wanted to cum so badly, but that is not what he had in mind as I felt him move around on the bed. I felt his tongue as it glided across my pussy from my ass to my clit. The ice was melting and the water was tickling my lips as it ran out of my pussy. I felt his fingers open my pussy to expose my clit. I felt his tongue licking me clean as he took his time inside my pussy and between the lips. I felt his finger as it opened me and slowly dove deep inside my cunt for just a few seconds. Then he moved on the bed and I felt his finger against my lips.

My Initiation - Part 11

voyeur gubica 2018-11-23

From my vantage point at the window I can see the jeweled butt plug between the cheeks of the sub as she was bent over the Doms lap. I watched as the Dom spread the cheeks open to push the plug in real slow. When she moved her hand I noticed it was a rather real looking cock vibrator, and pretty good size, too. I got a wonderful view of her shaved pussy, open to the probing fingers of the Dom. I heard a moan as she inserted a couple of fingers and pushed them deep inside. But the real action came when the Dom reached down to turn it on and I could hear the low hum of the vibrator as it started sending waves of pleasure through the sub's body.

One Lust Filled Night - Part7

group gubica 2018-11-22

I felt her mouth leave my clit only to feel her tongue again running in and out of my cum filled pussy. She lowered her body more, and I put my tongue between the lips of her pussy. She surprised me when she raised up again, then stood over me with her feet on each side of my head.  She moved her feet apart, held onto the head of the bed, bent her knees and brought her pussy to my lips. Remembering what it felt like when she licked me, I tried to duplicate what she did to make me feel so good. I felt her spread my lips with her fingers and as she held them apart, her tongue drove me mad with desire.

My Initiation-Part 2

voyeur gubica 2018-11-22

I watched her throw her head back as she squeezed one tit and play with the nipple with one hand and the other hand she had buried in her pussy. I did have a good view of her as I watched her use one hand to open her pussy lips as she played with her clit with the other. I watched her put her legs up in the air, then start to really fuck her pussy with her fingers. I thought I'd fall out of the tree when she started to slap her pussy as she played. I was in one of the trees getting to know the girl's routines when I noticed the light go on in the dorm mother's room.

My Initiation-Part 17

voyeur gubica 2018-11-21

I almost completed my task of gathering a pair of panties from each girl in the sorority building I was assigned to. I looked at the body of the dorm mother and I saw a volumpuious woman's body. She was sleeping naked and the sheet had fallen off the bed. The lips were full and inviting. Her breasts were so big and full that they hung like melons at her side. I took out the first pair I grabbed, labeled it and put it in my bag. I thought of the other guy doing the same thing I was doing and I hoped he got caught. I laid the bag down and pulled off my shirt as I walked to the bed, my thoughts on those ripe melons and that cunt I was dying for.

My Initiation-Part 10

voyeur gubica 2018-11-21

The sub started to kick her legs out and wiggle that red ass. With her free hand, she held on to the sub to hold her in place and proceeded to slap her ass and thighs with the crop. When the sub opened her legs in protest to having her thighs slapped, the dom aimed the crop toward her inner thighs, making the sub squeal louder as she reached the more tender spots. The dom started to stroke the red ass that seemed to be redder than before. Again, the dom stroked the red ass, then reached her hand between the cheeks to push the plug in a little farther, making the sub moan in pleasure.

My Cabin of Solace-Part3

group gubica 2018-11-21

I just laid there, not fully understanding until she spread her legs open and put her hands up at the corner bed posts. It was made even better when Red brought over another tie and put it around Maple's eyes and tied it tight forming a blindfold. Red flicked her chopstix which was followed by a squirm from Maple. When she let go, the clip hung around her clit and I watched as Red flicked it with her finger to be sure it was secure. Red went to the pile of clothes to find Maple's underwear which she brought back to the bed. Red told me to raise Maple's hips as she reached for the pillows.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 3

group gubica 2018-11-21

All I wanted now was to be in her arms again and feeling that full, moist mouth smothering mine. She reached out her hands for me and when I took them in mine, she pulled me to the side of the bed. Without thinking, I reached up to cup those delicious looking mounds and their firmness felt so good as I started to squeeze them together. Then, I pulled her bra down over her arms and watched as her breasts swung free. I reached my arms around her waist as I started to suck her nipple. I released her waist and put my hands on the sides of her breasts as my mouth found the other nipple and thoroughly enjoyed the taste and feel.

One Lust Filled Night-Part14

group gubica 2018-11-21

I grabbed her legs as she straddled me and used them for leverage to be able to push back against David's thrusts, to drive his cock deeper into my aching cunt. I felt David thrusting deeper and harder into my pussy as my tongue found Becky's clit. I held her hips in place so I could torment her with my tongue as my body thrust back on David's cock, forcing him deeper still. I felt Becky push down on my legs, forcing my knees closer to my chest and my pussy raised to David's penetration. Becky was moaning and trying to move her pussy off my mouth, but I held onto her hips, forcing my tongue to fuck deep into her cunt.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 2

group gubica 2018-11-21

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, as I reached for my skirt to try to cover myself. I hugged my skirt tighter to my body and realized as she came closer, I was backing up. I also realized she was standing over me and looking down at my body. I felt her leg brush against mine and realized she was moving my legs apart to stand between them. She brushed my lips with hers, and I felt my head come off the bed as I tried to follow her lips with mine. She again looked into my eyes, and, as she closed them, I felt her lips meet mine in a very passionate kiss.

One Lust Filled Night-Part13

group gubica 2018-11-20

David was on his hands and knees with his cock buried deep down my throat. She pushed it against the fingers she had in my pussy, and the feeling finally drove me over the edge. My body went rigid as I fought for air and yet, at the same time, I didn't want this sensation of pure lust to end. My body spasmed a couple of times as Becky used her tongue to lick my pussy clean. I felt her body move from between my legs, but that knowledge was lost in the fog of my mind. I opened my eyes when David slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Becky standing straddling my body.

Her First Arrest-Part 9

bdsm gubica 2018-11-20

Her pussy walls were wet and she could feel the moisture run down and onto his cock. She moaned as she felt his cock fill her and push deep past the walls. Her pussy closed around his cock and she could feel her walls contract as if they were trying to suck him deeper. Their tongues danced together, their lips locked, as she lay on top of him, his cock still buried in her pussy. Feeling it grow and spread the walls of her pussy, she felt her lips tighten on his cock as her walls clamped down to massage it with each thrust she made. He was enjoying the wet sounds as her pussy slapped against him, and she was feeding on the moans he was making each time he thrust into her.

Her First Arrest-Part4

bdsm gubica 2018-11-20

After putting her right index finger in her mouth to wet it, she touched it to the tip of his left nipple. At the same time, she kissed his right nipple, then opened her lips to let it slip between them. She released both nipples to lean across his chest so she could take his left nipple into her mouth and suck on it while she tormented the right one with her fingers. While she was poking and playing with his nipples again, she rocked her ass back and forth on his stomach, backing into the tip of his cock. She leaned forward and planted a kiss on each one of his nipples, sat back up, and again using his chest for leverage, swung her right leg over his hips and settled in at his side again.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 1

group gubica 2018-11-17

I let my shirt hang open as I bent over to watch my cleavage in the mirror. Throwing it aside, I started to slowly lower my skirt down my hips. When it was almost off, I turned with my back to the mirror and bent over to watch it clear my hips, exposing my ass. I straightened up, stepped out of my skirt and kicked it to the corner. Standing still despite the music, I slowly peeled the bra away to reveal my breasts and swollen nipples. I felt a chill as the bra material brushed across my nipples. Again I put my back to the mirror and watched as I pulled my thong down.

Her First Arrest-Part 8

bdsm gubica 2018-11-17

"Are you ready to tell me what I want to know?" she asked as she released his cock and gave it a kiss on the very tip. Straddling his hips, his cock resting at her pussy, she put her hands on his chest to balance herself as she slowly started to rock back and forth. Moving her pussy on his cock felt so good to her. Slowly she moved back and forth as she felt his cock start to enlarge under her. You'll tell me what I want to know," she promised as she began to move her pussy back and forth a little faster. She moaned with pure pleasure as his head jerked up to watch his cock disappear deep inside her warmth.

My Initiation-Part16

voyeur gubica 2018-11-16

I wanted to stay and listen to the two girls making love in the bed, but I was running behind again and I had a couple more rooms to do. When I entered the last room and looked at the girl sleeping as I headed for her dresser, I was very glad I did not wait in the last room. I couldn't take my eyes off those magnificent mounds and caught myself feeling my way to the dresser as I watched her breathing lift those globes gracefully up and down. I knew I couldn't take the chance of waking her up, but this was a unique vision and I wanted it to last as long as I could.

Her First Arrest-Part 6

bdsm gubica 2018-11-16

"Are you ready to tell me what I want to know?" she asked as she gently bit down on the tip of his cock. With her left hand around his shaft, she took more of his cock's tip into her mouth, sucking and pulling it in little by little. His cock was very large and seemed to throb as she pulled more and more into her mouth till it was all down her throat. She took her mouth off his cock and stroked it with her hand while she gently squeezed his balls. She watched his eyes go large as she took her hands away from him. She lowered her mouth to his cock again, taking the whole thing deep into her throat.

My Initiation-Part 8

voyeur gubica 2018-11-15

The second girl who just came in, shut the door and just stood and watched. The second girl seemed to say something to the first and I watched as she let go of her jeans, raised her hands and laced her fingers at the back of her head. When she did, the second girl leaned over her and grabbed hold of her breasts, rather roughly, and squeezed hard, which made the first girl squeal but she stayed bent over with her hands on her head.  As if the second heard my thoughts, she reached between those huge breasts and the black bra that held them in place, and scooped them out of the cups.

Having My Way...Part 16

bdsm gubica 2018-11-14

I felt the chain he had attached to my collar being pulled and heard the clasp as he fastened it to the ring in the middle of the bar. Every time I moved my legs, the chain would pull my nipples one way or another, depending on my movement. I let out a little scream as I felt the chain pull my nipples taught. I was concentrating so hard on the feeling in my pussy that I forgot about my nipples. I could feel him hold the vibrator in place as he opened my protective lips over my clit. The sharp pull brought my thoughts back and I realized it was so hard to concentrate on the chain and the feelings of pure pleasure at the same time.

Having My Way...Part18

bdsm gubica 2018-11-13

When he felt me reach the edge, he would pull the clamp that connected my nipples. Every time he thrust into me, he drove the vibrator in my ass deeper and his cock rubbed across it making the vibrations connect my ass and my pussy. I felt the spasms start as I felt his balls bounce against the tip of the vibrator in my ass making it jerk against the walls as his cock drove harder. The little vibrator at my swollen clit made the vibrations even stronger.  He knew it and fucked me hard, driving his cock deep into the walls of my pussy. His deep guttural moans mixed with my screams of pure ecstasy as both of us erupted at the same time. My hands clawed at the ropes and the sheets as he drove into me. 

My Initiation-Part 5

voyeur gubica 2018-11-12

I had been watching the dorm rooms after hours from different points outside the house. I also got to watch a lot of different things going on in the rooms. I had a few more girls to watch and I felt sure I could get the panties easily enough. I had my binoculars so I just waited till a light came on then just started watching. I was finding out what each girl in this sorority really liked to do and maybe could use that to my advantage when I tried to get the panties. He said something and the girls stared to eat the pussy that was forced into their face. Then the guy climbed onto the bed to join the fun while the girls were tied down.

Just Shopping For A Suit, Ma'am - Epilog

group gubica 2018-11-12

"Do you mind if I have some extra help to make sure your suit fits?" she asked as she went to the door. "Now, let's get those clothes off so we can work with this suit," one of them said as they started to undress him.  They did all the work as he was quickly stripped to his shorts. He was surprised, and a little disappointed, when they took the suit and started to dress him. When he felt something against his lips, he opened his eyes and was surprised to find the other woman had removed her shirt and had one of her nipples at his mouth. Thank you for allowing us to make you presentable, but we had to arouse you to be sure you looked good," she said by way of apologizing.

One Lust Filled Night-Part11

group gubica 2018-11-12

I felt the walls of my pussy close on the fingers inside as spasms shook me. I was so mesmerized by the sight of his cock moving back and forth between my breasts that I paid no attention to what Becky was doing until I felt something warm and soft snake its way between the lips of my pussy. David's hips were moving back and forth as he pushed his cock between my breasts. I felt two fingers probe deep inside me as her tongue flicked over my clit. Her lips surrounded my clit and she started to suck it into her mouth just as David released my breasts, grabbed my head to hold it in place, and put the tip of his cock to my lips.

Having My Way - Part 9

bdsm gubica 2018-11-11

The burning hot and cold sensation of the ice cube on my left nipple. He did this for just a little while till I moaned and then he put his mouth around the ice and my nipple and the most wonderous sensation of the cold of the ice and the heat of his mouth made me toss my head uncontrollably. My nipples were so hard and tight I could feel the pressure as he took both at the same time between his fingers and started to twist and roll them. Oh, I wished I could move as I pulled on the ties holding my arms, but the best was yet to come as I felt his lips again on my left nipple and then his teeth as he bit and pulled.

My Cabin of Solace - Part 5

bdsm gubica 2018-11-11

When I brought them back to the bed, Red took the matches and as I held one of the candles, she lit it. Confused, I looked back at Red. She took the candle from me and turned back to the bed. I watched in horror as she positioned the candle over Maple's belly and tilted it, allowing some of the hot melted wax to drop onto her belly. I lit the candle and hesitated long enough to let the wax melt a little, positioned myself about the right height as Red. When I tilted the candle, I watched in horror as more than just a drop fell from the candle onto Maple's thigh.

My Initiation-Part 18

voyeur gubica 2018-11-11

She was well known to be a light sleeper, but I knew from watching the room that she and the assistant dean had a regular date on this night. "Because I like you," she said as she reached up to stroke my chest. "Now, how badly do you want my panties?" In the dark, she reached down and gently took hold of my cock and started to stroke it. I used two fingers and went deep into her pussy. She stopped rocking and her moaning got louder. Three fingers and I went as deep as I could while I used my thumb to find her clit and started to rub it. I got close behind her and rubbed my cock against her pussy.

Having My Way...Part 12

bdsm gubica 2018-11-09

Still tasting the sweetness, I ran my tongue around the base of the head and over the opening at the very tip. I felt him shift on top of me as his cock went deeper and deeper into my mouth. Oh, so slow I felt it creep down my throat as he shifted his body over mine to make it easier for me to swallow his cock. I wanted him to hurry as I felt my own muscles contract as the walls of my pussy tightened and relaxed in readiness for my own pleasure. I knew he was ready to cum and I tried so hard to push my head farther on his cock as he thrust down.

One Lust Filled Night-Part10

group gubica 2018-11-09

My breathing was deep and long as I enjoyed feeling my pussy get wet. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized my legs were being drawn apart. I tried to squirm as I felt a finger probe inside my pussy. My clit was feeling more and more sensitive as the finger that was rubbing it was starting to move faster and harder. I felt exquisite pain on my nipples as Becky and Davit bit down at the same time. I felt fingers slapping at my clit and I could hear the wet sounds from everything that was being done to my body. I inhaled deeply as my pussy spasmed one last time, and I let out a scream that lasted the length of my orgasm.

My Initiation-Part21

bdsm gubica 2018-11-09

She stopped using the crop on my nipples, kissed them each one time, then turned to face my cock. Realizing what she was going to do, I was about to object when she started to use the crop on my cock. Over and over she flicked that maddening little piece of leather until I heard a guttural moan and realized it was coming from me. When I felt a stinging on my balls, I realized in my clouded mind, that she was flicking my balls with the crop. The combination of her mouth on the tip of my already tortured cock and the stinging of the crop against my tight, cum filled balls was taking me over the edge.

My Initiation-Part14

voyeur gubica 2018-11-08

I watched as the mistress stood between her sub's legs, and after telling her that she was not allowed to cum until told to do so, put her strap on cock into her sub's pussy. I heard the purr of the vibrator in the dom's hand and watched as she applied it to the sub's pussy, I am assuming the area of her clit as she had the fake cock buried deep in that wide spread cunt. The sub let out a little squeal and then a scream as she forgot about the restraints and tried to move her legs. I watched as she got on her knees between the sub's legs and started to remove the clamps that were holding her lips apart.

My Initiation-Part15

voyeur gubica 2018-11-08

I had to sneak into each room, steal a pair of panties from each girl, label it, and get out without getting caught. I had my ladder ready for the upstairs rooms, the bag to put the panties in, tape and marker to label each pair, and I was ready to complete my task. I never once thought to ask how they would know if I got the right ones labeled. I was very careful as I opened the drawers and pulled out each pair of panties, labeled them with the location of the bed the owner was sleeping in, then put them in my bag. I crawled through the window of the first room and found the two girls sleeping together.

My Initiation-Part 6

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I saw him slap her ass and her head returned to the girl's pussy that was under her. I saw him give her one last hard thrust, slap her ass, then climb off the bed. I thought he was done, but then I saw him replace the pillow under the head of the girl on the bottom and move to the foot of the bed. From my vantage point in the tree and with the use of my binoculars, I could see him spread his knees apart and watched his balls bounce against the pussy of the girl on the bottom. He took one hand and reached between him and the girl he was fucking and I realized, by the lower girls tense legs, that he was playing with her clit or her pussy.

My Initiation-Part22

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I was hoping she would release my hands because I wanted to hold her. The sun was coming up and I needed to get the panties from the dorm mother and be on my way. She seemed to read my mind because after I pulled on my pants, I looked around and she was standing beside me with a pair of panties in her hand. We were told again that they originally stated they would only accept one into the fraternity and I wondered how they would make a final decision. When it opened, there stood the dorm mother from the sorority I took the panties from. I looked back at the dorm mother and met her smile.

Her First Arrest-Part 3

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Then she got off the bed, went to the end to unfasten one of his ankles. "One last chance to tell me what I want to know," she said, hoping he would remain silent, because she was going to enjoy teasing him. Then she did the same again only using her lips to kiss each spot she had just traced with her fingers. After kissing his lips she used her tongue to trace the lines, gently probing between them, pulling each in turn into her mouth and gently biting. She loved to feel him squirm as she started tracing light figure eights on his chest as she finished with his neck. What thrilled her next was the way he moaned when she started to kiss and lick her way down his chest.

My Cabin of Solace-Part2

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Miss Right's head was buried between her legs and I could hear slurping sounds mixed with the moaning by both girls. Pushing my fingers back in, I quickly changed to the other girl and again buried my tongue deep. Her legs clamped down on my head taking the air away from me, but I held on, burying my face deep. I had full control of her pussy and Red had full control of her head. Maple reached up to grab Red's breasts and when she found then, she squeezed...hard. I could see Red move her pussy back and forth over Maple's face and I knew her tongue must be pretty busy.

My Initiation-Part19

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She reached in the dark and grabbed hold of my cock, moved my hand to her pussy, and took me to her world. I was so hot and I needed to put my cock inside her. I moved quickly up on the bed, I rubbed my cock against her pussy till I felt it start to slip in. "My pleasure," I moaned as I started to fuck her deep and long. We exploded together in a frenzy of wild passion, two bodies acting as one as pleasure consumed us. I came inside her till I had drained every drop I could, then collapsed on top of her as she sunk into the bed. We lay listening to each other breathe as we tried to steady our breathing and our heartbeats. 

Her First Arrest- Part 1

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He said one of them was stealing from the company and he wanted her to try to catch him; then, she was to find out from him who was behind the theft. She loved the way he seemed to drool as he watched her walk around her desk and sit on the edge in front of him. She made sure to sit back on the desk and open her legs just a little to try to catch him off guard. When she was sure everyone had left for the day, she went to the door and locked it. I have a way to make you talk," she said as she stood him up and walked him to the door.

One Lust Filled Night-Part9

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Becky's hand was under the pillow playing with my breasts and pinching my nipples. I felt what I thought was Becky's hand as it went beneath the pillow to cup my right breast. I tried to pull my mouth away from Becky's, but, she held on to my head. While Becky was driving me wild with her mouth on mine, David reached up and again took hold of my breast. As David sucked on my nipple, Becky played with the other one. When she took her lips from mine, in one swift movement, she took my nipple in her mouth and sucked just as David was doing. My emotions were on overload and I tried to take a deep breath as I felt them alternate between biting and sucking.

Having My Way...Part 17

bdsm gubica 2018-11-03

He pulled his tongue away and I felt the vibrator turned off. Next, I felt something touch my clit and heard what I thought was tape being torn. I remembered the special tape I kept in my drawer that I used to hold little vibrators in place on my nipples when I satisfied myself. I felt tape being applied across my mound and I knew it had to be holding something at my clit. His body between my legs held the pressure off my legs taking the pull off my nipples. He put the chain between his teeth and every once in a while lifted his head forcing the pull back on my nipples.

My Cabin of Solace-Part 4

group gubica 2018-11-03

Maple started to moan as Red and I started to twist the chopstix on her nipples, first one way then the other. "Here, you take the fork and I'll use this," Red said as she handed me the fork while she took the feather duster. I watched as Red took the feather duster and ran it across Maple's nipples. I could see Maple's tongue flick out to work on Red's pussy. I moved between Maple's legs and in one move I buried my cock deep inside the hottest pussy I have ever felt. I felt her arch her back and I knew that Red's tongue had found Maple's pussy and was hard at work.

My Initiation-Part20

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When she told me to put my hands above my head, I felt my cock start to get hard. I looked up to see a ring fastened to the wall at the head of the bed. I closed my eyes for just an instant as she got off the bed, and when I opened them, she was standing by the side of the bed with a small riding crop in her hand. I watched as she flicked the crop across my left nipple. I felt the warmth spread from my right nipple to my left. I realized the stinging stopped, to be replaced by a pair of warm lips that went from one nipple to the other.

One Lust Filled Night - Part16

group gubica 2018-11-02

David left the shower running, but, he aimed it at our spread legs. I heard Becky moan and looked back over my shoulder to see David using the washcloth to wash Becky's pussy. While she was enjoying that pleasure, David started to wash my pussy. Then he washed deeper and I felt the cloth go between my pussy lips from my clit to my ass and back again. I reached down with one hand to spread Becky's lips apart and force my finger to her clit. Becky spread her legs wider to give me more room to work as I did the same for David. I felt the first spasm as soon as Becky put her finger on my clit and started to make little circles on it.

My Cabin of Solace - Part 6

group gubica 2018-11-02

I was admiring the lines Red was tracing on Maple's body with the drying wax, when she brought me out of my stupor when she said, "Ready to take this to another level?' Red told me to peel off the dried wax while she got Maple ready for more games. I watched as she tied an end to Maple's knee, then followed suit as Red waited for me to catch up. With the ankles loosened, we easily pulled the cord up more toward the head of the bed, and to my amazement, I realized Maple's pussy was fully exposed and she was still fastened to the bed. Red must have anticipated my plan when she said, "Hand me those hair clamps, would you?"

One Lust Filled Night - Part 6

group gubica 2018-11-02

I felt her hot breath as she licked each one, returning again to my nipples to flick them with her tongue. I thought it was a little odd the way she said it, but I wanted this so bad. Her fingers felt so good as she stroked them along my pussy lips. I jumped as she touched my lips with her tongue and made a licking motion from the opening of my pussy to my mound. I felt her tongue slip inside my cunt as it passed over, but it kept on going upward. I was throwing my head side to side as I felt her tongue slowly pass over my clit. Finger fucking me while she sucked hard on my clit brought a scream of passion as I felt my pussy erupt.

My Initiation-Part 12

voyeur gubica 2018-11-01

This room was really turning me on as I watched the female dom spank her sub. The dom reached down and pulled the chain connecting the clamps to each of the subs nipples. The dom stood up as the sub spread her legs, put her hands behind her head, and bowed her head. The dom reached for the chain again and pulled till I thought the clamps would slip off the nipples. The sub stood her ground as the dom kept pulling and I heard a guttural groan as the dom slapped her ass again. As the dom lessened her pull on the chain, the sub laid back on the bed with her knees bent at the edge of the bed.

Having My Way - Chapter 14

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I felt his cock at the opening of my pussy and I tried to arch my hips to force him into me. His mouth found mine and at the same time I felt his cock slowly enter my body. Again I felt it start to enter, but this time he kept pressure till his cock was buried to the hilt inside me. I felt my pussy open wide as he brought my legs to my chest. He must have gotten my message, because he started to draw his cock back to the opening then lunged deep into my pussy. I threw my head back and opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I felt his cock get bigger inside me and I knew he was close.

Her First Arrest-Part 2

bdsm gubica 2018-10-31

"It would be in your best interest if you tell me everything you know about the theft or I will be forced to make you talk," she said as she climbed off the bed. She stood at the foot of the bed so she could fasten rope to the Velcro straps. She tied the rope to rings fastened into the bed frame. She sat him up to fasten ropes to the straps at his wrists. While the handcuffs were still on, she fastened the ropes to rings at the head of the bed. She pulled one of the ropes at the head of the bed, which made him fall back onto his back.

One Lust Filled Night-Part5

group gubica 2018-10-30

Then before I realized what I was doing, I took my left hand and using my finger, I separated her pussy lips. Then with one fluid movement, she put her left leg over both of mine, put her arm over my chest, propped herself on her right elbow while she looked into my eyes. As her lips touched mine, I closed my eyes and put my hands on her head to pull her to me. I barely noticed that she had taken hold of my right breast till I felt her squeeze it. She was lowering her body against mine as I felt wet kisses trail around my lips, my cheeks, my chin and down my throat.

One Lust Filled Night-Part4

group gubica 2018-10-30

She started to shift her hips from side to side as she slipped her thumbs into the band of the thong she wore. She pulled the band away from her hips as she did a slow, enticing dance in front of me. She stopped moving and started wiggling her hips real slow and very erotically. I watched as she started to lower the band of her thong. At the same time, she was bending over pushing her ass closer to my face. I reached up with both hands and started to gently massage her cheeks. Slowly, I reached out my right hand and ran my finger from the top of her crack down, across her asshole, and across her pussy lips.