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Free erotic stories by halleybear on AdultRead

A New Experience

group halleybear 2018-10-01

I saw Scott out one night and asked him if we could talk discretely about a situation and I want his help. As we started for the door, I signaled Scott, he met us at the door and we talked briefly about going back to Wendy's apartment and drinking a bottle of wine, then asked him if he wanted to join us. Wendy likes to sniff amyl nitrate when she gets fucked and tonight was no exception, she grabbed the little bottle and began sniffing as I got undressed. I love to see Wendy turned on and as Scott fucked her, I went to suck on her tits. I stood up so Wendy could suck my cock as she fucked Scott.

Anniversary Surprise

anal halleybear 2018-04-22

She pushed me off her and mounted me, we fucked for what seemed like hours rolling across the bed. As we rested, my cock began to stir and she knew it was time for round two. She took my cock and began to rub it across her pussy and down to her ass, which really seemed to turn her on. She began to mount me once again but this time to my surprise, she put my cock in her ass! She began to rock back and forth on my cock rubbing pressing down to slowly penetrate her nether region as she played with tits, I reached down and rubbed her clit. I rubbed my cock up and down from her pussy to her ass, coating my head with her juices.