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Free erotic stories by heelzanpearls on AdultRead


fetish heelzanpearls 2018-12-03

"No, I did not tell your Mom how much I liked your stories, specially the one where you fixed the librarians neck chain, I started to get hot and wet when I read that story, Gus." I loved looking into her eyes through her serious black ovals, It was at that time my sex reached the boiling point and I blew rope after rope of man sauce all over her glasses, beaded neck chains and fingers. Helen is dressed so nice, black lacy panties, bra and slip and those sparkling black ovals with the beaded neck chain make her look like a Librarian from the wild side.

My Wife's Mom - Chapter 3

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-26

I said, "I like the way the light sparkles in your glasses as they lay across your boobs. Shortly after that, I went to her house and we took a nice bike ride. Those glasses were so not ready to be looked through and I really liked it that she wanted me to clean them for her. She had her black half-square glasses on the end of her nose and the beads of her neck chain swayed gently as she rubbed her sexy patent black heels all over my cock and balls. "I like it too but more because you do," Andrea said with a warm smile . To say don’t mention him is like not wanting to know all about you.

Nate and Connie

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-19

"Gawd he makes me feel so good." Connie said to herself She wore a wicked grin, she knew what she would do later on in the evening, but she had no way of knowing just what Nate was up to. Connie took the beaded chain for her gold half-square glasses and wrapped them round his cock and began to touch him all over with them but had left her heels half buried in his short an curlies. Her beaded chain gently swaying as she touched Nate all over with her sexy glossy black heels and her gold half-square glasses and with his juices reaching a boil, Connie suddenly found her hand, heels and glasses to be smothered in a good amount of man sauce.

Caught ch.2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-15

Ella whispered, "That feels so nice Harold, are you moving in today?" Ella's face looked so warm and kind when she asked me, "How is it a young guy like you knows about half-moons?" Ella asked with a lot of interest. "That's a good Italian name," Ella said as she handed me her gold half-round glasses with the pearl beaded neck chain. Ella then took her small gold half-glasses with beaded chain and started to drag them under my balls. I put in some good piano time after I made a nice angel cake for Ella. I love that you like dressing as a woman, as that gets me nice and hot and wet, too.

My Wife's Mom - Pt.1

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-13

"No trouble with that idea, Andrea." Damn I like that idea, she is a hot looking woman on the chunky side and I know she can be very loving, I can see her letting me clean her glasses for her quite often and I think she knows they turn me on somehow. Andrea wants to know if I'd like her glasses to get steamed up in her bra during the ride so I could clean them after. I get on some biker clothes, do a pre-ride and head over to Andrea's with a few nice pair of half-glasses, a silver pair of half-rounds and a gold pair of half-square or granny's, and a black pair of petite half-square; and thinking about the way she'd look got me knotted up down there.

Carol's Mom Ch. 2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-13

So, we are on the sofa, me lying across Carol and she is, of course, wearing a nice pair of glasses with the beaded chain and with one hand, holding Mom's sexy black heel, pushing the toes end into my balls. Janice is in the recliner reading her novel, her gold half-round glasses at the end of her nose, she is getting me so hot, wearing her patent black heels; a grey skirt; cream colored V neck ruffled blouse.I walk over to her naked from the crotch down and I kneel in front of her, I thought about you and figured, let Mom have some man meat, you are a great Mom and I know you have your needs, I just thought it sweet that Harry has a fetish for older ladies and their half-glasses; beaded chains and heels, maybe even a bra.”


fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-12

"Well Lois, I see you really want to get back into playing and since I love piano, I know how great it is to sit down and start playing some beautiful music. "So Raymond, you really like the looks of me wearing my black half-square glasses and beaded neck chain?" I was surprised, I had my eyes on Lois as she got on the sofa, as she took off her blouse and bra, I didn't even notice her half-glasses and beaded chain on the coffee table. I was on the sofa with my pants down and Lois was sitting at the edge, looking at me through her black half-squares and touching me all over with her gold square glasses.

My Wife's Mom - Pt.2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-11

Andrea called me Wednesday morning and asked, "Ray, what's a good time to come over for lessons?" "Andrea, how about me pushing those glasses up from the bottom of your bra?" My thoughts are of having my way with those hot looking boobs, feeling their smoothness and the lace of her bra as well." Seeing Andrea looking at me over the tops of her black half-square glasses gets me even hard and past visions of us sitting across from each other at the doughnut shop seem to get me even harder. "Later on, I want to have you cum these for me," Andrea says as she jiggles those black half-square glasses by the beads, the room light throwing bolts of lightning on them as they jiggle.

Jeff's friend Gerty Ch.1

mature heelzanpearls 2018-11-09

"Well, let's say Gert, I love the look of you in half-glasses and with your dainty chain of small pearls, the way they sparkle as they hang across your ample bosoms or sit halfway down your nose." "It is a sweet thing for me too, Gert, so often I'd think about you and how you dress and those half-glasses come to mind, I know I have a lot of feeling for you, and I have often wondered, why's she not married?" The things I can do with  half-glasses and beaded chains, and I did see a few nice pair of black librarian style glasses. I could get you to like those too and then I want you to write about it so when you are not around I can read your stories and have my good times as well."

Caught Ch.1

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-09

Granny Ella wore bifocals when she was out driving, but if she stayed in the house she wore a pair of gold half-round style reading glasses that were hung from an eyeglass chain of small pearls. I still have the bra you came in and I know you like cumming on my gold half-rounds - these." Granny pointed to her gold half-glasses covered thick in cum with a now-spent cock hanging over them. "Harold, for your kindness and love for your Granny Ella I have decided that you are old enough to start enjoying what an older woman can do for you. Ella wanted to be fucked good and hard like any woman who has not had it for some time.

Carol's Mom

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-06

Carol goes off and returns, triumphantly wearing her mom's gold half-moon style glasses with a pearl beaded chain. "Carol, you're okay with this bit of messing around but what if your Mom likes what I did to her beloved glasses and wants me to do a thing or two for her."  Janice got up and sat next to me on the sofa, told me what a nice morning she'd and asked if I enjoyed it, to which I said 'Yeah, you in glasses gets me so horny,' or words to that effect. "Then I said, as much as I loved the looks of her body, I couldn't do this to you. And she hits me up with, 'How's Carol gonna feel when she finds out you came all over my glasses with your short an curlies in my neck chain?'" 

Jeff's friend Gerty Ch.2

mature heelzanpearls 2018-07-16

I  have no idea she knew that black patent heels also do something for me, not as much as her half-glasses with beaded neck chains but given time in her bedroom I am sure she could get me to really like them. The bedside lamp is seen in her black half-square style glasses and glimmers in time to what I'm doing to her, her beaded chain is swaying in time to the good ol' fashion fucking she's been so wanting. Gert's getting what feels like seventeen hundred an fifty-one horsepower, she stiffens up a number of times, I know she has loads of sexual energy coursing through her and she's gonna want that a lot more often, and she's going to get it