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Free erotic stories by henrygatewood on AdultRead

Putting in the Overtime - Part One

group henrygatewood 2018-12-04

As Vanessa leaned up over the desk to reach the catch her skirt rode up, sweeping up over her tanned thighs, stopping mere millimetres beneath the very obvious curve of her bottom. Any lingering doubts were shattered when Hailey opened her legs wide under the desk – missing touching both of us by millimetres – and her right hand came down into view. I looked at Vanessa, but she was staring intently into Hailey's moistening crotch with her mouth slightly open. “Shit!” said Hailey, pulling her hand away quickly and snapping her legs closed. Vanessa and I looked at one another, cowering naked in the shadows beneath the desk, and she mouthed the very words I was thinking.

Caught in the Act

first-time henrygatewood 2018-11-28

He had stopped thrusting to turn his head and shout at me, and I heard the woman – I think it was Katy, from finance – moan something to the effect that she would very much like him to continue. Every time I opened them I saw the back of Amy’s head, heard her gentle breathing, and found myself thinking about that big red bra. Amy drew my hand gently away from my dick, then straddled my chest and pulled the long t-shirt up over her head. Our bodies moved like two parts of some sensual machine, there on the enormous bed in the moonlight, every motion perfectly balanced and ecstatically surreal.

Putting in the Overtime (part two)

group henrygatewood 2018-11-13

Hailey reached into a pocket and flung Vanessa's ripped panties at her face, then in the same movement turned and grabbed me by the dick. The jacket, I thought, as Hailey gave a surprisingly deep moan and put her hands around Vanessa's head to pull her deeper in. Vanessa's long hair hung down over the edge of the desk, while above her she held Hailey's arse open wide, penetrating her tightest hole with one stiff, circling finger. Vanessa reached one hand up and gave my balls a playful stroke, while Hailey made some noises which are literally impossible to write down. My cock throbbed as I fucked Hailey's tight pussy, and a line of raw pleasure shot down my entire length and back to where my asshole pulsed around Vanessa's thrusting finger.

Happy Endings

group henrygatewood 2018-11-09

Myr swept her hands along the inside of Ren’s thighs, gently teased her thumbs up her labia - feeling a thrill as the woman gave a long, deep moan - and then ran her fingers through the small patch of brown hair above. Myr got there first, feeling her cunt throb and pulse around her own fingers as she came, trying not to break the rhythm of pleasure she was giving Ren. It wasn’t as intense as before - when it had been Ren’s fingers inside her, Joe’s cock filling her arse and Kerry’s hot tongue in her mouth - but it went on for longer.


Dirty Laundry

group henrygatewood 2018-10-31

I was just congratulating myself for having politely looked away on noticing that Lisa’s nipples – erect with the cold – had been poking through the thin material covering her ample breasts, when halfway up the stairs a gust of wind came in through the open door and lifted her dress almost to her waist. That was why Lisa didn’t hear me, and why she was still kneeling on the floor next to Ellie’s washing basket when I found her, with one hand clutching a pair of green panties to her face and the other circling frantically underneath her skirt. “But he’s a good little pervert,” said Ellie, climbing onto the bed and pushing me backwards so I was lying down.