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Free erotic stories by homealone88 on AdultRead


bdsm homealone88 2018-06-25

You position me on the empty bed asking me to stretch my arms up until and try to grab the cast iron bars on the head board. I scream as you apply it, then you return to stretching out your whore, you ask me if I think I could be more full and I reply I couldn't you tell me I am wrong and you use both hands to try to open me up further. You tell me you have an interesting idea you would like to try with your pussy and you push something inside me while explaining it is a tennis ball, covered in oil, on a string.

Home for the Week

bdsm homealone88 2018-06-10

The drive home took about an hour and in that time i told my to used, i felt a body behind me and suddenly a pair of hand were pushing my The other hand spread my legs apart, slightly touching the lip of my I moaned again, this time in definite pleasure. turned into grouping and licking and feeling and touching with each spin of the minutes in heave, with a guy having to spin the bottle in a circle of girl to could feel him licking my clit and twisting the cold item inside me. time he let the orgasm rack me and a scream out his name, mid orgasm a shock