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Free erotic stories by hooster1 on AdultRead

My little - Part 3

fetish hooster1 2018-01-02

She closed her eyes and savored the feeling as the bristles rubbed her scalp and the pull of the brush as I worked all the tangles out of her auburn tresses that reach just below the red strap of her bra. I caught her eyes in the mirror, and watched her expression as I pulled her head to the side, then I slowly looked down at her exposed throat, slowly bent down as I got closer enough to kiss her shoulder, then I gently kissed down to the bend of her neck. She watched as my hands left her tits and clenched the sides of the white robe, and slowly pulled the sides away to expose the tiny red bra to view.

My Little - Part 1

fetish hooster1 2017-12-31

You know Sir likes his littles in white, but Barbie is a big girl." Slowly I slid my fingers up the inside of her thigh before I asked, "Maybe you want to model each color for Sir, so he can see what looks best." I started rubbing her panties and applied pressure right over the spot that hid her clit. Her breathing came faster as she gave both nipples a hard pinch, then she grabbed the shower head with one hand, spread her legs apart and allowed the pulsing water to pound against her channel. Forcing her eyes to remain open, she saw my balls pull up, then shudder as my sperm pumped from my body, splashing onto her bra, hand, and breast.

The Teasing Hike

bdsm hooster1 2017-12-29

“Humm sounds interesting,” you said as you helped me spread out the soft cotton blanket under the large gnarled Oak tree between the small gurgling brook and the verdant meadow with the green grass waving in the wind. You moaned into the gag as my lips broke their suction on your nipple and I slowly kissed my way back to the center of the valley between your breasts, then started heading south. ‘Just a little lower, keep going!’ you thought in your head as you rocked your cunt up, trying to get my mouth where you needed it right now. You turned your face to the side and took a deep breath as you heard my voice from the recording say, 'I’m going to cum, baby.

My Little - Part 4

mastrubation hooster1 2017-12-28

“And you know what she was doing?  She was teasing him right there in the park!  Naughty little slut!  She was kind of sitting on his lap like this.” She told Teddy. She faced Teddy and slid up next to his lap, straddling one of his legs.  “She sat down on his knee, and kissed him, and then she started doing this!” She whispered to Teddy.  She put her arms around the bear and start rubbing her panties up and down his leg.  “Isn’t that naughty?” She asked while rubbing some more.  “Right there where anyone could see her,” she confessed as her breathing got a little heavier.

My Little - Part 2

fetish hooster1 2017-12-27

Like a drop of hot water, I slowly slid my finger down the sensitive valley of her backbone, past the two little dimples to the edge of her matching panties. As I tried to tug them the rest of the way off, she kept her legs closed so I couldn't reach her clit again, and her foot turned so he can't pull her panties off. She whimpered, as I slowly left her humping the cushions as I pulled her panties, undone bra and blouse the rest of the way off her body, leaving her naked except for her ears and collar. I gave her some slack, and as the coughing fit subsided, I dropped my pants to my ankles and with my free hand, pushed her furry tail to the side, and positioned my cock against her pussy opening.

The Chair

fetish hooster1 2017-12-26

She wants to shift to bring that teasing finger closer to the aching center of her womanhood, but the other hand still pins her neck to the wall, making her think twice. This time, she feels the cold, smooth touch of silk as he lets the little end of his tie brush the inside of her thigh, just above the stocking, and against her breast, exposed by her half cup bra. "For disobeying me and wearing panties, I have decided you will have to endure The Chair for 30 minutes." She feels the object between her legs move slightly, then start buzzing.