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Free erotic stories by hornyTVluvr on AdultRead

crossdressing with my moms friend

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-29

one day upon returning from school, i walked into the kitchen to find mom and her friend Linda. "look Simon" she said "I understand what you're going through right now, if you'd like to come over to mine tomorrow night, we can talk, it would probably help for you to talk to someone other than your mom about this right?" "look, your mom is wrong to repremand you about this, in fact, if you were my son, I'd just get you some of your own clothes to wear and let you work it out" This whole little charade was pointles as when Linda opened her eyes, the black panties barely hid my erection. Finally Linda reached below the bed, and pulled out a pair of black heels.

transvestite in trouble part 3

anal hornyTVluvr 2018-11-23

"fuck me Andrew" I blurted through the face down in the mattress, ass up ready for him to mount, hands cuffed behind my back ball gagged and cock straining at the chastity device. "fuck you're tight" he said...almost reading my mind...he pulled out, i relaxed for a second, as he lubed the length of his shaft....then he mounted me again, like a dog in heat, this time he was straight into me....half way....oh god a good 6 inches into seemed to bottom out in it wouldn't go any further......then he started to fuck out in out.....i felt his balls against my ass.

total sissy humiliation

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-22

introduced myself to Lee, and within minutes had found myself dressed as a girl with his hard cock inches from my face. as I fastened them I heard lee say "mmm...blonde I think" I looked up as he opened the wardrobe....the camera stood on a tripod....behind it hung leather bondage chains and shackles....oh god! he knelt me down....then walked to the room door....he opened it, and there stood the guys from the bar downstairs....both naked...both erect.... "I told you she was perfect" said Lee...."and wait until you feel her mouth around your's like she was born to suck dick!" he said "fuck!...she could suck it" one of them said....quickly pulling my hard cock from my panties. Lee still Filming said "open wide slut....your about to swallow your tenth load tonight"

transvestite in trouble 4 - the internet porn quee

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-11

I've taken the liberty of giving you the hair extentions and tarting up your makeup, ready for your next show....Andrew said how tight you were, so I've started stretching that tight little hole of your with my anal plug...feels good doesn't it"....It did..... "now....there are two ways you can play this honey" she continued "you can fight it and try to escape...Which will no doubt result in your little shows being more and more unpleasant, here, I can show you that too" She clicked at the laptop and again bought it to my face....on the screen was a girl, a funnel strapped into her mouth which a guy was pissing into...I looked away, "or how about this, she showed me the screen again.....

transvestite in trouble part 5 - "ride a cock

bdsm hornyTVluvr 2018-11-09

protruding up from the saddle was a 10" cock shaped dildo, and protruding backward from the horses head was another. "thats it suck mommy's cock like a good little girl" "now horsey's other cock" i leaned forward in the saddle, the dildo in my ass moved with me. after a few minuted Lexy reached below the horse, flicking a switch, the dildo in my mouth bagan to pump back and forth, like it was fucking my mouth, almost gagging me. I could feel my orgasm rise.....i'd never cum just by anal felt awesome...oh god it was here i was moaning like a slut through the dildo leashed into my mouth.

Hotel sissy slur blowbang

first-time hornyTVluvr 2018-11-04

In the 'showoffs with webcam room' ill call him tom as im not sure he and his friends would want me using real names on the web. He was totally into the kinda stuff that gets me off (sissy humiliation and cum eating) so eventually i cammed for him he watched me dress up girly, toy my ass and finally blow my sissy load into my cum cup before guzzling it down like a crazed slut. "Fucking hell tom...the fuckin slut is eating your asshole" he said Tom....who had been wanking the whole time i was eating his ass...suddenly spat "fuck im cumming" Harry was sat next to him at the top of the bed grinning ear to ear, tom said 'jesus baby....i think im in love with you"

dressup sissy introduced to cock

fetish hornyTVluvr 2018-11-01

I would go over when Gary was alone, he'd have me dress up in the schoolgirl outfit, skirt blouse, panties and ankle socks. We flicked through the catalogue together, commenting on the clothes, Gary would say how he thought I'd look good in certain outfits, making me blush, and i would choose ones that he should buy me. I sat on the bed as he picked through the knickers, "don't mess them up too much Gary" I said "she'll know we've been looking" "now drink up" he said "you need to get used to the taste of cum honey....coz you'll be sucking my cock every day from now on....otherwise everyone will get to see those polaroids!"