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Free erotic stories by jackie123 on AdultRead


bdsm jackie123 2018-12-04

The second is quickly followed by the third then fourth and so on until her skin is burning and she cries out to Him. He ceases the spanking and gently massages her red hot arse His fingers finding the wetness between her legs.   She knows what is going to happen and at the first sound of the cane whipping through the air she tenses her body, it hits hard and she tries toscream out, the second finds its mark only centimeters from the first and the third lays across both red welts. With both hands on her cheeks she feels His cock pushing against her and in her mind she is begging Him to enter and take what is His. He enters hard and fast and thrusts deeply, riding her until another orgasm explodes from her.

Tial Run

bdsm jackie123 2018-11-14

He places a harsh clamp over each tip and watches as she tries to control her breathing, her body struggling to accept the sensation. “Good’ He tells her,” I want to see your eyes open while I whip you, it will be painful but the pain will bring you pleasure, pleasure you have never before experienced” Before He has finished speaking He raises His arm and aims the flogger at her bare pussy.   He removes the clamps an electrifying sensation shooting through her breasts as the blood rushes into the engorged tips, she doesn’t know if it is pain or pleasure that causes her to   cry out, the relief is short lived as he takes the flogger and begins to whip her breasts paying attention to her swollen sensitive nipples.