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Free erotic stories by jen_fh on AdultRead

Shoplifting Punishment

bdsm jen_fh 2018-11-24

Here I was tied, gagged and blindfolded and I wondered how I had let myself end up like this. As he kissed me, I felt him begin to run is hand up under the bottom of the sweater. I knew that I was standing there topless in front of him but with the blindfold on, I couldn’t see myself and so it really didn’t feel like that to me. Jim brushed my hair back and I felt the soft head of his penis touch my lips. I felt his member swell in my mouth and I began tasting his man juices. I felt like I was in a dream and his finger was forced deeper into me and his cock deeper into my mouth.

Bound to the cross

bdsm jen_fh 2018-11-06

  He then pulled out a leather collar and leash and said that I had to wear it for the evening.     Master John put my back against the cross and took one wrist and pulled it up toward the cuff.   I tugged on the straps but Master John had placed the cuffs in just the right position on the cross that I was stretched tightly and could not move even an inch.     Master John began rubbing his hands up and down my belly, coming closer to my breasts with each pass.   I looked up at the mirror and saw him move his hand into my panties and felt him cup my pussy.

Bound to the Cross II

bdsm jen_fh 2018-11-05

    I opened my eyes as I felt Master John undoing the cuffs around my ankles.      Master John did not say anything but I felt my wrists being cuffed again and then being pulled over my head. I felt hands around my ankles as they were pulled wide apart.      “Okay, now that you have all had a chance to meet and greet, Jen, it is time for she and I to get private again.”     My arms were lowered and I felt myself being lifted and carried.   Master John has moved onto other new members and I have been in the audience to greet them into the club.