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Free erotic stories by justahole on AdultRead

Rock and Water - Chapter 4

bdsm justahole 2018-12-04

The second was because it felt so damn good to smack your ass the first time that I couldn’t stop at one.” He pulls me up off the couch, turns me around, and before I know it his lips are on me in and our tongues begin a slow and sexy dance with each other. I see his point and feel a little embarrassed because I think we both know I’d like just that, but for now it’s a much safer forum to discuss it openly before we head to the bedroom. I’m getting more flushed and turned on by the minute, and as we head back on to the dark residential streets Patrick grabs my waist and crushes our bodies together, claiming my lips with ferocity that steals my breath.

Rock and Water - Chapter 1

bdsm justahole 2018-12-02

However, when he felt the need to really get into my head, to eliminate any question I might have of his dominance over me, he would call my cunt, ass, and mouth his 'holes'. How it is those words could still make my core warm and my cunt wet after so much time made me smile. Stop at times to rub your clit a little then back to your cunt." I almost slipped off the edge of the bed when I slid my legs open and scooted forward to get easier access to my cunt. If you need to, you may use your sloppy cunt to get it wet first." Despite the crude words, I knew he was being generous by letting me use my slippery cunt to lube the vibrator first.

Rock and Water - Chapter 7

bdsm justahole 2018-11-19

As Gil is talking, Patrick is looking at him, but his hand is steadily moving up my inner thigh and pulling the leg aside so he can rest his fingers on the outside of my panties, cupping my pussy. I’m holding my breath as I try to listen to Gil tell me more about the band, when I feel Patrick’s finger slip under the seam of my panties then slide easily inside my cunt. The night so far has been a constant stream of sensations and emotions; my earth-crashing orgasm as he fucked my ass, going deep inside my head during the shower that followed, my anxiety about seeing Gil, Vanessa, and Marc again, my defiance…and now, facing my punishment.

Rock and Water - Chapter 8

bdsm justahole 2018-11-17

I figured he’d want to make me come quickly, but instead once he saw me writhing in pain and pleasure below him he took his sweet time taking me to the edge and back again, over and over until a sheen of sweat covered my body and moisture flooded between my legs. I wonder if this is it, if he’s going to keep adding fingers until he pushes his fist in, but instead he begins to alternate between two and three fingers, fucking me slowly, then quickly; twisting his wrist to ensure pressure and lubrication is spread both on the outside and inside of my swollen cunt walls and lips.

Rock and Water - Chapter 10

bdsm justahole 2018-11-13

No surprise, when I ask Addie at the breakfast table the next morning how she’d feel about Patrick staying the night, I’m met with an eye-roll and an ‘It's about time’ response. Having Patrick here feels unexpectedly normal, and thoughts of having him in my bed - his body against mine - fills me with nervous excitement and aching happiness. Before I can answer, Patrick intensifies his hold - one arm wrapped tight around my waist as the other hand continues to focus on the bundle of nerves between my legs, rubbing, pinching and pulling on it as his hips slam into me with brutal intensity. On his knees behind me, Patrick pushes his cock deep inside my soaking, swollen pussy and begins to fuck me hard and fast.

Rock and Water - Chapter 9

bdsm justahole 2018-11-07

In typical tween fashion, Addie rolls her eyes and groans, burying her face in Frank’s arm which has Frank and I chuckling, and Patrick looking totally lost. Addie seems more at ease with Patrick outside of the flat, even ribbing him a bit about his mild claustrophobia as we rode the London Eye. He took it in good nature, but even I had to admit I’d never seen him look so pale. Just before I lower my tongue to taste one glistening pearl as it forms, his hand reaches down and grasps my scalp, pulling my head back so I can look into his fiery eyes.

Rock and Water - Chapter 6

bdsm justahole 2018-11-07

“Here I thought you were about to hightail it away from here…away from me and what I’ve asked from you; but instead you’re worried about a few months difference in our age?” Before I know it, he’s standing directly in front of me cupping my face in both hands; forcing me to look him in the eyes. As he begins to slowly rock in and out of me, holding the backs of my thighs tightly so my ass is lifted high to meet his thrusts, nerve endings that have never felt this kind of sensation are sending disparate messages of pleasure and pain and the two feelings entwine within me.

Rock and Water - Chapter 3

bdsm justahole 2018-11-02

I’d really like to kiss you.” His last words come out as a low growl, and as he speaks, his right hand lowers a bit and I feel his thumb drag across my bottom lip. I’m not just looking for kinky games in bed… Don’t be mistaken, in this moment more than anything I want to press you up against this wall to take you right here, but I won’t and I can’t if you don’t feel the same.” His eyes search mine as he goes on. “Oh fuck, Corrine, I’m going to come in my shorts like a schoolboy if we don’t stop now….” Patrick growls out between kisses.

Rock and Water - Chapter 2

bdsm justahole 2018-10-31

Today would seem to be no exception as he takes a seat on the weight bench next to me and immediately begins to do his own bicep curls with hand weights that look ten times bigger than mine. Since I have the time to shower at home today, I left my car keys and wallet in one of the convenient smaller lockers that are along one wall of the gym. You're Corrine Spiros of 'Northwest News and Beyond.' I listen to you every day while I'm working." This time it's his turn to appear a little flustered. Eventually Patrick closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and when they open they are once again bright and warm.

Rock and Water - Chapter 5

bdsm justahole 2018-10-30

What feels like hours later, which I know to only be twelve minutes because I’ve been watching my bedside clock tick them off excruciatingly slow, I hear the front door once again open and close, followed by the sound of expectant and eager dogs getting their bedtime treats. Quickly lifting me until I’m standing between his legs, he lavishes my breasts and nipples gently with his tongue, causing me to groan and push my pussy hard against his cock. We continue this pattern for what feels like minutes, but his control wanes and the amount of time his cock stays trapped in my throat becomes less and less and his pace picks up and he truly begins to fuck my mouth hard.