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Free erotic stories by kimberlykitten on AdultRead

Erin and the Wonder Bra

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-12-04

Erin began feeling her massive J cups through her large tee shirt and started to remember about complaining to Samantha about how her breasts seemed to have gotten bigger. Samantha blew a huge load of cum inside her boyfriend's tight ass as Erin started flooding his mouth with her sweet cunt juice. All of a sudden, Erin's body started trembling and her breasts were shaking massively inside her wonder bra like a huge earthquake was just attacking them. Erin was sucking the bus driver's fat cock like a mad woman, swallowing his entire shaft and using her tongue to work over his mushroom head. Ohhhhhhh God!" moaned Erin as her pussy juices were leaking down her thighs, and the bus driver started sucking both her giant nipples at the same time.

One Life 2 Live Pt. 08

group kimberlykitten 2018-12-04

Toby's cock nearly reaches fully hard as Ms. Duncan stood before him in a medium size teddy, panties, and her tube socks. "I think my tits are going to be in for a work out with that cock Toby," Ms. Duncan say as she drops to her knees and helps Toby take off his shirt, shoes, socks, and jeans and piles them on the floor. Toby leans back and smiles as Ms. Duncan gasp the mighty cock with both hands and uses her palms and fingers to massage it. "How does that feel Toby?" Ms. Duncan teases as she crams her huge melons all over his thighs and cock.


Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 16

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-12-03

Coleman begins to moan with his mouth full of nipples as Brittany strokes his big black cock now out in the open. Coleman holds the back of Brittany's head while thrusting his big hard cock in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper until the massive mushroom touches the back of her throat. Coleman looks like a small child standing in front of Brittany's huge tits. Coleman pulls his sweaty cock from between Brittany's huge tits and slides it back into her mouth. The crotch of his pants was filled up with hard cock spotting Brittany being fucked hard by Gary Coleman on the van floor. "How that pussy feel Gary?" Danny asks while thrusting his cock in and out of Brittany's mouth.

Her Enormous Son Ch. 06

interracial kimberlykitten 2018-12-03

As we started to play, Shelly took off her tennis shirt and show off her monstrous breasts, encased in a white tank top that was stretching beyond limits from her chest. The pillowy feel of her succulent breasts got my huge dick spring to life like Frankenstein. As I started to giggle a little bit, she places her index finger over my mouth, hushing me as she continued to caress my balls and bounce them in her hands. My eyes were staring straight into Shelly's eyes as she expanded her breasts to her sides and smoothing both my ribcages to the sides of my abs, making my incredible hard dick, press against her cleavage.


Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-12-02

As Mrs. Keibler started to undress Brittany, Mr. Moore had his camera ready to take pictures of Brit in her underwear. Just like Mrs.Keibler, Mr.Moore had to use both hands to squeeze and massage the huge tit while sucking on it like a vacuum. Mrs. Keibler got up and sat on Brittany’s face, back towards Mr. Moore so Brittany could lick her very first pussy while being fucked. Trying to hold them stead to suck on but Mr. Moore was fucking Brittany really fast and so her big tits keep moving up and down Mrs. Keibler’s face and mouth. Mrs. Keibler moved down to lick and suck on Brittany’s pussy while Mr. Moore was thrusting his dick harder and harder inside.


Cold Feet

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-12-02

Riley quickly untied Melody's shoes, revealing her smooth, golden tan feet with the long toes, painted toenails, and wrinkled soles. Riley lifted Melody's big feet up by the arches and admired their curvy shapes, the smoothness of Melody's arches and the many wrinkles on her soles. Melody watched Riley's big dick as it was throbbing in pain while he sucked off her feet again this time including her smooth, crusty heels against his lips. Melody started sliding her feet down Riley's chest, wiggling the soft fabric of his shirt between her toes. Melody moved one of her feet down to Riley's balls and started wiggling her wet toes on them.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 10

interracial kimberlykitten 2018-12-02

He kneaded her breasts inside her sports bra and rubbed her nipples between two fingers while Brittany mouthed his balls and stroked his cock. "Oh God!" said Eddie, breathing hard and loving the feel of Brittany's spongy like titties sinking between his fingers as he smashed them around inside her sports bra like bread dough. After making Brittany cum a few more time from the tit sucking, Eddie stood up and stroked his mammoth cock right above Brittany's face. Eddie folded his arms behind his head as Brittany took hold of his huge cock and slowly eased it between her soggy pussy walls. "Mmmmm oh yesss," moaned Eddie as he closed his eyes to enjoy the feel of Brittany's hairy pussy smothering his huge dick.


A Weekend With Janet & Patti

group kimberlykitten 2018-12-02

They're so soft and heavy and very round," Janet moaned, now bouncing the huge tits in her hands, watching them move up and down inside her shirt, smacking together making thunderous slaps. I want to make this night and weekend memorable for the both of us and my boyfriend," Janet said, giving her sister a huge hug, feeling her medium size tits get totally smashed by Patti's bigger ones. Scott let go of Patti's monstrous hooters to hold onto Janet's head and help her bob her mouth faster on his now gooey and saliva covered cock. Janet sat on the ground, watching Scott's dick pound Patti's pussy and his big balls smacking violently against her ass.


Her Enormous Son Ch. 01

interracial kimberlykitten 2018-12-01

I bet all these black rappers have huge beautiful cocks like you,” Cathy said with lust in her voice again. She gave my dick a few more sucks and jerks and before I knew it, I let out a powerful moan and orgasm which was followed by a huge blast of cum hitting her face with five separate enormous loads. “This is going to hurt me more then it might hurt you,” Cathy says as she straddles over my enormous cum-cover cock and hikes her skirt up to her waist, showing off her bald and wet pussy. “HERE I COME!!!” I moaned and pulled my cock out and start to spray her juicy huge tits with giant loads of cum spurting everywhere on her chest.

The Real World: SD Ch. 02

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-30

Jamie was getting hotter, not only by Robin sucking her tongue, but the feel of Robin’s enormous bikini cased tits on her own B cup boobs. His big and now hard black dick was pointing Robin in the ass, which turned her on more and she was sucking on Jamie’s tongue fasters and harder. Randy and Jamie were both nursing from Robin’s now red and sore tits, which were bouncing and slapping in their faces while Jacquese was thrusting his big cock harder and deeper into Robin’s wet pussy. Soon Randy got tired of sucking Robin’s tit for now n e ways and wanted to fuck Jamie. So while Jamie was still nursing her nipple, Randy started pounding away at her pussy from behind just like Jacquese has Robin.

Her Enormous Son Ch. 03

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-30

While I sucked her huge tits and savor her delicious skin in my mouth, my eyes looked up to see her tongue getting an extreme work out from licking at Cynthia’s soak cunt. My dick was throbbing hard from watching Christy fuck Cynthia’s pussy with her massive tit. Cathy removed her mouth from my balls and started licking and sucking the part of my cock that was not inserted inside Christy. She given got behind me, smoothing my back with her huge tits and took hold of Christy’s hips and starts to thrust her on my big cock. I press my sweaty chest against Christy’s back and my hands moved under her to grip her massive tits and hold them while my cock push deep inside her asshole.

Velma's Sweater Meats

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-29

Velma and Shaggy looked one last time inside Freddy's room and saw him unloading hot, thick layers of his cum across Daphne's large breasts and nipples. Velma could see Shaggy's cock starting to grow again as he played with her breasts as if he was making bread, kneading and squeezing her spongy tit flesh in every way possible, sinking his fingers deep into her smooth skin as her tit flesh flowed through his fingers. I never knew how wonderful someone else's hands would feel upon my breasts," Velma moaned as she closed her eyes and continued to feel a powerful orgasmic sensation flowing through her body by Shaggy's rough massaging of her tits.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 03

lesbian kimberlykitten 2018-11-29

The nurse smashed her head into Brittany’s right big tit, trying to really increase the fingering she was giving Brittany. “I hope your get better Brittany,” said the nurse, giving Brittany’s big tits one last squeeze. “Awe. We’re sorry Kristy,” said Danielle, giving her a hug, smashing her huge boobs into Kristen’s smaller but still big tits. Trishelle and Brittany couldn’t believe their eyes that Kristen was sucking Danielle’s big boobs. Kristen and Danielle both had mouthfuls and handfuls of tit meat while Trishelle was sucking harder and harder on Brittany’s clit. Brittany moved her head over to Kristen’s big bouncy left tit and started sucking on it.

The Real World: SD Ch. 03

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-29

Make sure the boy is well built and is packing a nice size dick and make sure the girl is beautiful with big tits and ass to match. I'm going to love feeling and sucking those up," Frankie said, moving her hands to the front of the girl and squeezing her bra-covered tits. "Now, lets taste that anal of yours," Frankie said licking her lips and kissing his cock and balls one last time. Frankie planted her face into the girl's sweet pussy and started licking her clit. Frankie then moved one down to the girl's still wet pussy and fingered it while the other hand started to finger her anus.

Mickey Triple D's

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-24

All four of us share the apartment," said Kyle, hovering over Josh's head to get a good look at Jessica and her gigantic rack as they jiggle slightly while she talked. "Lets take off her shirt and get a look at those big ass titties," said David, standing naked behind Jessica and his chubby stomach bulging out along with his huge fat 12 1/2-inch cock. "Holy Jesus!!!" Said Josh has his eyes bulged out of their sockets at the size of Jessica's bra-encased jigging tits after David removed the shirt. Jessica grab both Mike's and Kyle's dicks in on hands, stroking them while they sucked her tits and chewed her nipples.


Her Enormous Son Ch. 08

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-24

Suck my pussy juices off his big dick," urged Shelly, as she lightly probed Monica's shoulder length dark reddish hair with her fingers. Shelly moved her tongue up and lapped at Monica's open wet womb as it slided down my big dick. I pulled Monica's sweaty body closer to mines, feeling her huge wet melons sliding up and down my chest while my cock thrusted in and out of her cum-drenched pussy like a jackhammer. His giant dick nearly crippled Monica and myself," Shelly teased, as she grabbed my huge cock in both hands and stroked it. Snake loves big dicks," Monica said, as she grabbed my giant balls and bounced them in her palms.

The Scooby Gang Orgy

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-20

Shaggy pulled his cock out Velma's cum-dripping pussy and Daphne was stunned. Shaggy could hear Velma moaning and crying with pleasure mixed with the slurping sounds of Daphne sucking his large cock. Shaggy had his face buried between Daphne's bouncing big titties and sucking at her nipples, trying to catch them in his mouth. Shaggy headed to Freddy's room with his huge dick still hard and dripping in Daphne's cum. "Let's fuck her Shaggy," Freddy said, as he slapped Velma's flopping breasts with his hard cock. Velma's face was buried in Freddy's hairy ass, as he straddled her, lying his hard cock between her big tits. Daphne kneeled down behind Shaggy and watched his big dick plunge in and out of Velma's pussy.

Anne's Bust Ch. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-19

So soft and firm for their size," moaned Heather, as she lifted one of Anne's enormous melons to her mouth and started sucking in as much of the tit flesh as possible between her eager lips. Anne's body was trembling at an all time high with both Greg and Heather's mouths plowing away at her delicious virgin cunt. Once half of his huge cock was inside Anne, Heather grabbed Greg's balls and began rolling them in her palms. Greg immediately started pounding her cum-drenching cunt and watched in amazement as Anne's enormous sweaty breasts rolled all over his chest. After Greg finished cumming, Anne and Heather took turns cleaning his cock off with their mouths and pretty much sucked him back to hardness.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 12

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-18

"Well, Britt, since you probably wouldn't like scooping up the horse crap, I'll let you milk the cows then," said Babe as she handed Brittany a bucket. You've got some of the best tits in the world," moaned the man as he gripped onto the sides of Brittany's breasts and helped her hold them as she moved them up and down his dick. Brittany's eyes got wide as she looked down between the undernourished man's legs and saw a humongous cock with giant plum like balls hanging from it. Earl captured, as much of Brittany's right tit in his mouth as possible, sucking down hard on her breasts while his tongue flicked her big nipple.


The Real Effects of The Axe Effect

first-time kimberlykitten 2018-11-14

A nerd boy, not as nerdy as Jimmy, spray some of the Axe on and a busty cheerleader walked by and immediately jumped on him, mashing her large boobs into his chest and smoothing his face with kisses. I’m so sorry nerd,” said Freddie who was seated next to his girlfriend, leader of the cheerleading squad and one of the prettiest girls in school, Kayla. Jimmy felt like shit for buying it and started walking home with, looking down with a sad face on. I told the German bitch that I didn’t want to see her anymore and that she should head the fuck back to Germany,” Freddie said laughing.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 17

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-14

Harold removes his hands from Brittany's ass and places them on Cathy's. Harold squeezes Cathy's wobbling ass and thrusts his cock in and out of her cum running pussy. Brittany spread Harold's legs apart and sucks his pussy juice covered shaft into her mouth. Cathy plants her throbbing cunt on Harold's mouth and he begins giving her an expertly pussy eating like he did Brittany. Brittany removes the cum soaked cock from between her huge breasts and slides her tongue around it, licking up all his left over cum. His cock expanses greatly within his shorts causing the girls' eyes to stare in amazement knowing Harold's son could be the owner of a huge dick.


The Real World: SD

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-14

The new season of MTV’s Real World is just about to start as the seven strangers picked to live together, arrive at the beach house in San Diego California. Randy was trying to keep his eyes on Cameran while talking to her but kept looking down at Robin’s hand, moving, close to his hard on. Robin decided to get in some of the action and lifted his shirt up and started sucking on Randy’s nipples while Cameran was now giving Randy a hand job. Cameran put her mouth on the head of his big cock and started to suck on it like a lolly pop. Meanwhile, Cameran had 5 inches of Randy’s huge cock in her mouth, sucking like she never sucked anything before.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 11

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-13

Brittany started bobbing her head up and down James's throbbing cock, letting his large cockhead invade the back of her throat. While she sucked off James, she reached over and took Jerome and Shaggy's huge cocks in her small hands and started stroking them. Brittany lifted her head off James's drenching wet cock and moved over a bit to smash her massive pillowy jugs against Jerome's legs. Brittany moved her mouth down to Jerome's giant hairy balls and started wiggling her tongue around them, rolling each thick nut on her tongue before taking them between her lips sucking one huge testicle at a time.


Touch: The New Axe

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-12

He pulled his monstrous cock out of Lita's slobbery mouth and walked over to the window with his huge wet rod bobbing up and down between his legs like a Billy goat club. Wanting to know what was going on, Pete set his backpack on his pouch and started looking around Lita's house for an open window. "I'M-M-M-M-M GOING TO C-C-C-CUM!" Signaled Pete as he felt his cock throbbing to the breaking point and his balls starting to release his white milk between the busty clerk's cleavage. He rushed into his house, ate dinner with his mom, and killed time until it was time for them to head over to the Stapables Arena where Pete was going to finally score with the beautiful Lita.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.3

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-12

Jeff started gripping the couch sits and moaning deeper as his dick tingle by their mouths He loved the way Brittany’s tongue tickle his cock but two tongues are a little bit better. Jeff stops sucking Trishelle huge sweaty and bouncing tits, to bury his face deep into Danielle’s cunt. Trishelle took Danielle’s ankles and held her legs spread apart, watching Jeff bounce his big balls off her pussy walls and ram his juicy cock between the lips. He was breathing hard and sweating a river as he pounded himself into an orgasm and pulls his cunt-juiced cock out of Danielle’s cumming pussy and sprays his massive load across Danielle’s stomach and big tits.


Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 01

first-time kimberlykitten 2018-11-11

Even thought he was mean to his sister, looking at her tits would give him an extreme hard on and we would jack off to her boobs at night, laying in his room, thinking about devouring them and mashing them around on her snow white chest and just suck on her small, red nipples for hours and hours. Just like all guys, he gets really turned on by their bodies, especially their enormous jugs, especially when they hug him and they press their big tits on his chest, his cock feels like its ready to burst. After a few minutes of his big balls smacking her ass, his huge dick sliding up and down in her pussy, feeling her pussy tighten around his cock and his titty sucking, finally brought Brittany to cum and have more orgasms.

Tales of Preston Ch. 01

first-time kimberlykitten 2018-11-11

Preston stopped looking at the menu and ogled at the jiggling pair of her huge spherical-shaped tits that jutted from the center of her chest beneath her brown McDonald's thin t-shirt taper into her black jeans. His cock was a full erection and Preston couldn't help but to reach inside his jeans and stroke it while he watched the female employee walk back towards his way, right in front of his pickup truck, and back into the building with her huge tits bouncing to their own rhythm. Johanna smiled and kept watch below as she fondled her clammy hand over every rock-hard inch of Preston's dick. Oh fuck!" moaned Preston, with his big balls arching and his hard dick drowning in her flowing pussy juices.

Little White Riding Hood

interracial kimberlykitten 2018-11-10

"Now be a good little girl and start sucking my cock or, your grandma sees death a little bit early," Rob said as he stood up in bed and pulled his jeans and boxers all the way down. Karly's grandma had tears going down her face as she watched in horror a large black man fucking her precious granddaughter right in front of her. Rob looked down and enjoyed seeing Karly's enormous sweaty tits flopping up and down and slapping into each other as he fucked her faster and harder. Rob got behind her and rubbed his cockhead up and down her dripping wet pussy and with one swift thrust, he stuffed her cunt balls deep with cock.

Purple Socks

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-11-09

I saw my sister's eyes bug out as she looked down at my cock, still inside one of her fucking socks. Tammy got up and started walking around in her purple socks, making squishy sounds. My big gooey dick started getting hard again just watching my sister move about in her purple socks that were filled with my cum. While Tammy bounced her tits at me, her sock-covered feet wrapped around my pulsing cock and started stroking it. My sister had a big smile on her face knowing that she was pleasuring her brother with her fantastic feet inside her fucking socks. I was at the mercy of my sister's fucking socks as she moved her feet from the base of my cock to the head.

The Real World/Road Rules Orgy

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-09

We don't want you to choke," teased Robin, as she watched sexy Tina impale Jacquese's big dick between her large lips. Robin continued to watch Tina swallow Jacquese whole while bobbing her head up and down Brad's cock. Your tits are fucking hot," moaned Brad, as he squeezed her flesh pillows hard around his dick and continued ramming up and down between them. Mmmmm," Jacquese moaned, as Robin suckled his balls, made him increase his fucking pace on Tina. Brad then parted Robin's pussy and shoved his hard cock straight up inside and immediately started pounding her rapidly and bouncing his crotch off her beautiful bikini-tanned ass. Robin dropped Jacquese's slobbery balls from her mouth and started moaning to Brad fucking her.

Her Enormous Son Ch. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-09

Cathy had my cockhead press hard against her huge right tit, rubbing my pre-cum into her skin. Cynthia was breathing hard and letting out loud moans while I stuff my mouth with her huge tits and suck on her nipples. Cathy released my throbbing meat and let Cynthia push her head down further on my huge dick. Her huge tits were flying at my face and I had the urge to suck them into my mouth but a surprise to me, Cathy bet me to it. Cathy was behind Cynthia, pressing her down hard on my cock and smoothing her back with her big tits.

Lindsey & Wilmer: The Break Up

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-09

Once inside the trailer, Ashton and Lindsey sat down on Wilmer's pinkish couch and continued their conversation. "Because deep down inside, Wilmer is really gay," Ashton responded and continued to toy with Lindsey's huge breasts. You don't know how good that feels," moaned Ashton as he let go of Lindsey's big tits. Ashton looked down, watching the gagging expressions on Lindsey's face as his cock invaded her mouth. Ashton stuffed Lindsey's mouth with his big dick and started thrusting again. Ashton continued to suck and lick Lindsey's pussy from every inch before inserting two fingers deep between her cunt walls. Ashton stood up still holding Lindsey's calves and plunged his big hard cock between her pussy lips.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 09.1

lesbian kimberlykitten 2018-11-08

Once at the door, he quickly opens it to see Brittany wearing very tight exercise shorts that made her all ready big ass look even fatter and a very tight purple sport bra that made Brittany’s enormous breasts stick out like huge torpedoes. It’s hard going out into public with guys and girls both staring at your chest all the time,” said Brittany, folding her arms under her breasts, making them bulge out into balloons. Feel them,” said Brittany, thrusting out her chest, making her massive tits stick out like torpedoes aiming at Sandy. It just means that we‘re really hot for each other,” said Brittany, walking up to Sandy and sliding her hands down her V-neck dress and pulling out Sandy’s naked 36DD’s.

One Life 2 Live Pt. 05

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-08

Looks like you have a monster down there," Bree said and winked as she unzipped Jordan's pants and slipped her hand inside. Jordan's body felt a tingling rush and his cock grew harder and expanded from Bree's one hand. Jordan and Bree sat on Toby's small but fuckable size bed and faced each other. Jordan's eyes kept drifting from Bree's cheeky face to her unbelievable monstrous tits slightly swaying back and forth, naked under her shirt. The sounds of Jordan sucking and slurping the big tit filled Toby's room and could barely be heard from outside the door. Bree gripped the bed sheets, tossed and trashed her body and head as Jordan eats her pussy.


Her Enormous Son Ch. 04

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-07

“I’m so glad that we got to meet your mother and that she has a wonderful son with a beautiful large dick that can fulfill my needs.” Her smooth hands had gotten their way into my jeans, to stroke and rub my massive hard on. It was Cindy and Cynthia, slithering their tongues and mouths up and down the dry sides of my huge dick, while Cathy was kneeling behind me, spreading my ass cheeks open and launching her tongue against my asshole. Cindy and Cynthia left my feet and legs and started to lick her face clean of my semen while she sucked my big dick back to life. Both Cindy and Cynthia each took hold of Cassie’s huge tits and started beating my head with them.

Basement Sluts Vol. 10

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-04

"Your goddamn right, I will," replied Shawn while he let his hands slide into Jennifer's robe and feel her large soft tits. Shawn took Jen's big tits in each hand and started to squeeze them running his thumbs over her hard nipples while feeling his giant cock being engulfed down her throat. Love propped her large tits up on Shawn's thighs and started bobbing her head up and down furiously on Shawn's fat throbbing cock taking more and more of his shaft between her lips with each raising and falling. Shawn stopped his thrusting and held the back of Love's head so that her mouth rested on the base of his cock and his pubic hairs poked against her white snowy face.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 15

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-03

Tommy and I have been good friends for a long time," said Brittany to Trishelle, Danielle, Cherri, and Kristen at Corny Dog. Cherri's huge boobs were squeezed between her knees, as Tommy thrusted his large cock in and out of her creamy cunt. Mark squeezed Brittany's wobbling ass cheeks, as they bounced off his hairy thighs from her pussy being slammed down onto his cock. Trishelle raised her head from Brittany's soak pussy and cried out as Tommy pounded her cunt intensely. Brittany released Danielle's ass cheeks and reached up to pinch and pull on Cherri's big hard nipples. Tommy rested his wet balls on Brittany's cunt and drove his cock in and out of Cherri's pussy. Kristen's tit fell out of Cherri's mouth and she moaned to Tommy's thrusting.


One Life 2 Live Pt. 02

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-02

Hmmm!" moaned Tommy as he captured a good portion of Emma's left breast between his lips and sucked on it. Suck Tommy's dick like a good little bitch," teased Tommy as he grabbed the back of Emma's head and shoved her mouth down over more of his cock. Toby's cock nearly explored when he saw the full size of Emma's huge tits as she mounted Tommy's face. "Oh god!" Toby moaned quietly as he continued to watch Tommy and Emma suck each other. Ughhhh!" grunted Tommy as he pulled his long thick member from Emma's creamy cunt and jerked it over her huge tits that jiggled like a bowl of jell-o.


Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 04

interracial kimberlykitten 2018-11-01

As the movie started, Trishelle had her hands up Brittany's hooded shirt and white T-shirt, feeling on her bra covered huge tits. Trishelle's own big tits were bouncing free from her shirt and bra and Brittany had her mouth stuffed with tit while trying not to scream loud as Trishelle was on top of her, pounding her pussy away with the black strap on. It took a few minutes of hard sucking to finally make the boy bust a river of cum on Trishelle's big tits. Imagine all the hot and hunky strippers that well be all over you and them prize winning milk jugs," Trishelle said, copping a feel of Brittany's covered left ample tit.


Her Enormous Son Ch. 07

interracial kimberlykitten 2018-11-01

She pushed herself up against me and I took hold of her left leg and started thrusting my huge cock between her cunt walls. Penny started low and proceeded to lick and suck my huge balls as they dangle across her mouth. After a few more minutes of sucking my asshole and bringing me to my first orgasm, Penny took my dick in her hands and started stroking it. Penny released my cockhead from her mouth and watched my enormous cock, bob up and down with saliva dripping off the top. Her gagging started to fill the cabin up and so I slowly ease her head off my cock, only long enough to empty the pool of saliva in her mouth.


Erin and the Shoe Store

fetish kimberlykitten 2018-10-30

Erin wrapped her cum-covered bare feet around Samantha's enormous cock and began thrusting the huge dick in between her soft wrinkle and gooey soles. All the midgets' cocks grew huge inside their tight pants, as Erin's bare feet and toes came into view. The two midgets that sucked on her milk-filled balloons for a long time, finally unleashed their huge dicks and began slapping them against Erin's breasts. Erin's nipples started spurting out breast milk onto the thrusting midgets, as her enormous jugs bounced and wobbled up and down their cock wildly. The midget at Erin's feet, pounded away between her arches and his large hairy balls slapped against her soft soles.

Erin and the Ass Ripper

anal kimberlykitten 2018-10-29

Jack grabbed Erin by the back of the head and started thrusting his cock, invading her mouth like a massive army marching to war. Jack plunged his other hand between Erin's ass cheeks and started fingering her anus. It felt like a thick cock was fucking her asshole with his fingers being thick and long, thrusting in and out of her ass. Jack stopped munching on Erin's anus and lifted up his huge dick and started rubbing it between her big ass cheeks. Jack placed his hands on her hips and started pushing his cock deeper and harder inside her asshole. Soon Jack started giving Erin's asshole long and powerful thrusts, signaling that his balls were filled with enormous amount of cum and ready to gush out.