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Free erotic stories by kirawildgirl on AdultRead

Perfect Club, No.1

lesbian kirawildgirl 2018-11-23

“Well, I know a place where it’s all the sex you can handle, provided you don’t mind some men around.” Donny grimaced. Donny arrived a bit early in black tights, pull-over sweater and boots. “Your drink, ma’am.” The bartender smiled and handed what looked like a martini to the woman beside me. When the drinks came, Rachel peeled off her shirt to reveal a demi-bra that held her breasts like a platform, above which the nipples projected proud and hard. One woman on her hands and knees had her head buried in a black girl’s cunt while a tiny Asian girl in panties was fist-fucking her. Another girl dripping juices crawled over to the Asian, pulled her panties down her hips and began playing with her pussy.

Wildgirl Comes To College – Part 2

lesbian kirawildgirl 2018-11-13

We’d tease each other in sexy ways, like drifting a finger over a shoulder, striking sexy poses for each other, or sitting around naked with hard nipples and red, glistening pussies. Sophie faced her delicious ass to one of the windows, pulled down her short-shorts, bent over, and mooned the campus with her juicy pussy. I finished by sliding my fingers up and down her pussy until Sophie was moaning and her shorts were nice and wet. “Now for the her other end.” Suzanne moved the third knob and Zyi started straining against the leg bounds, ass quivering. In seconds Suzanne had them between our legs, pulling off our tight, wet shorts.

Wildgirl Comes To College

lesbian kirawildgirl 2018-11-08

A half hour later I looked up to see both Sophia and Masuko peeking over their covers, mouths open as they watched my hand slurping around inside my panties. “I’d love to taste each of you.” My hand kept pleasuring my pussy, turning me into supercharged bundle of tingling excitement. Across from us, Masuko was sitting on edge of her upper bunk, mouth open and watching. Sophia backed down my chest, sitting on my hips as Masuko climbed onto my face. Masuko ground herself onto my mouth and tongue more urgently as Sophie began nibbling on my clit. It didn’t stop until Masuko came, a jiggling and jerking mass of emptying pussy juice all over my mouth.

Perfact Club, No.2

group kirawildgirl 2018-11-01

No fair” Rachel was eating me up as I struck a pose – legs apart, hands on hips, my landing strip of black of hair down my pubes as visible as the hard nipples on my 36D breasts. Rachel lifted her head up and watched as the woman slowly wiggled the cock down into her pussy, deeper and deeper, until it was hilt-deep. “Put your legs over my shoulders, like a good little fuck.” She growled at Rachel, who wiggled and struggled to obey. I gaped at her, trying to image what it must feel like to have your clit teased, cunt filled, and ass plugged while you fucked the life out of another woman.