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Free erotic stories by krystenah on AdultRead

New Lengths for Obedience

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-26

You helloed him back and then walked to my side and whispered, in a curious tone than a threatening one, "Did you forget your manners, pet?" I looked into your eyes, surprised that Marc seemed so unconcerned to find his buddy's girl in such a humiliating position. "You got time now, dude?" We could knock some of that out if you want." "Sure, Man," Marc said. I told myself not to cry as I said to you, "i am going to be spanked with the hairbrush because I hesitated this morning following your command to come to you and because I didn't say hello to Marc when he came in and because I was daydreaming when you came back into the garage. "A, Sir, please, I am sorry!" You weren't meeting my eyes but You said, "I told Marc you were obedient.

Learning How to Stick to a Diet II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-26

The man says something else to J and I hear J say, “go for it.” I am struggling to keep my position and I fear that my arousal will soon be apparent to the assembled crowd as I can feel my cunt becoming wetter and wetter. My legs start to shake and I know that my master has told the male guest to back up because J orders me to stay in position. When he finishes finally, there is applause and several guests come forward to rub my ass and thighs. Finally I am allowed to go to the corner to stand on display, my hands on my head, elbows out, ass thrust out, dribbling crumbs and feeling my heart rate return slowly to normal.

Krystenah's Surprise Date with Daddy

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-25

I rolled over and opened my eyes, expecting to see Daddy's handsome, restful face, but I snapped awake when I saw that resting on his pillow instead was the thick, wooden frat paddle. I wanted to feel Bestie insistently pressing at my second mouth and deep into my hungry cunt past my special spot until my eyes rolled back in my head... I'm focused." I held the lengthy checklist in my hand as Daddy looked at me skeptically, but he headed down the stairs. I wanted them to know that my Daddy had spanked and paddled my ass today. He ran his strong hands down my back and down my ass and patted the plug, pressing it a fraction deeper into my rectum.

A Quiet Domination Part II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-23

“For now, all you need to know is that you are going to wear the butt plug at every meal and that you will attend to me as a good slave should. I came here to meet your parents because that was important to you, but you need to remember that even though Mommy and Daddy think of you as an accomplished, beautiful woman, you and I know that what you are is a horny, greedy little slut. Then we wipe the slate clean and as long as you remember to ask me when you can play with that hungry little clit, you won’t have to wear them again.”

Learning How NOT to Cut Corners

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-23

I had worked up a sweat by the time Sir returned and when I let Him in, He looked past me and handed me a shopping bag. "So you ARE capable of following instructions." He told me the apartment looked better. He told me He wanted to admire his work for a bit, and I heard him go into the bedroom. "i am facing the wall, in punishment, Sir," I said. He told me to relax and he took the plug out in one stroke as he thrust his hard cock inside me. He pushed me down and I took in the sensations of his cock deep inside my ass, of my swollen clit, of his thighs slapping against my punished ass.

The Perfect Prescription Part II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-23

I dipped my head and even though Master was walking in front of me, he said, without turning around, “raise your head, slut. “…the one Dr. Johnson had to spank!” “…led like a naughty little child!” “Her man is super hot!” “…shame…” At the checkout desk, Master told me to sit and wait for him as he got the prescription. The desk nurse was handing a number of bags to Master along with the prescription that he folded two and then three times to fit into his pocket. At home, after Master shut off the car, he grabbed the bags and walked over to my door. Without the use of my hands, I moved my head back and forth, taking his cock deeper every time.

The Phone

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-22

“I’ll leave you to it.” She looked up at my master and I felt a stab of jealousy as she smiled and said, “It was great to see you again, J--.” Her eyes darted to me again and she went back to her computer monitor. Krystenah needs the day off, but I will make sure she completes all her work, as well as some of his less desirable—“ I didn’t hear the rest as I rushed to my office, shut down the computer, put a note on my door and locked it. “Is it that you don’t like the phone your master bought you or you don’t think you have to follow master’s rules?” he asked me.

Krystenah's Punishment Lines

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-21

“Thank you, Daddy,” I said, “for the coffee and for letting your slut sleep in.” I skootched over to make room for Daddy in the bed, but he just shook his head slowly and produced a piece of paper I hadn’t seen in his left hand. My job was to clean Daddy’s cock when it got wet with pre-cum, but Daddy had just spanked me for analyzing my tasks too much. The pull of my duty, one of the first Daddy had ever given me, felt like a cord tugging at me and drawing me to Daddy’s cock. I fell into a nice rhythm of writing and cleaning Daddy’s cock when Daddy told me he had to get something from his toolbox.

Master Knows Best

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-21

"After I told you you were to be punished in the way I deemed the most fit and after I said 'No more discussion', you decided you knew better than your Master. I don’t know how long I lay there, but I prayed that somehow I was pleasing Master and that he was enjoying the sight of his slave's punished ass in the air, her face against the floor. As he whipped me, he asked me, “how many words were in the first text you sent me after I said ‘no more discussion on this’, slut?” my mind groped for the answer, I shook my head, trying to remember, but then the words flashed in front of my eyes.

When Krystenah's Master is Away Part II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-19

Go clean yourself up and go back to work.” Brian leaned forward and placed his hands on his thighs, reinforcing my humiliation as his ‘naughty little girl.’ “Daddy has to finish his meeting with Mr. Rose.” I knew I should start on Theresa’s report, but I wanted to rack up some more pluses for my journal and so I started to look for the pictures that Master had asked for. I agreed to let him work some community service hours here—he’s had a problem with the law,” Brian said, looking deeply in my eyes. +collected photos for Master, -masturbated in office without Master’s permission, -stalled on working on Theresa’s presentation, +agreed to help Brian with his son.

Krystenah's Strapping

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-19

“Are you attracted to this boy, pet?” Master asked me as Carlos stood by. Carlos massaged my ass cheeks more roughly and began pressing his finger in the crease. I stared into Master’s eyes and reflexively lifted my hips as Carlos pulled my panties up and into the crack of my ass. Master stood behind me and began spanking my ass with his hand, cupped. I felt Carlos’ hands on my warm, stinging ass and I reached out to Master as he leaned down and stroked my hair. Carlos began cutting my panties away with scissors and I felt air rush in and over punished ass. “Yes, Master,” I said as Carlos pressed two fingers into my rectum.

Evening Walk with Daddy

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-19

I had thought the first time that he was only going to administer my morning hand spanking, but after he had concluded, and my chest was heaving and my ears were ringing with the smacks that had bounced off the walls and my ass was throbbing, he had held me down and had told me to grasp my ass cheeks and hold them open. When Daddy arrived at lunchtime, he ordered me to press my hands against the wall as he beat me with his belt, the plug stretching my ass. I greeted Daddy at the door plugged, collared and leashed, my trench coat over my arm. Daddy tugged on the leash and my pussy fountained juice that coated his cock.

Anonymity is a Luxury

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-19

I had protested (and gotten paddled for it-with the plug deep inside my ass), but I secretly loved this new rule. I love keeping our secret as we drive through town-and no one knowing that I wear the plug because it pleases you that I do and that your pleasure is my highest aim. I also love wearing the plug because I can imagine you are inside me, honoring me with your cock inside my ass. That seemed to break some sort of spell that was over the crowd, as even though I was still straddling you, still clutching your cock inside my pussy, men came up to you, shaking your hand, giving you the thumbs up or high-fiving you.

Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part III

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-18

I rubbed my ass cheeks until Matty told me to come to where he sat in the living room. I pushed the dildo deep inside me and then pulled it out a little at a time, coating it with my juices. I thought I was going to cum right there, but he slapped the side of my right hip and pressed his tongue inside my ass. “Get this really wet, Krys, because this is going deep in that ass of yours.” I sucked at the plug and slathered it with my spit. “I can’t wait to fuck this asshole, Krystenah,” he said as he removed his finger and pushed the plug in.

Daddy Rules, Daddy's Consequences Part II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-18

At the halfway marker, I texted Daddy to ask if I could take off my panties because they had become so wet it felt uncomfortable to sit in them. Daddy hadn’t let me climax, even though he had and the taste of his milk in my mouth helped relieve the panic I felt in my pulsing clit. As he pressed himself inside me, I squeezed as hard as I could and groaned at the pleasure of being filled by Daddy’s cock and the anxiety of his thighs slapping my injured, angry flesh. I could feel my pushing fountaining inside me, producing the juice that allows Daddy to fuck his slave’s pussy as hard and as long as he wants.

Krystenah the puppy Begs for Relief

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-18

I knew better than to remove the handle of the cat because Master had told me when he placed something in my mouth I was to treat it as a precious gift. I sat up straighter, excited at the prospect and nearly spit out the cat as I yelped, “Yes, Master!” He dug in his pocket and my eyes were trained on his head as he revealed the spade-shaped butt plug. Master lubed up the plug and then he began pushing globs of lube inside his slave’s ass. “I want you to make room for something later, Puppy,” he said as he gradually pushed the plug deeper inside me until it was in place. Master placed his hand on his slave’s pussy and looked up at me, smiling and eyes wide.

Krystenah is a Naughty Teacher Part IV

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-18

I want to be able to tell Matt you were a good girl on the ride over,” he said. I am going to need Mike to help me punish you and if you are a good girl and take your punishment well, I will fuck that sweet hungry pussy of yours. “Hold her,” Matty said to Mike and I felt Mike’s arms wrap over mine and hold them as he opened his legs, thus forcing mine open, too. I felt Matt behind me, rubbing my ass and pressing his cock between my asshole and vagina. Mike began fucking my face harder as Matt pushed his tip against my hole. Matty plunged deeper into my cunt as Mike moaned and stuck his thumb inside my mouth to suck.

Krystenah's Master and King

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-15

He kneaded my ass cheeks and ran his nails along the inside of my thighs. He took his time tracing my thighs and pushing the handle into the pussy he owns, wet and lonely. As the punisher laid the stripes down on my back and ass and thighs, the king walked over to us. Hand me that implement, Sir. I will complete this portion of her punishment." The punisher handed the cat to the king using both hands and bowed low, walking backward so as not to dishonor him by turning his back. "But the only times before when you used the brush and cat so harshly on me were when you punished me, Sir," I said.

More Than She Could Ask For

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-14

"You are going to go in there, do your business, and place the bullet inside that tight little ass. I had been afraid he would think I was too much of a slut, but apparently I needn't have worried because here I was, his willing partner, sitting next to him in the dark with a bullet inside my ass. He had told me he was going to make me wear a bullet the next time we went out to a movie and he was making me wear one. He presses one, then two, then three fingers inside me with one hand and then starts finger fucking me deeply as he kisses and sucks my clit.


bdsm krystenah 2018-06-14

Daddy raised the belt above his head and brought it down swiftly across my ass. I looked into the camera and realized that Daddy had somehow changed the setting. A red-faced white woman, close to tears, her hair falling from its tie, her left tit hanging out of her camisole getting a belting from her Black Daddy, standing behind her, his hand on the small of her back, his arm raised high. My chest hurt from screaming but I kept my head up looking into the camera because that is what Daddy wanted. As Daddy fucked me I could only imagine what it looked like on the other side of the camera.

Krystenah's Inspiration Part II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-13

Brian stood a little below Sylvia and looked very “Yes, Master,” I said, and set the tray down on the table in front of them. I walked over to Master and he stood and took my hand. ”Oh, yes, of course,” Brian said in his low, stern voice and pulled out his and asked Master, can you show Brian the way to the clips and paddle? When Master and Brian were gone in the bedroom, Sylvia ran her hands along my strokes that Brian began to bring down upon my ass. At one point, she stroked my ass and invited Master to feel the I wanted Sylvia to cum in my mouth, I wanted Master to cum in my ass I

What She Deserves After Dessert

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-13

The last punishment, hand spanking had nearly brought me to tears and the caning and paddling that followed it had left me openly blubbering and begging Daddy to believe me when I burbled, "I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Did." The spanking began as Daddy pressed his left hand into the middle of my back and delivered a hard blow to my ass with his right. Daddy whispered in my ear, "Everyone knows what a naughty little girl you can be and how much you need your Daddy to beat you." He roughly squeezed my right ass cheek and I felt the soreness in the muscle under his grip. I looked into the waitress' face and tried my hardest not to cry out even though my ass felt like it had been stung by an entire hive of bees.

Mistress Sylvia Commands Respect

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-13

He told me that you might try to get away with arriving late to my class and that I could take matters into my own hands, if I felt the need.” I looked up into her eyes for direction as I wasn’t sure if I should suck it hard, as master sucked mine, or if I should lick around the nipple and take as much of her breast as I could into my mouth. I went by instinct and sucked and licked her breast she offered me, constantly looking up into her eyes for a reassuring or corrective glance. She lifted up her skirt and I felt cool air on my punished ass and thighs.

Krystenah's Inspiration Part I

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-12

As I looked up and curved my back into a deeper stretch, I felt my skirt rise and tickle the backs of my thighs where Master had spanked them and marked them with his belt. I thought about when he had fucked his slave’s ass and felt a tinge of pride as I remembered how deep he had plunged and how he voice had sunk into a register of lust and raw pleasure. “You can play with my slave’s clit, if you like, slut, or you can bring that hungry girl over here and let me do it,” Master said.

Krystenah's Refresher

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-11

I opened my mouth and Master spooned some coffee ice cream into my mouth. “No one else will know (SMACK!) that you have been paddled (SMACK!) (SMACK!) (SMACK!) with a hairbrush (SMACK!) by your master (SMACK!) but you (SMACK!) (SMACK!) and me(SMACK!) (SMACK!) (SMACK!) (SMACK!).” He lifted my skirt up and rubbed my pinkened ass. I couldn’t eat it until he said, “open.” I had learned this rule after I had mistakenly opened my mouth the first time he presented the ice cream. After the sounds of the city began to dim, Master told me to turn off the car. I held the plug inside and felt the sting reignite as I clenched my ass cheeks.

Krystenah's kitchen Punishment and Prize Part II

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-11

“Please punish me with the switch, Daddy, because I violated your rules and I need to remember to always follow Daddy’s rules and not take short cuts and always remember that I am your little girl and slave girl and that you are in charge of me all of me and you tell me what to do and when to cum and I am so sorry I didn’t hold back harder and I and I…just need it, Daddy.” Daddy struggled not to laugh as my words spilled and I sat there feeling awkward and excited and a little scared. “They will know that you needed a good switching in Daddy’s backyard, won’t they, my good girl?” Another wicked whistle and another snap across my striped and throbbing ass.

Krystenah is a Very Naughty Puppy

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-10

Master took my hand and led me to the lead and collar aisle of the dog section. “What would you recommend for a very naughty puppy?” Master asked the man but looked deeply into my eyes. “I think this might suit your needs, Sir,” the salesman said and handed him a harness suitable for a German Shepard or Great Dane. “You said you thought I might like some other items?” He asked the man and the man smiled and clapped his hands together once. There are cages the next aisle over and I set aside a few other items…” he looked at me and then back at Master.

Boot Camp

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-09

Just as my hand touched the door knob to the front door, Daddy said, "And while you are working out I want you to say your chant." I did every warm up exercise and I said my chant in my head per Daddy's instructions, but Michelle noticed my lackluster energy and told me to "pick it up." I nodded, out of breath. Michelle had set up nine stations and told us we were going to do 40-20's: 40 seconds of work ("HARD work," she said, glaring at me) followed by 20 seconds of rest. My throat and chest were on fire and I didn’t have time to think about the bruises on my ass because my muscles were starting to fatigue.

A Quiet Domination Part I

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-05

On the train to my parent's house, Master told me that he was looking forward to dominating me over the weekend. I still thought that it would be incredibly dicey on the first meeting between my Master (known to Mom and Dad as my "boyfriend") and my very nosy parents. "Perhaps Master and I could sponsor a night out for Mom and Dad and he could dominate me then," I thought. I didn't know how I could possibly tell my Master who had worked so hard to train me to be his fucktoy, his puppy, his slut that we would have to take a break this weekend. Master had used hot sauce on my tongue when I used a curse word he did not allow and one other time.

The Importance of following Master's Directions

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-03

As I pulled into my driveway at home, I felt my heart racing and my pussy growing wetter with anticipation of the sight and touch of my Master. Inside the house, I arranged on a small table in the living room the implements I anticipated my Master might want: the belt, spoon, brush, paddle, paint mixers and rulers and whip. I cried out with the mixture of pleasure of his cock inside me and the pain of his thighs pressing against my ass. I felt the pain of my punished ass and thighs and I felt the pleasure of my Master's cock fucking and claiming his slave's ass in the most primitive and secret way he can.

My 21st Birthday with Krystenah and her Master

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-02

“Would you like to join us?” she asked, but she had her arm wrapped around my back and was leading me to a booth where her companion stood, watching our approach. Without looking at her, he said to the woman, “Sit down, slave.” She sat on the other side of the booth and laced her hands together on top of the table. Master wanted me to ask you if you would like to come home with us.” She looked at him, as if for approval. “Since it is Kymburli’s birthday, and since she obviously enjoyed her spanking, (He looked at me and I felt myself blushing) I think we should play a spanking game. “Yes, Sir,” I said and walked over to Krystenah.

Mistress Sylvia Commands Respect Pt 2

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-02

“Since Sylvia had to punish you, and since you are covered in her smell and since she put her hands on the body that I own, I am going to have to take the rest of tonight and tomorrow morning and as long as it takes to make sure that you have the scent of your Master on you and in you. As Master started the car, he said, "I will wash my slave's body when we get home and then I am going to make sure you are covered in my scent.” I relaxed finally as he drove us back home where I would be reclaimed by my master.

Krystenah is Reclaimed (Sylvia Pt 3)

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-02

Stay still.” I stayed as still as I could, but my clit was throbbing from both the stings and the arousal I felt looking into Master’s eyes and he focused on his work, tattooing his fingerprints on the clit he was reclaiming and punishing the pussy he owned so I would not forget whose it belonged to. I promise, just please, please, can I feel your cock inside your slave’s punished pussy?” My words came out in a stream. “ As he said these words, he ran his fingers just along the opening, avoiding contact with my clit, which was hard and throbbing.

The Perfect Prescription Part III

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-01

Master slapped me hard on the ass and told me to greet the doctor properly. Doctor Johnson told me to ‘hop up’ on the bed, on all fours and face away from him. He moved his hand around ass, pressing deep with his thumb almost in a circle until his fingers fell against my pussy. In order for this to be most efficient, however, I am still going to have to manipulate the asshole,” Doctor Johnson told Master in a clipped tone. Doctor Johnson began fucking more forcefully and I felt the ass plug plunge deeper inside my ass with every thrust. I heard Master and Doctor Johnson whispering over my body something about a check-up back at the office next week after all the home treatments were administered.

Until His Anger is Spent

bdsm krystenah 2018-06-01

 "Wet already, slut?" He asked me and I said, "Yes, Sir." He looked over the selection of toys.  He told me that I was only allowed to respond with "Yes, Sir" or "Thank You, Sir" and He began whipping my ass and back. "Are you a spoiled slut?" ("Yes, Sir.)”Do you deserve to be punished like a bad dog?" ("Yes Sir. Thank You, Sir!") He gave me a brief merciful break when He let me suck His cock. "Do you need the belt like a naughty little girl?" He asked me as He striped my throbbing ass.  “Yes, Sir!” And suddenly the spanking stopped and I felt Him remove the plug and slide His erection deep inside me.

The Perfect Prescription

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-31

You had better not let it slip, or I will call the nurse in to restrain you.” I stiffened at the thought of the doctor punishing me, but before I could protest, the spanking came, reawakening the pain in my ass and the dread I faced when Master J found out. I knew I would have to walk through the clinic and have the eyes of all the doctors and nurses on me, but for the moment, I forgot about all of that and enjoyed the pleasure of my Master’s cock inside my ass, his hand squeezing my tits and spanking the tops of my ass cheeks.

Daddy's Rules, Daddy's Consequences

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-31

I look up through the mesh of the cage and pray that I can come when Daddy says I can, if Daddy says I can and not before like I want to with every passing second that he fucks his owned slave flesh. Daddy gathers more wet from the dripping pussy and again wipes it on my ass which is now stretched open for Daddy’s pleasure. Daddy wants to fuck that pretty ass after your switching.” He helps me up and I walk in a daze back to the toy box. “Thank you, Daddy,” I simply breath as I sit and he winks, drenching the cloth that will wash the tears and sweat away from the flesh he punishes and cleans and claims every day as his own.

Krystenah Visits a Salon for Sluts

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-29

I sat there for a time and finally Min took the towel away from my pussy and began lathering it up. I could feel myself getting hot and Alice said she was going to make a phone call to Master. “If you are a good girl, maybe Master will let you have a reward when we are finished,” Min said. “Naughty girl,” Min said, and slapped my bare pussy with the back of her hand. “You did such a great job, Krystenah, that I called your master and asked him if I could fuck your new pussy with a dildo, but then you asked Min what we were up to and she asked me to call him back to tell him.

How the Mighty Has Fallen

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-28

After 10 months of unemployment, my ego had been deflated and I found myself considering jobs I never would have looked twice at and when Megacorp called and offered me an extraordinary fee for a one-day contract, I jumped at the opportunity. “Your job, Krystenah, which you accepted, is to be the entertainment for the team building conference. He told me I was to wear a collar and leash (again, per contract) and my already red face turned a deeper shade of scarlet when he attached them and then led me to the conference room. “That’s it,” he said, “get it nice and wet because next this cock is going in your ass.” I tried to struggle, but Shelly and Bob rushed to Roger’s side and held me in place.

The Collar Part IV

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-28

“Strip out of your clothes and get me the ribbed plug and the lube.” I sprang up and did as Master commanded, my pussy still throbbing from my stolen orgasm and my ass still sore from the spankings he and my boss had given me. Let me see the asshole I am going to fuck, Slave,” he said, and I presented my ass to him and placed my head on the floor. The pleasure of his ass-fucking and the pain of his slapping hand and the spreader bar holding my legs open mixed in a balance that drove my hips back to meet his cock and hand.

What Daddy Wants

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-28

I must have zoned out thinking about how well Daddy’s dick fits into my mouth and how feeling Daddy pump his cream into it makes me feel like the luckiest Babygirl alive…because I feel Daddy shaking me and pinching my nipple HARD. “Answer the question, Babygirl,” Daddy says and presses the center of the plug so that it goes a little deeper into my ass. I could feel my pussy spilling out more and more juice as Daddy pulled almost all the way out and then pressed his dick inside the opening. Daddy gripped my hips and pressed himself deep inside me once again and I screamed at the sensation and the knowledge that he was claiming me as he did everyday as his Babygirl, slut and toy.

Krystenah's Observation

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-27

Daddy commands and gets respect when he speaks, and it made me feel very proud to stand beside him in class like this. She is usually on time, but she was late that day and we had to start class a little late because of that.” Daddy looked at me and I turned to write Salvador’s answer on the board: LATE TO CLASS. I felt embarrassed having my shortcomings listed on the board in front of Samantha, who had commenced taking copious notes since Daddy’s presentation had begun. She and Daddy spoke for a moment, but instead of her calling off the “demonstration”, she shook Daddy’s hand and he walked back to where I was standing. Daddy grabbed me around the waist and began beating my ass with short, hard strokes.

Saturday in the Park with Master

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-26

“Don’t you think your master should be the first one to see your new decoration?” With her other hand she reached around and patted the plug so it went slightly deeper into my ass. Walking briskly with the new plug was tough, but I wanted to be by my master’s side as soon as I possibly could, no matter what he decided to do to me when Sylvia told him what she saw. Go tell Brian, you need him to spank you and I will finish your punishment when you are warmed up.” He didn’t wait for a response, but walked over to where Sylvia and Brian were talking. I hadn’t heard Master and Sylvia arrive as Brian spanked me, but there they were as I stood up, wiping a tear away.

A Quiet Domination Part III

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-25

I kept my hands in the prayer position and moved my hips back and up to try to take in my master’s cock even deeper inside me. “Whose asshole is this?” he asked and thrust his cock inside me, his thighs pressing into my ass. My eyes were locked on his as he pressed his cock deep inside the pussy he controls, brushing against my erect and throbbing clit. He warned me not to make any noise with his eyes as he removed his hand from my mouth and moved it to the back of my neck and pumped his perfect cock inside me. He moved me back into the position he wanted, by body wrapped inside his.

Putting Her Through Her Paces

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-24

Most doctors would be shocked to find a patient standing stark naked in the living room with a duster in one hand and clips on her nipples and clits. I wasn’t sure if it was the morning full of vigorous work, the early morning punishment session, the clips, the surprise visit of the doctor or his simple orders, but I felt myself growing aroused. “I need to take off these clips, Doctor Johnson,” I said. “This will be a little cold,” he said and I felt his thumb press against the opening. “A little pressure,” he said and pushed his thumb deep into my ass. “Your pleasure, Sir,” I said as he worked another finger deep inside the hole.

Learning Her Place

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-24

Then I want you to get her purse from her desk and I will show you something really special that I use to keep her in line" He hauled off and smacked my ass so hard over my skirt that I was sure the sound carried into the outer office. "Mr. Z, I think you should use the ruler on her so she feels it the rest of the day and if you get the purse I think you will like what she had BETTER (SMACK!) have brought with her" To my horror, Z practically skipped to the door and opened it, revealing the humiliating spectacle of me, bent over, held in place in the small of my back by my Master.

Learning How to Stick to a Diet

bdsm krystenah 2018-05-23

All goes well until my friend's husband, Jake, asks me to come into the kitchen to light the candles and start the happy birthday song parade out to Delilah. I look at her and say, "I am sorry Sir had to punish me and that you had to wait for your birthday cake, Delilah. Delilah doesn't need to be told twice and she starts spanking my ass with hard fast strokes.  "How long did you have to beat those eggs, Delilah?" J asks her and she replies, "Until they formed stiff peaks," never missing a stroke. J asks Jake to grab a soft spatula and a helpful guest hands one to him.  J tells Jake to continue, but that He and Delilah are going to serve cake to the guests.