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Free erotic stories by kurrginatorX on AdultRead

Something Stupid This Way Comes

humor kurrginatorX 2018-04-17

He asked whut I was doin' an' I tol him, an' he gimme five more dollars and said, "Follow Main Street to Willow, take a left, and three houses down is a woman what'll give you the time of your life. I tol' him again that I was, so he said, "I ain't got no insurance, so hows about I give you twenty dollars for your duck." Seemed like a good deal to me, so I took it. When I finally got home Uncle Odell asked how things went an' I said, "I got fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, an' twunny damn dollars for a fucked up duck."

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?

lesbian kurrginatorX 2018-03-13

"Just kiss me and tell me you love me," Jillian said, and Cammie did. "I'm so sorry," Cammie said as she reached out and took one of Jillian's hands into her own. The following morning: "I'll call you later," Jillian said as she kissed Cammie good-bye. "She said, 'It must be nice knowing someone believes in you strongly enough to open doors for you.' The only person who has the means to do that for me is you, Jillian, so I'm just going to ask you point blank: Did you get me that job at the college?" "Cammie, baby," Jillian said as she took her lover's face into her hands. "I love you," Cammie said as she kissed Jillian.


Tales from Schooner Street: William

mature kurrginatorX 2018-02-12

She placed a hand upon mine and said, "Thank you, William. The following day at noon, I called Annie and said, "I left my back door unlocked. You're so fucking good at this." She continued on, and a few minutes later I was coming in her mouth. Schooner Street is a nice place to live, but it can be very unforgiving if the wrong thing gets out." He took a swallow, looked at me, and said, "Take it from me. "She thinks I'm so old that I need someone looking after me around the clock, but I told her that I had a young boyfriend who takes care of me. As I lay next to her, Annie said, "I have never told you this, William, but I love you.


Tales from Schooner Street: kurrginatorX

celebrities kurrginatorX 2018-01-26

In my story For the Love of Gramma, which is about a grandmother and grandson who inadvertently meet over a website dedicated to GILFs hooking up with young men, the female lead has as her profile pic a close-up of her asshole, and that is what groovygranny sent me, only I saw now that she had signed her name to the email: Emily. She continued rubbing herself for about ten seconds, then I said, "Pull your hand out and place one of those fingers into your mouth." She did, then sucked her cum off it. My hand had found its way between her legs, and her continuous shower of cum had begun to wrinkle my skin, and it was then, over an hour later, that she finally told me to stop.

The Larry Stinger Show

humor kurrginatorX 2018-01-23

As the audience said Oooooooooo, Larry asked, "So, what do you hope to accomplish here today?" "Do you know why you're here today, Richard?" Larry asked. "Least I don't look like bearilla," Jeannie said, "and for those of you who don't know what that means, it means she's half bear and half gorilla." Security finally got them separated, and Larry said, "Okay, Richard. Jeannie took one look at her, then turned to Richard and began a litany of, "God-damn you! "Oh, you don't know the half of it, Larry," Jeannie said with a smug look on her face. "She knows that there is only one way that I'd do that, Larry." He turned to her and said, "Don't you?" "Wait a minute," Larry said, a look of puzzlement on his face.

Tales from Schooner Street: Phil

anal kurrginatorX 2018-01-04

"If your wife told you that she wanted you to eat her ass, would you do it?" My wife wants me to eat her ass. "You know, do you eat her pussy?" I looked at her and said, "Sorry, Lynn." "Yeah, I eat her pussy," Zach responded. "Zach, Lynn is your wife. "You want him to eat your ass?" Zach asked Lynn. "You ain't about to eat her pussy," Zach said in protest. He slowly moved his mouth to Lynn's ass, but once he had affixed it there, I knew he wouldn't be coming off it any time soon. Lynn began masturbating again while telling Zach how good his mouth felt on her. Zach said nothing; he just became an ass-eating machine.

Tales from Schooner Street: Don

gay-male kurrginatorX 2017-12-02

Some really misinformed guy wrote saying that sex and gender were the same thing and that everyone needed to stop making up new ways to define people. Al thanked me for attempting to educate the guy, and asked me for my email address because, "I have something I think you'd be interested in seeing." Thinking it may be a link to yet another paper on the topic of sex and gender, I readily gave it to him.


mature kurrginatorX 2017-10-19

Judge Mathers looked at Eddie and said, "You should be down on your knees thanking this woman. "You may come by around three this afternoon and begin pressure washing that graffiti from the wall," Mrs. Mathers told Eddie once they had gotten outside. "Mean old bitch," Eddie's girlfriend, Kendra, said when Mrs. Mathers was out of earshot. Mrs. Mathers, who had a scowl on her face, told him where he could find the equipment, and about fifteen minutes later Eddie was cleaning the mess he had made. Bye." She turned her attention to Eddie and said, "That was Judge Mathers wanting to know how you were working out. Eddie nodded his acknowledgement of this, asked, "Same time tomorrow?" and when June told him yes, he left.