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Free erotic stories by lizthewizz2000 on AdultRead

Evening of Desire

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-09-19

"It's time to relax now and let the working world go." Lisa rubbed the oil into Dianne's shoulders - her hands moving in circles and lines around and up and down Dianne's back. Finally, after what seemed like hours of the relaxing massage, Lisa let a trickle of the massage oil slide between Dianne's cheeks and took off her silk gown. Dianne could feel the warmth and wetness of Lisa's bare mound and finally tasted it as she flicked her tongue out at the moist pussy lips. Lisa turned around and nestled in Dianne's arms as they shared a sweet kiss and began to talk of life and work and school and how the world fit

Veggie Tails

anal lizthewizz2000 2018-09-19

Vaginal massaging, clitoral teasing, breast brushing with the tips of my fingers....and anal play. Looking into the mirror I see my recently shaved reddening pussy lips glistening already with the thoughts of exploration. I begin to touch myself gently, feeling my body and mind respond as my fingers become slippery with my own wetness. I let the ridges of the wrinkles slide beneath the tips of my fingers and I gasp at my own touch. Taking the small carrot in my right hand, I use my left hand to spread my cheeks wide causing my rear hole to lewdly gape at me. Once again, I begin to massage my clit, feeling pleasure shocks shoot up my spine as my muscles involuntarily contract around the carrot.

Spin the Dreidel

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-09-12

Deborah let out a moan as Lisa's tongue began to center in on her sensitive nipple. Giving it a final twirl, Lisa spun the dreidel on the floor and it came up Nun. Deborah grinned as she read the sexual dare. Lisa began a series of grunts and moans as Deborah used her tongue to play Lisa's pussy like a fine violin. A shiver and a groan began Lisa's orgasm as Deborah used more and more of her tongue to lap and lick at her clit. Alternating between slipping the tip of her tongue into Deborah's asshole and lapping in broad strokes at her pucker, Lisa got into a rhythm that was driving Deb insane!

A Thanksgiving Feast

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-08-21

Liz took one look at Vanessa's long dark hair, her sensual figure, her warm (yet teasing) smile, and smoothly said, "". Action followed thought and soon enough Liz had a spoon and was scooping whipped cream on the hot pie. Thinking fast, Liz decided to put things in reverse and she began scooping and scraping the whipped cream off of the pie and back into the container. With the ammunition supply depleted, Vanessa moved over to Liz and gave a long, slow, sensual lick down Liz's neck, scooping up the whipped cream and swallowing it down. As the whipped cream melted on the pumpkin pie, so these two lovers melted into one sexy, multi-colored, sticky sweet treat.

Skiing With Jenna

celebrities lizthewizz2000 2018-07-23

Taking a good look at Lisa, Jenna said with a glint in her eye, "Well, why don't I make it up to you with a big mug of hot chocolate. First one in the hot tub wins!" Jenna stuck her tongue out at Lisa and rapidly began to undress. Shy at first, Lisa warmed up to the idea of being in a hot tub with Jenna and unbuckled, unstrapped, and unzippered as quickly as she could until she was down to her white panties and bra. The two kissed, damp red and blond hairs intertwining as Jenna straddled Lisa in the hot tub. With the dildo sliding faster and deeper into her pussy, Jenna began to scream as she climaxed once, then twice, each time driving herself on the dildo and humping Lisa like mad!!!

The Waterfall

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-07-05

You gasped and I let my pinkish-red lips surround your nipple..warming it, wetting it and begin sucking and nibbling. My tongue leaving feathery kisses on your beautiful breast as I reached your nipple in due time. My tongue traces your natural "V" and then I give one, long drag of my tongue down, down, down...from your clitoris, down your wet, tasty your wrinkled anus. My fingers begin to massage your reddening lips as my tongue traces each and every wrinkle of your brownish-pink pucker. Finally, my tongue touches your bud and I begin to give it butterfly kisses as my lips surround your clit. My tongue teasing your clit this way and that while two fingers slide into your warm pussy.

Wrapped Around Her Finger

anal lizthewizz2000 2018-07-04

I routinely (and almost ritually) washed my finger if I decided on anal play during masturbation and I felt I was most likely a "big freak" for even getting pleasure by touching myself there! I was way too shy, too new to being gay, and too embarrassed to even think about mentioning anal play while making love to the girlfriends I had in college. I groaned as I felt my ass envelop her finger and I reached down to caress my clitoris, needing to do SOMETHING with the sexual energy coursing through me. I was wrong for in the next moment Kim pushed me over the edge by rapidly sawing her index finger in and out of my asshole and, at the same time, leaning down and flickering her tongue quickly over my clit.

The Tutor or What is 34 Plus 35?

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-06-24

The silk rubbing up against my bra-less nipples feels wonderful all day long, and the tight jeans ride up on me….which can be thrilling in a variety of ways. Again, I've always liked the feel of my clothes against my skin, and shaving allows my cotton or silk panties to touch my nether lips with nothing in the way. Her breasts looked ready for my kisses and her pussy had a trimmed strip of dark curly pubic hair that was already glistening. She gasped, however, as I moved my tongue to her cute, slightly dark pucker that looked like it was just begging for a kiss.

A Phantastic Memory

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-06-22

My red-rimmed eyes constantly tearing as I watched videos of the time we went to Busch Gardens (remember joking about wanting to visit my "Bush Garden" and "Dark Cunt-ry"?) and our week-long vacation at the beach. Finally, around midnight on Halloween, as I lie on the couch in my loose sweats and T-shirt, sleep overtakes me. Shyly, as if this were my first time, I caress your breast with my hand, feeling the brown nipple stiffen and wrinkle up at the brush of my thumb. I woke up wet and shaking still from my orgasm, truly feeling that you were now inside me forever. I will let her know she is a very special child who was conceived in love by lovers who could not be separated...even by death.

My Date with Alyson Hanigan

celebrities lizthewizz2000 2018-04-24

Her eyes finally spotted a woman who looked a lot like Alyson Hanigan from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Liz couldn't keep her eyes off of Alyson's deep, dark eyes, her lovely (and matching her own!) reddish-brown hair, her gorgeous figure....and those lips!! Liz and Alyson began to kiss and touch, exploring each other with tongue and hand like they had typed to one another so many times. Next she sucked on that nipple, letting her tongue tease the erect nip as her lips massaged Alyson's areola. First, Alyson lightly touched her tongue to Liz's dark, wrinkled anus, letting her nose nudge Liz's bald pussy lips as she gently rimmed her.

Valentine's Day Mascara

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-02-12

Feeling embarrassed at her frazzled outward appearance, Liz ran a hand through her hair and graciously accepted Samantha's offer. The bar began to empty out and Samantha took a bold step in inviting Liz up to her hotel room. Liz and Samantha held each other tight as their kisses moved from light and tender to passionate and strong - their pussy lips mimicking their kisses by attempting to meet. Liz felt her smaller breasts pressed up close against Samantha's bountiful bosom and felt herself melting in this woman's arms. They caressed each others rear, until Samantha accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) grazed Liz's tender rear hole with a finger.

Tub Time for Two

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2018-01-18

I begged my girlfriend, Carlie, to let me hop in the shower to wash some of the grunge off before we began an extended session of foreplay and sex. Of course, she is beautiful at any time, but I have rarely seen a more erotic sight than seeing Carlie as the shower poured the steamy water down her sensual, full body. At that time, I wondered if the steam was coming from the hot shower or from my turned-on body! Instead she said, "Okay, time to turn around." Obediently I turned around, my back to Carlie and the shower head as she lathered up once more and lovingly massaged and cleaned my back.

Anniversary Surprise

lesbian lizthewizz2000 2017-11-10

Finally, setting herself to the task at hand, Lisa showered, hoping that her lover would appreciate a clean body to work with much later. "I'm hungry for something else right now." Smiling back at her, Jen replied, "Ha ha ha - well, lover, your feast awaits!" With that, Lisa moved closer to her and they kissed - a long, slow kiss - lips parted at first, then opening slightly. Lisa gave a slight moan as Jen's hands began to roam over her body, her fingers lightly caressing her breasts and nipples. Lisa gently caressed her lover's trimmed pussy and could feel the wetness as her finger slowly parted Jen's lips.