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Free erotic stories by lovely_lissa on AdultRead

Taken by Surprise

bdsm lovely_lissa 2018-06-18

Her ass filling out her tight blue jeans so nicely, her black thong sticking out ever so slightly as she stands upon her tip toes, the light pink tank top she's wearing lifting up allowing her soft flesh to peek out at me. She tsks softly at me as my head turns to watch those long, sexy legs of hers that nice little pussy barely covered with her black thong. So many thoughts racing through my head but I finally manage to say "Not until I taste you..." her lips pull up in a soft smile and I can feel her body moving beneath me.

Master Gives Me Pleasure

bdsm lovely_lissa 2018-01-24

You wrap your hands in my hair once again and pull my head, making me deep throat you. You lock my hands up to the headrest, and I can't help but moan as I feel your once again hard cock pressed up against my ass. "Oh, gods master....this feels so good." My pussy tightens around your cock as you begin to thrust in and out of me. Oh pretty please Master, your little girl, your little slut, your dirty little whore needs to feel you release yourself inside her." You smile to me as you grab the collar that sits on my throat and I can feel you throb inside of me, and as my oxygen is cut off giving me that ultimate high you cum, filling me up.