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Free erotic stories by mare24 on AdultRead

The Summons

bdsm mare24 2018-12-04

I slowly kiss your legs as I rise a little at a time, getting hit in the face by your burgeoning cock as I neared your pelvis. My cry causes you to bite even harder and I can feel an orgasm building, but then you stop your attention to my breasts and rear over me, pushing my legs back so that you can see my sopping pussy. I watch your face as you grab your engorged cock and aim it at my dripping hole, holding my breath until I feel you slowly slid into me. This excites me and I quickly lick up all I can and suck your cock, feeling you begin to harden again in my mouth.

The Punishment

bdsm mare24 2018-11-16

You lean over and say “Don’t move a muscle slave” and then you begin to slide your enormous cock into my ass. You reach down and begin stroking my pussy and I hear your quick breath “you are dripping wet, my god you are hot!” At this point I cannot control the responses of my body and I begin pushing back against your cock and a moan escapes my lips. You are whispering things I cannot hear because the only thing I can think of at this point is please fuck me and you do so quickly slamming your massively rigid 9” cock into my pussy all the way to my cervix causing me to scream loudly.

My Girl's Night Out

lesbian mare24 2018-11-12

  Emily mixed a strong drink and I was quickly becoming buzzed and enjoyed the rare feeling.   I hoped she didn’t catch me looking as we grabbed our drinks and went back outside and got into the hot tub.   I was also feeling very horny and felt my nipples pointing as the cool air hit my breasts and Emily was laughing and said “you had better cover up”.   Emily must have heard my quick intake and began fucking me fast and furious with her fingers and I was so horny I quickly came hard, and could feel my juices flowing out of my pussy as a shudder racked my body.

The Meeting

bdsm mare24 2018-10-29

  I try to control my excitement and begin by gently kissing all around your maleness, sucking on your balls and licking your shaft, but I am quickly overcome with desire and take as much of you into my mouth as possible.   Suddenly you grab my hair and pull me from your cock and exclaim “you are my slave I will fuck you if I want.”   I’m a bit confused and hesitate for a minute but as I beginning licking you from your balls to your sensitive head and you quickly succumb to my touch and your eyes glaze over in desire.   You again grab my hair and push my mouth down your entire cock and moan loudly as you shoot your delicious seed down my throat.