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Don Venuto's Sissies

fetish marybethsanford 2018-11-20

"It's an invitation to a birthday party?" Mark's mother said. You've got to go dressed as a little girl." Carol said. invitations, and I'll call a couple of the moms," Mark's mother said. supposed to have shoes, dresses and accessories." Mark's mother said on OK?" Mark's mother said as she transferred the slip to the arm "Life your arms honey." Mark's mother said as she gathered the slip. so the dress slids over it." Mark's mother said fighting that smile "Do you guys really like this stuff?" Mark asked as the dress and slip "Do you think he dresses like this?" Mark's mother asked. "Going to show you a trick we girls learn," Mark's mother said.

Marketing 101

fetish marybethsanford 2018-07-25

I mean if these are adults and they like the styles that is," Mark said and added, "and obviously it would mean moving away from our traditional marketing strategies." Mark, you've got a good grasp on some of the problems we might face in taking this on," Ms. Pennyworth said and added, "As you might imagine, it would no doubt require some relatively new marketing strategies... That's exactly right Mark, and I can see now why Susan likes you," Ms. Pennyworth said and added, "so you can realize now why that research itself is going to require some extraordinary methods and, for the most part why I've brought this up with only a little context so far."

Accidental Girl

fetish marybethsanford 2017-12-30

"Class: Psychology 101; Teacher: Ms. Miller; Task: Essay Assignment Number Four: A question to consider, research and answer: For the girls: What do you think it's like to be a boy? You know, I ask you what it's like to be a girl and a short time later, much later, you answer me in about two thousand words or more," Bobby said. 'Hey Julie, why don't you tell me what you're thinking' and while you do that I'm going to be looking really interested and when you're done, then I'll say no but I get laid," Bobby said. "Believe it or not the answer is yes," Bobby said and added, "guys can dress as girls without getting branded.

Don Venuto's Sissies

fetish marybethsanford 2017-11-06

I want those invitation handed, in person, to every mother of every boy, that lives in this neighborhood and goes to school with my son," Don Venuto said. I don't have a choice!" Mark's mother said and added almost in tears: "You must go and you're going dressed as a little girl." "Use your cell phone to call your friends and see if they've got invitations, and I'll call a couple of the moms." Mark's mother said. "Honey, according to that woman, the Don wants all of the boys to be wearing panties as well as their little dresses." Carol said deciding not to try and find a better way to say it.