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Free erotic stories by meraena on AdultRead

Vacation Getaway Ch. 02

group meraena 2018-08-06

His sperm was hitting the insides of my pussy deep and hard, my own orgasm was starting to break as I to was cumming, oh my gods yes I'm cumming gods yes fuck me baby fuck me and I could feel his cock squirting and squirting like a geyser gushing around his draining massive penis, filling my pussy. It felt so fucking good, just like before, to have his giant cock once again, filling my tight pussy to the hilt and massaging my g-spot. I swallowed it and pulled his limp tool from my mouth, moaning as my orgasm was continued and I was still being fucked by the huge cock in my pussy.


Vacation Getaway Ch. 08

group meraena 2018-07-29

We took a taxi to the center of town, kissing the whole way, Papi's hand occasionally slipping up my dress to rub my pussy. I began to kiss down his chest, stopping to lick and gently suck his nipples, making him moan as the camera man and the crowd surrounding us continued to snap pictures. Papi's head was tilted back, eyes closed, as he lost himself in the pleasure emanating through his body from his cock, forgetting about the crowd and the camera man surrounding us. Leaning over, I kissed Papi deeply, slipping my tongue into his mouth as I slid my pussy onto his cock all the way down to the base.


Vacation Getaway Ch. 04

group meraena 2018-07-24

Papi knew he only had one more orgasm left and made the most of it by having the girls take turns sucking his cock to hardness to assure that it could stand one more round of fucking. As he did so, another girl knelt over him and began to suck his cock to help keep it hard and wet for when the time came to fuck that tight ass. The girl working the vibrator in her ass moaned over and over as I licked and sucked her clit and wet little pussy. The girl was having an orgasm as well from the combination her pussy pushed in tight circles against his hand and fingers and his cock slamming into her ass.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 09

group meraena 2018-06-30

I added some toys to the list, getting anal beads, a vibrating vagina to keep the boys who were sidelined busy, a couple of cock rings, anal lube, a board game with various tasks for the players to perform when chosen, a leather whip for fun if nothing else, and last but not least, a fingertip vibrator that came with a vibrating egg. I'm jealous," he said, dropping the anal beads and giving the game spinner one last hard twirl before coming over, grabbing me and kissing me passionately. "Let me know when it's been a minute," he said, dropping his pants and boxers to reveal an impressive 8 to 10 inch long slender cock that amazed us, one and all.


Vacation Getaway Ch. 07

group meraena 2018-06-25

The black man was fucking me even faster and harder now, asking me if I was ready to cum because he was ready but would hold back until I said the word. As he did, I took and fucked the black cock inside of me with hard thrusts, my bucking hips meeting as he groaned and cooed "Oh yes, baby. Papi thrust into me with one smooth stroke and fucked me like a dog in heat gets fucked by its male: unbelievably fast and hard, grunting as the black predecessor of my pussy watched with his cock now limp as he panted from his romp.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 03

group meraena 2018-06-14

Her friend still sucking Papi's cock, now with her free hand between her wide spread legs, rubbing and fingering her pussy furiously. Papi quickly and carefully made sure the pussy on his face was satisfied then abruptly pulled his cock from the mouth of his little blonde. Grabbing her legs, he lifted them to her head and buried his hard cock into her pussy and started fucking her as she moaned nothing that was legible but surely ones of pleasure as he took long full strokes in and out of her pussy. They took turns sucking his cock and putting their pussies to his mouth to be eaten, followed by them sitting on his cock and fucking it.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 05

group meraena 2018-03-15

I told them that I would let them have some privacy and take a swim and went to the waters edge and dove in as he kissed my wife and rubbed the head of his penis up and down between the puffy lips of her cunt then inserted his 71/2 inch cock into her still wet pussy and brought her quickly to a mind bending orgasm as I was now watching them from his previous position behind the rock. Soon he was cumming as was she they both moaning from the pleasure that was over coming them he pulled his cock out as kissed her passionately and thanked her for the unexpected experience and I came from behind the rock and asked if he wad a sufficient time fucking my wife?

Vacation Getaway Ch. 06

group meraena 2018-01-15

"Because when you asked if I had any idea of things to do, I was going to say 'yes, you could do me.' But like I said, it was too forward...I thought it was anyway." Maeling told you to close your eyes and relax as she lay down next to you and began to kiss you deep and soft, running her hand up your inner thigh and under your mini skirt to your panties then over your pussy. Do you like me fucking you with my cock?" she asked as her free hand slipped into her own panties, rubbing her own pussy frantically, moaning as she did. Let me return the favor," you said, laying Maeling down to her back as you removed her panties and began licking her soaked wet shaven pussy.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 01

group meraena 2018-01-06

"Oh my god, it's so good to feel you inside of me for real after a year of cyber, I can't believe it's finally happening," I moan as you push more of your hard cock inside me, filling my small tight pussy as you bury yourself all the way in me. I can't hold back and yell that I'm going to cum as I lose control, grinding fast and hard on your cock, sucking Papi deeper and faster as my orgasm builds. You smile and lean into me, kissing me as your hand reaches under my dress and rubs my pussy through my panties as your other hand guides mine to the crotch of your pants so that I feel your hard cock wanting to be in me again.