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Free erotic stories by misty_girl on AdultRead

Lisa's Story Ch. 01

bdsm misty_girl 2018-12-04

He whispered again: "Lisa, I can see the sensual woman inside of you wanting to experience things. She looked into his eyes and she saw something that resonated deep inside her, in a place that she had kept hidden and locked since what feels like forever: a place that she wanted to explore and inhabit. She closed her eyes and felt her body react. The last word was a whisper and slowly she moved her arms and legs, opening her whole body to his gaze, mesmerized by the look in his eyes. "Lisa, I want you to hold your breasts in your hands. "Now Lisa, slip your hands over your body...slowly...yes, like that. "Lisa, I want your nipple.

Master's Pet

bdsm misty_girl 2018-11-25

His next words sounded the tone for the weekend: 'Puppy-Bitch, Your Master will take His pleasure.' I arched my back, giving Him easier access, moving my hips slowly at first, then quicker, wanting to continue feeling His probing. I pushed my hips up more to give Him better access, wanting to feel all of Him. His tongue filled my cunt; His teeth grinding my lips, almost biting. I was holding onto my control by a thin tread when His words reached me: 'Don't you dare to cum, puppy-bitch!' I scrambled for control, all the while begging Him in my mind to let me lose control, to enter the world of bliss and mindless pleasure. Expecting Him to squirt His seed deep inside my body, I was surprised when I felt the emptiness as He pulled out of me.

The List

bdsm misty_girl 2018-10-30

He tells me immediately to turn around, and leaning onto the side of the bed, to take the spoon and start spanking. Slowly He explained that He wants me to put on the blindfold, then the mask. 'Yes Sir. I like it when people see me being a little slut for You, Sir.' My legs fell open and I rubbed, cheeks burning under the mask, but aroused to the point of melting. I was wanton and without embarrassment, hidden safely by the blindfold and mask, performing, no, showing off to the nameless, faceless guests. After an eternity that lasted only a few breaths, His voice calmly praising me, I started floating back to earth.