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Free erotic stories by morris40 on AdultRead

From Writing to Reality Ch. 02

group morris40 2018-10-02

For this inexperienced couple, all of the uncertainties that it took Tina months to negotiate were resolved with a few words and a reassuring smile during the dozen steps that separated her husband and my cock. The man broke off Tina's kiss and gasped as he felt my wife's tongue slide along his shaft and lick at the juices that coated his shaft each time he pulled out of his new lover. Tina's beauty would attract any man she wanted and Tom would always be there to explore the man's wife. As her husband pumped into my wife with renewed vigor, Tina came over and held the woman's long straight hair back from her face so she could turn from one cock to the other without distraction.

Second Wind

anal morris40 2018-09-08

As she stood there with her outsized breasts pushed up by a bustier and the string of her thong wedged between her ass cheeks, imagining sex with our young neighbor was getting a lot easier. I looked at Nora's full figure in the skimpy Little Red Riding Hood costume as she turned and wondered whether she talked dirty when she made love. My wife was going away with a man who had fondled her breasts and she left me with a woman who had no inhibitions about sex with married men. I let Nora's ass cheeks snap back together, although I kept my hands on her smooth bare flesh. I could have taken any of a number of women to the back rooms to fuck, but I kept coming back with Nora to the dance floor.


group morris40 2018-04-24

I sometimes wish she wasn't so demure about saying those tender little words of encouragement like: "Yes, yes!", "Oh God!" and "Harder!" I can barely remember the last time Linda said, "Fuck me!" So I was really surprised when she spoke. I continued to look down into my wife's face as we made love, but I imagined Amiya's naked body spread out beneath me. I could tell that my wife shared my interest in them by the intense expression on her face when either Amiya or Raman spoke. Amiya and Raman stared at my wife's bare legs and exposed pussy for a moment and then Amiya stood up in the small space between the two beds.


Seducing the Newbies

group morris40 2018-04-12

If only Steve and I could get Paula to follow her desire, Alicia and Susan would have no trouble getting Bryan to share his manhood with them. Paula looked astonished, but offered no objections, as Bryan asked us to help her overcome her shyness and maybe even fulfill a few of those fantasies. At the top of the stairs, Alicia took Steve's hand and asked if he wanted to play a little game of squirm and squirt. Paula had closely inspected five fully erect penises before she married Bryan, but this was the first-time that she had seen a penis enter a woman's vagina other than her own. Paula saw Susan's hands moving her husband inexorably toward a climax.



group morris40 2018-03-27

You imagined Alan and Rebecca watching you make love to me in that dress." She looked down into her lap for a moment, then she gently lifted one corner of the robe and exposed her generous triangle of pubic hair again. Becky had already thrown off her robe and had a finger deep inside her pussy as she watched my wife and her husband. Jocelyn watched Becky and I masturbate for what seemed like a very long minute, then she threw her head back over the top of the sofa and spread her knees wide apart. I knew my wife was turned on now, because I could see Alan's tongue work its way down from her pussy until it lapped into the little depression.


Alicia Goes Gunk Holing

group morris40 2018-03-20

So why do I get quickly and intensely aroused whenever my wife whispers, "Dearest, I want to go gunk holing again?" You'll just have to read this story to find out. In the moment before my wife could respond, we both heard an urgent moan coming from the main cabin mixed with another sound. Alicia and Hannah stood naked in the moonlight holding hands. I had been mildly aroused watching a middle aged couple make love in the moonlight, but would Alicia let me put my hands on Hannah in their presence. Hannah laid her palms on each of Alicia's butt cheeks with her fingers touching my wife's delicate labia. Hannah pulled her hands apart, gently spreading Alicia's vaginal opening.


Stretching the Boundaries

group morris40 2018-02-18

Morris and I had actually bought the 32nd in a series of MILF DVDs. It had gotten him more excited than it had gotten me, but it was kind of reassuring to see him jerk off to bodies that had more or less recovered after being stretched a couple of times. Reema stood in front of him looking incredibly sexy with her ankles far apart and her dress pulled up to her waist. She turns 90 degrees and does it again until each of the four corners of the room has a chance to see her bare pussy with her ass cheeks pulled apart naturally by her movements.


From Writing to Reality Ch. 01

group morris40 2018-01-16

Tom and Tina's imaginative stories on Literotica had invigorated our sexual fantasies, although they had never actually met my wife and me. After one exceptionally vigorous orgasm, I asked my wife if she could image having sex with Tom. She answered that not only did she dream about Tom driving his shaft into her but she was aroused by the thought of Tina's lips parting for my cock. A thousand years before her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, her Viking ancestors had carried a woman with dark skin and eyes back with them to their homeland so my wife's skin was a warm brown like Tina's - and as smooth as sheer stockings.


Our Anniversary Album

group morris40 2017-12-15

I thought I knew everything about them, but I would have never guessed that Gretchen would suggest we all get naked or that Edgar would be so comfortable letting my husband see his wife that way. Gretchen called out to me, "Come-on Martha, it's not like Edgar and I haven't seen naked women." Steven and I hurried back to our tent as soon as we realized that Gretchen and Edgar were having sex without the least concern that we were watching them. Besides, she said, our friends were not 'that kind of people', as if, 'that kind of people' could not be the trustworthy, generous, responsible and fun-loving couple we had come to know in Edgar and Martha.


Photogenic Ch. 02

group morris40 2017-11-11

As I watched my wife push her tongue into this stranger's mouth, I marveled that the only emotions I felt were pride in my wife's sexuality and desire to see her fuck this short man with the mischievous sense of humor. Peter was as tall and heavy set as Michael was short and trim, but he had an enormous thick erection that was obviously destined to play a role in my wife's fantasy. In a sexually charged pile of writhing bodies, even the pressure of Peter's muscular legs against my outstretched arms was surprisingly erotic, contrasting sharply with the tactile sensations of Hannah's sheer stockings and Jocelyn's smooth flesh.