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Free erotic stories by nicoloco on AdultRead

Game Day

group nicoloco 2018-09-28

I opened the door to an unexpected sight: the wife of one of my co-workers, Mike, nicely turned out in a slinky cocktail dress and heels. "Ease up, Marie, it's real tempting to just fuck your face but you've got more to explore. No fucking way, Mike's out of town with his 'fuckable' assistant and he couldn't care less where I am. I whipped my head around to see Marie leaning back against the kitchen counter, all on display, bare-ass naked and looking as hot and sexy as she had just a minute ago on my bed. Listen, Tommy, John gave me three amazing orgasms, with a little help from you, which is the most fun I've had in probably forever.


No Chants at All

group nicoloco 2018-08-25

Silvie's life was one of comfort and privilege, of chartered flights to the surf and the attention of wealthy men like Steven. Along an outer wall ran a set of open cells where apparently the monks prayed and slept. The monks retreated to their cells for prayer, leaving Silvie alone. Except for the trail she arrived by, nowhere in the long perimeter of the clearing was there any evidence of an opening in the wall of oaks and pines surrounding the monastery. The next day Silvie forced herself to the morning meal, aware that her night visitor was among these men but finding no clue in their hooded faces. Tomorrow she would leave as soon as there was enough light to navigate the trail, while the monks were in morning prayers.


Bait Girl

group nicoloco 2018-08-20

Amy explored inside Judy's top with a flat-handed rub and a tweak of the nipples, which made them stand. Amy pressed a tentative finger into Judy, then another, starting a gentle rhythmic stroke. Amy's hand strayed back between Judy's thighs and mine soon joined. Judy leaned in and started to lick at Amy's pussy, sometimes catching my cock as well. I pulled out just as my orgasm hit, spraying Amy's pussy and Judy's face with a load I'd saved up all week. Older brother Bill and the younger but no less hunky Ron were a bit taken aback, and more than a little wary, when I offered my hand and said I was Amy's good friend Jake and glad to meet them.


Peeping Tim

group nicoloco 2018-07-10

The feel of the night air and the knowledge that at any time someone could stumble upon us, unlikely as that was in this dark corridor, soon had Jamie squirming against me, her dripping pussy seeking penetration. Like Brent and Claire (not really), a handsome young couple whose bedroom window was a regular stop. I noted earlier that Jamie gets a charge out of chatting up guys whose dicks she's catalogued and it's even more true for a couple. I didn't take Jamie in the ass, and we beat them by a mile to the finish line, but overall it felt like we'd shared a fuck with this hot couple.


Office Assistance

group nicoloco 2018-05-22

"Dee, I need the sales summaries for last quarter -- Tom's review is coming up and he'll want to know about his bonus." Still, it was just girls talking, and despite the fact that Dee was her subordinate at work, Eva thought of her as a friend and peer. "You need some outside loving, hell, I can count the weeks that Mark's away by the number of times you snap at someone or pace the hall. He knows what I need and gives it to me straight, or any other way we can think of." She quivered a little as her body remembered. For the first time since this discussion started, Eva began to really consider what Dee was offering.


Covert Affairs: Operation Black Ore

celebrities nicoloco 2018-03-26

With a pretense of great reluctance and embarrassment, she eventually complied, fishing out Henri's cock and working it to full erection as Pervez looked on with a leer and a smirk. Fuck, fuck..." Annie had by now abandoned all tradecraft, consumed by the need to come, to release what this debauched night and this devil-cock had built up inside her. He was fucking Annie like a pile driver, his ball sac slapping her clit on every stroke, impelling her toward release. And so the lovely Annie Walker was passed between two horny men for four more days, fondled, fingered and fucked until she -- almost -- didn't want any more.

He Knew Her Well

group nicoloco 2018-02-23

Soon she was left in only her sheer bra and panties, standing in a half- circle of naked men, palely quivering, alive to everything, her sex flaming, her nipples erect, her mind racing yet empty of reason, only sensation. One man slipped the bra straps from her shoulders as another worked the clasp, releasing what everyone now saw was a fine pair of breasts, firm and fleshy with nipples proud. Michael leaned in and helped her to her feet, kissing her gently on the back of the neck - her only dry place - murmuring how proud he was of her, and how sexy she looked while sucking cock. It meant that every man who smiled at her tomorrow, every eye that followed her, might be remembering the way her nipples tasted, how her mouth felt on his cock.

Poll Dancing

group nicoloco 2018-01-01

Billie was more than Alvie's assistant, she was also the lube girl, in charge of getting Sarah's shitter cleaned out and working in a dose of sex gel. I know it's a business and these people are actors, but it was also real sex and Sarah was getting into it. I know us girls aren't supposed to be as visual as guys, but damn, I had a dugout view of some raw, steamy sex and it was getting to me. I should have been beet red and running away, but instead I was chatting about poles with a guy twice my age who paid people to fuck on camera.


Taking Cara Business

group nicoloco 2017-12-23

I like to smoke a little dope and have a drink or two with my crowd and I probably play a bit too much poker and a lot too much Madden and Halo. One rainy day I decided to bend the rule by offering her a ride home, partly to be nice - she was a bus rider too, not so much by choice - but also to check out where she lived. Cara knelt to fondle my cock and balls, lifting and inspecting, tugging and stroking as if she'd never seen the likes of them, which from her earlier revelation was probably way not the case. Things were going well at work, I got some killer bud from a friend in Colorado, and my bar trivia team took ninth in a national contest.