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Free erotic stories by nodonjuan on AdultRead

Alone Time

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-12-02

My hand stroked my ass cheek and moved from the small of my back and playfully slid my finger lightly over my asshole. My other free hand began stroking my cock gently. The excitement had grown inside of me so much, the handle of my toothbrush planted deeply in my ass and the taste of my precum had worked me up. "Give me that cum!" I screamed to myself, imagining a beautiful transexual with a well sized cock in my hand and my mouth gently enveloping her balls. Grabbing some paper towels and wiping my face as I headed back for a second shower, I thought “next time” as I cautiously slipped my tongue to the last drop of semen still left on my lower lip...

Punishment time

bdsm nodonjuan 2018-12-02

The stranger pulled the Lycra mask with the pre-cut eye and mouth holes from the bag and slipped it over his face. The stranger lightly placed his hands on the sides of her head as he began to fuck her mouth. Her hands tightened on his cock and began pumping furiously while the first 2 inches stayed in her mouth. The stranger began to arch his back as his hands tried to pull her face further onto his cock. Do you like to see how hard you make me work pumping this ass up and down on your fuck pole?” she grunted as her hands tightened more around his throat her ass pumping up and down furiously on his cock.

Bad Bad Boy

mastrubation nodonjuan 2018-11-18

It had been so long since I had been with a woman and was beginning to question my sexuality as recently the images of cocks in my mouth and being taken from behind by a faceless male lover had been randomly appearing in my head. Wrapping the panties around my leaking cock making sure that the stained portion made direct contact with my swollen prick I slowly rubbed them the length of my member. As the scent began to dissipate from my nostrils I placed the panties back to my nose again and inhaled for a renewed smell of some random woman's vaginal discharge. As I continued slowly massaging my cock and sniffing these strange panties I could feel a presence again.